Aries/Scorpio...what's my next move?

  • In general, would an aries man get into a lot of detailed discussion about a future with someone if they were only looking to have some fun? We've talked about alot of stuff, like having our kids on the same weekends so we can spend time together, to me running the finances cause he's horrible at it, buying a new couch and bed big enough for both of us, just a bunch of stuff like that. He says he loves me and can't wait to spend his life with me, but as I've already posted on here, he is currently getting out of a long relationship with the mother of his 2 children. I've already been told how horrible I am and that karma will get me, so please no nasty comments, I am completely aware of the situation I am in. Haven't really heard from him much in the past couple of weeks since he told her he was moving out. She agreed they would not be together if it weren't for the kids and all she was concerned about was how to pay the bills. All he said to me was that he still loved me and needed to figure his life out and to bare with him for now please. Two weeks seems like an eternity to me, especially since I have no idea what's going on, but in reality for him it's probablly not. I'm trying to just have faith and believe in what he has been telling me but the more time passes the more anxious I get. I just have a hard time beleiving that he would bother saying so many things about a future with me and telling me he loved me if it was all just to have a summer fling. He could easily pick up any chick he wanted if all he wanted was sex. I'm thinking about texting him but don't want to push him any farther away. He works for a moving company too and since we have 2 universities in town which both start in a couple of weeks, he's probablly extremely busy as he's a workaholic anyway. He's always been very straighforward with me so I have no reason to doubt him other than the situation lends itself to that I guess. We have alot of mutual friends so I do know his situation at home is not good, he did not feed me bullshit on that. He's always asked for me not to give up on him and a few weeks ago he thought I was tired of waiting so I really scared him. I'm trying not to give up now but I don't want him to give up on me either. Not sure what my next move should be...leave him be for a couple of more weeks or see how he's doing? I'm just looking for some honest input on typical aries behaviour in this kind of situation, not an attack on me or him thanks

  • Aries people aren't outright liars in general - in fact they are usually quite honest and straightforward types. But they do tend to tell people what they want to hear because by human nature it makes them feel good. They also will do what they think is necessary to get what they want. They especially love a challenge so you can never appear desperate or let them think they have completely won you over (yet you must be attentive to their needs) - otherwise they will get bored and lose interest and maybe even respect. They are big romantic flirts and will look elsewhere and start over again if this happens.

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