My dog.

  • Hazel my dog has had health problems in the past and she not to quickly recovered. She began to hrt a bit a few days ago. Now tonight shes sems to be in pain. Is this just because she had been playing too hard? Is she going to be better? Calling vet tomorrow.

    Very worried. Please say a prayer.

  • Sending healing prayers for Hazel. I hope someone sees you post and responds.

    I get the feeling she should be examined by the vet.Is there any growth under her hind leg? In any case Im not sure. But Im sending prayers.

    Love and Light

  • Hows Hazel doing? What did the vet say?

  • Duckducksharon,

    Hazel is stiff from inflammation is what I feel and she is over ten years old. The Vet will be helpful in offering her medication to comfort her. She is still happy to be with you and she shows me a stick that you throw or use to and she would fetch it . She loves all the things you have brought for her and she likes her bed as it has some dark color in it like black. She likes to have her head rubbed or petted and she says that you are not to worry about her as when her time comes to go into spirit, that she will still be around you and follow you in the morning like she use to.


  • The vet gave her pills for discomfort. So it's a waiting game for the anti inflammatory medicine to take affect. She keeps walking around in pain I imagine.. Im trying to get her to lay down. Do

    you see her laying down as being a good thing in this healing process? Thank you both. Oh and hazel is only 3. Little boxer.

  • I only get her wanting to be around you,be petted and she also wants to comfort you back. sending lots of love and healing prayers

  • Thank you.

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