My b-day is soon, can i have general reading?:)

  • so i have lots on my mind, problem with my sister, dealing with my parents, make some decision for college and stuff.

    i just want to know, how everything will turn out?

    can i get general reading for nex few months?


    sign virgo

  • Hi nency,

    I did a reading for you, you have a lot of emotions flying thru you...

    you are feeling happy and are looking for success

    you are feeling suspicious or mistrust

    your thinking/planning something... working something out

    to one of your questions there is a woman she is intelligent but she is not honest... I get the feeling of dishonesty... just be careful and watch

    Just recently you needed to have social approval... meaning you had to hear from others to say it’s ok... trust yourself...

    To your other question... you have a turn of luck coming

    You going to run into another strong woman.... domineering, wants it her way or the highway.. tread careful around her

    I get the feeling you are worried about a relationship.... I see some fighting...

    there is a young guy... don't let anyone be cruel to you, it’s not needed. You should only be treated with respect, don't let anyone bring you down, listen to your heart.

    you will have a new will and determination... be strong it’s in you

    you have some money and happiness coming

    hope that helps

  • thank you, i could use some luck really :))

    i hope something works out πŸ™‚

  • Hi nency

    I took a look earlier today and all looks good to me for your next 3 months, There was the Hierophant a lot so that sounds like the school thing. Month 3 it looked like some sort of physical move or something big changing in your life physically /materially. Month one was crowned by the Strength card so that is all instinct and gut feelings. You'll get the right sense throughout as to what to do. I did see you in school or something, so that must be developing for you. 3 of cups in month 2 so that looks wonderful, a lot of happiness in month 2. Month 1 has a Chariot also, so expect some quick changes in your life. Not sure exactly what. Seems to be pertaining to a certain Queen cups.

    Hope that gives u something to add to tarot-nick's reading (thank you Tarot-nick! πŸ™‚


  • is month3 first month that is coming, semptember maybe. cause probably im going to move at the end of semptember or begging of october so maybe that's it.

    im really worried about that but now im less worried.

    so jeah im moving for college probably and im really upset. i hope it all work out.

    thank you so much, both of you. πŸ™‚

  • nency, I was looking at month 3 being the third month from now... sri if I confused you. I am certain all will go well for you.

    It was the month 3 - which would be the month of September that I saw significant move energies of some sort.

  • Sri. Not September... November (month 3) was the time period where there were some strong "moving"Pentacles showing up. Maybe some more income. I must have had some strong movement in pentacles in month 3. Knight, page, 5 perhaps.

  • it's ok , i confused my self, logicaly i was thinking that third month it's november πŸ™‚

    but then i was like maybe it's other way, cause i have to move in 9 month, so i connected it that way.

    so i can expect some changes very soon ,and then something big in november.

    You said i will get right sense about what to do, cos i need to make decision about college, so it seems it's gonna be good.

    uh thanks so much, im gonna tell you after sometime how these months are passing πŸ™‚

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