Five Subconscious Fears (that may be holding you back)

  • "By focusing on your bad feelings and figuring out their underlying cause, you will be able to work through your emotions and release them so that they no longer get in your way.

    Exploring the reason for our powerful emotions can help us to deal with our feelings and then release them in healthy ways. Our thoughts and feelings can affect us and our relationships in a myriad of ways. When we begin to speak harshly to ourselves or others, we can feel sure that there are emotions bubbling beneath the surface that need to be addressed. Once we begin to explore why we feel the way we do, we can usually find a way to work through emotions and release them so they aren't bogging us down or affecting our lives in a negative fashion. You can break the cycle of aggression and conflict today by simply going inward and examining your feelings. "

    Daily OM

  • Very interesting words Captain! Definitely worth mulling over ...

  • Captain and Moon50..... Thank you both!!!

    Thinking this is going to be my bible for awhile. I do not know where my confidence has slithered away to, I am just feeling so overwhelmed and have been on and off for sometime, as I am sure you have all felt. To everyone sending lots of love and hugs, I know we all have our own situations we are going through.

    As I read this I truly wanted to cry as there are so many negative things I thought I had gotten rid of. Every since I was little I had carried so many grown up burdens and one of my earliest thoughts/memories is my inner voice clearly saying, " oh my gawd, not again!!! " and having this overwhelming sense of dread. I don't think I was more than 3 years old. Seriously, I do not have an inkling of why that thought was there, but it has always stayed with me.

    I have never been encouraged to flourish as a child, teenager or adult and have taken on alot of the negativity my parents and ex- spouse's behaviour. (Moon50 ,hugs, I so understand). I am tired of waking up with panic attacks, I am tired of worrying that I am not being encouraging and supportive of my boys( I do not want them to feel they can not accomplish or at least try their goals and dreams), I am so disgusted at the financial situation I am in as this is not the plan I had in my head for how I saw my life.

    It is unbelievable to me sometimes that I am here, but alot of the time I think, why am I so shocked? I was the one who trotted blindly down the happily everafter path knowing deepdown that there was no way this was going to turn out like I had dreampt, all my instincts were telling me that it was NOT a good move for me and I STAYED WHEN I FELT LIKE I WAS SUFFOCATING out of fear. I hate the fact that he was the one who ended the marriage. The saying you marry your father or mother, could not have been any clearer as I married a man that was exactly like my father unemotional cold hearted and just plain selfish.

    I guess I need to do some journeling and more cleansing.

    Thank you Captain. <3333

  • Don't punish yourself like everyone else in your life has punished you, Cancergirl - be your own best friend and supporter. Instead of feeling bad that you have things about yourself that need some fixing (like everyone else on the planet), rejoice that you now have a clear awareness of what needs to be done. That is the first and most important step in healing. So many people are walking around without a clue of how they are harming themselves or how to stop it.

    This day can be the first day of the rest of your new life! A life that can be as full of hope and happiness as your old bad one was full of misery.

    We are all here to help so you need never feel alone or rejected. We all know what you are going through as we are experiencing the very same things as we all move towards Ascension. But the bad stuff is almost over...

  • Captain

    this truly a help, I appreciate your help. I am bothered fears and they do affect your health and well being . I love your insight and help.

    Thank you

  • We are all affected by our fears - the turning point comes when we recognize them and decide to do something about them.

  • Captain

    Good food for thought

    I've had many changes occur in my life over the last 7 yrs. I've accepted them, admittedly some easier than others & gradually made the necessary adjustments to my life & thoughts. I don't see it as fear of change but rather an impatience to see it through & begin to have some stability again. If anything I fear being alone when I am aged. Realizing my sons would be moving out & I would be living alone I put my house up for sale to down size. Its been months & no sale( I realize these are difficult times) Its hard to be patient. I continue to pack, look at houses for sale & think about decorating my new future home. To help with my feelings about being alone in the future I've been trying new activities to meet people, learning new hobbies which can be done in a group or alone & trying to sit quietly with myself & my thoughts. Perhaps there will be a new man to share my life but so far life has taught me its best to be able to manage on my own. I know this is practical but I do feel sad or maybe just worn down from trying & waiting for my efforts to bring results, the ability to move forward. I feel like a horse locked in the starting gait. Some days its easier than others to remain optimistic.



  • Amused, it's great that you are getting out and socializing as it can be hard for Pisceans to do that. I feel your self-reliant vibes might be chasing a few prospective partners away, however. Men do need to feel needed and you give off the "I can manage quite well by myself, thanks!" message.

  • Captain

    I think you may be right however its a mask I wear. I actually waiver between " get out there & do it girl & I want to stay in my safe place because is so hard to keep trying". I have had to rely on myself for so long its harder to reach out & ask for help...perhaps its the fear of being let down once again. I don't want to be get too comfortable with someone else's help...I've been down that road & its taken awhile to to be ok with being on my own. Its not easy for me to be independent but I'm learning to be more comfortable with it. With the right person/ people I can reach out & ask for help,yet I do prefer team work. I'm not sure how to change the mixed signal I may be giving out?? Deep down I'd rather be a co pilot any day but for now I'm the pilot.

  • I decided today that I won't be with anyone with whom I have to share the load of their baggage or past. I have been attempting, day by day, to shed my old skin and do away with those things from yesteryear that have kept me stuck. If I am brave enough to do this, then I won't have anyone in my life who is not. End of sermon ... 🙂 Or rather, end of PROMISE TO MYSELF!

  • Moon 50 good for you 🙂 you go girl!

    Captain, another great thread!

  • Captain.... Thank you again.

    I had another rough day today, but am trying to pick up the pieces. I know everyone has gone through some or all of the craziness I am now and I wish everyone the best. My motto today has been " stop the world I want to get off", but I can't, I still have way to much stuff to take care of. There are alot of things and people I am greatful for and am trying hard not to beat myself up, but as you know, I am an easy taget for myself, lol.

    Today, I wish I was a cat and could crawl under my office chair in the sunshine.

    The sunshine draped across my shoulders feels like a warm hug from deep inside from a long lost friend. I am using that energy to give myself some tlc. Sending everyone some "sunshine hugs"

  • Cancergirl, hang in there - the end of struggle is so very near. Next year you will wonder what all the fuss was about. 🙂

  • Captain, I hope that applies to all of us. I'm so sick of battles, both inner and outer, although I suppose you can never avoid the outer 🙂 I am tired but trying. I can't and won't give up, because that is not what I do.

    And yet, I don't want to put false hope on a time of year, or a date in the future, or any of that, if you know what I mean. I've done that before and been severely disappointed. Still, hope floats eternal and it is that which stops us from downing tools and giving in ...

    Thanks again


  • Amused, the mask you say you wear is used to protect yourself - from what? You're giving off mixed signals because you're not absolutely sure what you want. Do you want someone to need you or someone who is independent? You're afraid to relax and be yourself because you are afraid of being hurt by another person in some way. Perhaps you associate being with someone with dependence or weakness, but a healthy relationship is all about two people wanting to be together, not needing to be.

  • Moon, be careful what you ask for - everyone has some sort of baggage so you may end up alone. Maybe you should simply request that your partner be DEALING with his baggage and not hiding from it?

  • Amused, I have suffered similar. Years ago, I decided that there would never be anyone who would be there to support me, so took the attitude "I can do it myself and will". Yet, sometimes you get sent someone who does help you. That someone for me was my very best friend in the world who sadly lives quite a distance from me now, but she is always there for me, as I am for her.

    My partner who recently left me was another. I really had to TRY to ask for help. There were many things here on the farm that I can't physically do as well as work, so ... he helped with those "man" things. Now, I look around and think "gee, thanks a lot; guess it's back to me now". I rang my owners and told them what had happened and that I may be asking for a bit more help than I previously had. It's all you can do. We are not made of stone, nor are we blessed with endless energy to keep doing those things that others may be available and willing to do.

    For those of us who have become independent through gritted teeth and circumstance, these things that shake our foundations are happening to make us realise that it's not a case of we CAN'T do it alone; but rather we no longer want to. There's a difference.


    Thanks as always for your continued support and generosity of spirit 🙂


  • Captain, that is something I hadn't thought of! We all have baggage, even at middle age, me included. I am dealing with mine, but don't want to burden someone else with it. I guess that's what I meant: I don't want to be burdened with another's baggage, but am willing to support and be of help to someone who is working through it.

    Yes, thanks for that! You might've just helped me avoid asking for yet another "recipe" for the solo-life!

    Bless you


  • OH this is great!!!!!

    My fear of failure is always showing up. Not in my face saying nah nah nanny boo boo, but always with visions of things going wrong.

    And as I grew up I just so happened to succeed at most of my ventures. Now a grown up, and making mistakes-I certainly am afraid a mistake will happen again.


  • People who never make mistakes never grow and learn - they stagnate.

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