A reading please, feeling depressed

  • I have had a lot of personal tragedies in a 12 month period. Divorce, death, problems at work and a fire. Is anything in my future worth waiting for. A companion would be nice, a new job or my boss getting a new job. Thank you

  • marsc135

    It seems that life has thrown a blockbuster of drama your way. At times we have to learn to walk with feelings of saddness and wonderment as to what comes next? I feel that you have been through the worst of things at this point of your life and now in the next three to six months you will begin to heal and feel better than you have in a long time. I hear Helen here and don't know if she is among us or passed. She is a loving soul.

    Companionship is a must for you and spirit says that you will not be alone for long as I see you going out and about and meeting new people and some will become good friends. A man with gray hair and brillrent blues eyes is coming in around you and will bring you happiness.

    I feel that if you can learn to ignore some of what your boss says and does that life at work would be achived on a higher level. I do not at this time feel either you are your boss leaving, however in the coming months and toward springtime I feel a change a shift at work which will be a good one where you are concerned.

    Travel is present here and I feel an island location, are you going on a cruise?

    Please remember that we all have hardships and that you are never alone in them. There are support groups in churches that will help too.

    Have A Good Week


  • Shuabby, once again, thank you so much. But who is Helen? I don't know anyone with that name.

  • marsc135

    You will be meeting Helen and she will be very warm and helpful.

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