Can I have a reading please, feeling depressed

  • I have had a lot of personal tragedies in a 12 month period. Divorce, death, problems at work and a fire. Is anything in my future worth waiting for. A companion would be nice, a new job or my boss getting a new job. Thank you

  • Hi marsc135

    I did a celtic cross to take a look and I think it shows some helpful aspects to consider... see what you think:

    Significator - The Hanged Man - so you feel stuck or sort of immobilized

    Covering you (the situation) - 3 of Swords - so that seems to sum up the emotional pain you are feeling, things have not been looking so hot for a while.

    Crossing you - Emperor - Emperor is "window" in the kabbalah key, and is all about "how you frame it in". Your perspective determines a lot regardless of what life is actually serving up.

    Above you (Your highest dreams, your conscious aspirations) - 4 of Wands - shows you really want your life to be happy, bright, things working out!

    Below you (More subconscious, past stuff and so on) - 6 of Swords - shows a kind of dreamy heading for smoother waters, wanting life to be smooth and calm... you could have some subconscious escape energies... like, when is my ship going to show up and get me out of this situation...

    Behind you - recent past - King of Pentacles, a man of some significance in your life, or you sold a bunch of furniture recently

    Ahead - Justice - a rebalancing in your life, there have been some swings to one side, and now the Justice energy steps in to balance that out. This is a good sign of 'balance' being brought to bear upon the painful events and memories

    Then, up the side 4 cards....

    Future environment, Page of Pentacles - some sort of risk taking in a physical way.

    External influences, how others see you - Ten of Cups - so there is something of your life that appears very emotional to others. A 10 of cups here is what you are presenting to others.

    Hopes and concerns - Queen of Swords - So this brings your self image to the fore, you are very focused on being smart about life, and you do have a sharp intellect apparently... sometimes our thinking can be lead us one way or the other, however it will still work out. So YOU are the hope here.... so that is good...

    And final outcome is the Page of Cups, so that reflects the page pentacles we saw with your future environment. I want to say that you are soon going to be taking a significant risk in love, and in your physical life, a new home, or new setting or something.

    What I think is important right now is to remember that you have 3 Major Arcana cards touching your life immediately, the Hanged Man (you) and the Emperor (crossing you which you recall means "how you see life, or how you frame it in") - and then... the Justice cards energy which you are now stepping into, which brings needed balance.

    It is important I feel to see major arcana cards as showing sort of "divine providence" where things simply work out regardless... not really connected to what we do, think, feel, act up or not... in other words - there is no way you can go wrong with all of that providence working near you right now... so that should help you relax a little and know that things will still yet work out nicely...

    The Hanged Man isn't trying to do anything... I would take it easy, go to B&N and find a good book to escape into... I have been reading alien abduction books to escape with haha...

    The only other things i see are "something or someone" that you take a chance on, could be a new physical work or home situation, connected to a new love or relationship also (pages pents and cups). Those 2 together tell me something in love, it is physical and good for you. Seems to help you attain your proper place as a Queen in life!

    The 10 cups must be the world looking on your life and saying "wow! look at that,, she is really happy!" ... so something nice is developing for you... I know it can be hard to believe it in the midst of the &%$# we deal with however that seems to help us keep our eyes above instead of on the &%$#... and our "help" always comes from above... not from the &%$#!

    I am pretty sure your 4 of wands will come to pass, far surpassing anything you can imagine.

    best, astra

  • Thank you Astra, That was a great reading. They say good things come to those who wait. I just hope that it does not take long for all of these good things to happen.

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