Starting a new chapter of my life.. could I get a reading please?

  • Hi everyone,

    As of next week I leave the state I've lived in all my life and head to medical school! I'm excited to have the opportunity to live out my dreams but nervous and anxious about whats ahead of me (school,job,love). Could anyone give me a reading please?

    Thank you!

  • LeoBethany

    Spirit says you will make a find doctor and that you will be given signs along the way to help guide you and to protect you also. I feel that living in another state as it feels like a state that has seasons to it. You will adjust just fine and with the help of a friend or two be feeling right at home . Jane is a name that comes in here and Suzie or Susan will be of help to you.

    The study will be intense at times leaving you tried and you must eat well to keep your brain in focus and in good memory order.

    There will be one male professor that grinds on your nerves in his presentations , just ask Arch Angel Michael to come into this class with you and it will be so much better for you to understand.

    Plenty of fun to be had too. Dancing will be plentyful and you'll be around some who can really shake a leg. lol Drinking will be something that you will be mindful of , I don't feel that you indulge in it , but others will.

    You are a very capable of achiveing everything you are there to do.


  • Thank you so much Shuabby! I really appreciate this so much! I will ask Arch Angel Michael to come into this class with me, I'm sure he will help.


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