Shuabby I need your help again

  • Shuabby i started my new job and it is ok , it is only commission based and i hope i make the numbers. My other car broke down yesterday, on my way to work ,and I almost feel defeated at this point . is there any light at the end of the tunnel should I keep looking for a job with stable pay maybe but what about with so many things going wrong,I have been going thru this for more than 3 years,I finally cried today...but I am loosing strenght ....thanks

  • brightmoonshine

    I feel you will make the numbers and I understand why you would cry because of your car breaking down. I would like for you to say a prayer for your car , yes believe it or not this works as I have done it myself. Three years is a long testing time for anyone to go through and you are making it through. There will be another job down the line for you and have you applied to places like Lowes or Home DePot? I feel that you will be drawn to a job that you see on printed paper and stand a very good chance of getting that job. Hand in there spirit says you are doing the best you can and there is always rewards that come.


  • Thank you for your kind words i will say a prayer for my car ,i just need a little bit of light to get me thru this i will keep you informed....blessings

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