Offering One Reading Today

  • To the first person who replies...

  • can i?

  • would like to have a love reading if possible 🙂

  • What exactly would you like to know about love?

  • thanks watergirl18!

    would like to know his feelings for me and is he sincere towards me? also if things can work out between us? thanks again.

  • Pinkrose,

    What mostly came through was about you and not him. Which indicates that this is a teaching situation for you. The main message was about being trapped in fear - lack of confidence in yourself - allowing past experiences to taint the present.

    You were shown as being in a mental prison, encircled by your own limiting thoughts. He may be emotionally withdrawing from you due to this. He wants more lightheartedness and easiness and you may be coming off as needy or just a downer or too much "work". This relationship is a blessing to you regardless of what happens with him because he is showing you your shadow -- what needs to be healed - in order to manifest the relationship you desire and deserve.

    There is a lack of joy, confidence, deservedness within you. What past relationship caused you to feel this way? I am being told that this is an opportunity for you to forgive - which means to release and heal - so that you can reclaim your true self.



  • Thanks watergirl

    Yes I have a lot of confidence issues due to my past experience in love area. I am very inexperienced in this area. I always unable to be loved by the guy I love and always get rejected. I have very low self esteem due to this and also my appearance. Too many rejections n failures made me hard to feel good about myself anymore. I really love this guy and I hope to be with him if possible but I have no idea whether is this relationship workable.

    My previous relationship made me feel even more bad about myself as he never truly love and care for me. I want to be confident , bubbly and cheerful too. I don't want to be emotional and I want to be happy with this current guy but I have no idea how to overcome my fear of getting hurt or rejection. Does he loves me watergirl?

  • I feel really sad at times and I hope this current guy can bring me joy and happiness. I just hope he loves me like how I love him. I should feel positive about him but yet my fear hold me back. I worry a lot. You really got my situation right.

  • Pinkrose,

    The answer is one that is difficult to absorb because it can sound so trite, but it is this:

    Until you love yourself, you will never be able to accept love from another.

    I think he likes you - not sure about love - but your internal issues are pushing him away. You need to spend some time working on your self-esteem and building up your confidence in yourself. Self-love is a daily commitment to treat yourself well. Be nurturing and kind to yourself. If you do not treat yourself with love, then you will only attract people that either will not love you and mistreat you in the same way or who will serve as a mirror to show this issue to you - how you treat yourself. That's what this current guy represents. There is potential, but your lack of confidence in and love of yourself is pushing him away.

    You need to release the fear that if a guy rejects you that your world will fall apart. The simple truth is sometimes we need to kiss a lot of frogs to find our prince. You cannot allow your sense of self-worth to be tied into the love of another. When we seek love/validation outside of ourselves then we normally push too fast to jump from getting to know each other to LOVE which is a sure-fire way of sending a guy running in the opposite direction. It is a personal journey for you to feel that sense of self-worth REGARDLESS of whether or not there is an EXTERNAL source of love in your life. Find it within.

    First, release the past disappointments. Just because a relationship did not work and that particular guy did not return your love does not mean that you are not worthy of love. Once again, you may have to kiss a lot of frogs...

    Second, your belief that your appearance makes you worthy or unworthy of love is something that must be resolved because it is not true. Dig deep. What made you feel this way - that you are not attractive? Work to release any judgments - either your own or someone else's. Focus on what's good and unique about you. If you need help with this at first, then ask your friends or family. Put the list on your bathroom mirror and read them every day.

    On a practical level, to help boost your mood and help with any depression - make a concerted effort to eat a healthy diet. Cut out sugar and any starchy carbs like bread and potatoes. Do your best to eat fresh, whole foods and not processed foods. Take a daily walk outside and get some fresh air - enjoy your surroundings while you do so. This will be a tremendous help in stabilizing your moods and lifting your spirits.



  • thank you so much watergirl!

    I am so glad I saw your post and am the first person to reply, it's really very encouraging to see your message. i will learn to love myself more and build up my confidence level. hope i can be a happier person who feel good about myself at all times. for him - i will still continue loving him since no matter this is going to work or not. its going to be a blessing to me as this is an opportunity to face myself and heal/release myself. thanks

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