Can anyone help

  • I have been told over the last 6 months that there is a negative influence in my life can anyone shed any light on who or what this could be. I'm especially interested to hear what captain thinks. Also I recently found a large fluffy white feather just sitting on the ledge beside me does this mean there is someone watching over me? My DOB 26/06/87 my name Emma leeson

    This is a new profile my login details got lost

  • I sense a negative male spirit presence around you - an older man like a father or grandfather type. He doesn't feel you are living your life the way you should (or how he thinks you should). He's pretty sexist - thinks a woman's place is at home, blah, blah, he tries to use his willpower on you

    Yes the white feather is from your angel guides who are the positive influence in your life, trying to balance this negative spirit. Just tell him you appreciate his advice, thanks, but that you have to live your own life the way you feel is best.

  • Thank you captain

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