Feeling confused,may i have a reading?

  • I met this guy a few months ago, we would spend alot of time together, now i see him maybe once a week and it's usually on a friday. Yes i am alone on Saturday nights and sundays, i work during the week so i don't get to see him.

    His bday is 1/11/67 mine 2/28/62 I'm feeling sad and confused , I had a talk with him and he says he's not ready, Keep in mind he was on a date site where we met and he stated he was looking for a serious relationship. We would spend time together at least 3 days during the week, He knows i have Monday and wednesday nights free, which he would come see me, now i he doesn't. he also plays soccer twice a week and rides his bike in between.

    He used to text and call me daily, now maybe once a day, Is there a chance we can evolve together? Is he interested in having a future together? I relize he likes his space but something happened and i would like some guidence in this matter.

    Truly appreciate a reading thanks, 228


  • You did nothing wrong! Nothing happened. This is who he IS. In his mind he is always thinking his inability to committ is because no one is perfect enough but really he has issues with intimacy and too much closeness. Right now he is shopping and shopping and shopping! Do yourself a loving kind favour and choose not to believe you have some flaw and the rejection was about you. You can not always judge a person by what they say as people lie to themselves. He may say he's ready to settle down but his actions prove otherwise. You are not the only woman who thought it was going well then got bumped for the next candidate. Consider yourself lucky to be available for someone who KNOWS what they really want.

  • blmoon,

    Thank you for responding, i finally sent him a text saying that i might have to let him go because he isn't opening up and telling me anything, he doesn't respond to my texts except for one day last week i told him he was breaking my heart, and he calls me and asks if i want to meet him and work out, at first i wasn't going to meet him then i thought he might have something to say and when i met him he never mentioned anything , he' got me baffeled. I like how i feel when i'm with him. he has never been married he's 45 and i'm fifty.


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