Requesting a general near future outlook spread.

  • If anyone would be so kind, I would like to have a general reading on my near future. Work, school, relationships,$, to be covered

  • Hey vetech78

    I'll draw some cards for you...

    Work - King of Cups. I honestly don't know what this card means here. Emotional something connected with the work path? A man out there who can give you a job? What do you think?

    school - High Priestess, sounds nice to me. Major arcana card, High Priestess is mystery and secrets and higher stuff... so I think your school should be a breeze. Also means "camel" in Kabbalah key, so that is about commerce and some travel too...

    relationships - 3 of Wands, I always get a "yes" feeling with these little wands (the ace, 2 and 3). So it looks encouraging anyway. Like, 3 thumbs up.

    $ - Ace of Swords. a good sign, would have rather seen the Ace of Pentacles. This seems to be indicating a financial IDEA may come to you, so be sensitive to your thoughts in that area.

    What do you think? I am really interested in how you interpret that King cups over the work question? And any of the other cards... how do they strike you?

  • hello, there, i dont have any idea what that readin.g is referring to. as far as school goes, im flunking a class for a second time. so if i flunk this class again im out of the program. unless i ask for a appeal. then i would have to pay for class myself! which i dont have the money. i put $30,000 loan for this college degree, and i have to pay it back whether i graduate or not. id would have to average a certain % for the rest of the quarter in order to pass. the 1st time i tokk it i had to withdraw from it after 2 weeks

  • This is brief as I need to go but I get a strong urge to tell you to reach out more. I a being shown a girl kind of lost in a happy crowd of lookalike people--they are calm and in stride no worries but I see a girl who inside the crowd has a space around her--she is carrying a load of bookks--too heavy and her socks are falling and she drops a book--then her purse spills and she doesn't feel she can ask for help and really the folks around her see this space around her and think she put it there and do not cross her boundry. You need help and someone has it for you--that's what I get. That you have a hard time asking for things. You feel worse for asking as if it proves how inept or dumb you are. You are so wrong!!! Please believe in POTENTIAL. Everyone is dumb once then they ask--there is nothing shameful about needing help. No one accomplishes anything challenging alone. You have to start clumsy and green but with faith in yourself. Do not fear judgement. Want this so bad you do not care what others think. Ask for help--Your classmates mostly all had their clumsy start. Open up to others. If you admire someone aproach them and compliment them and say honestly how you so want to be as far as they are. Ask them if it was hard at first? Reach out reach out reach out spirit says. Even if you must hire a tutor or go to your teacher--the one you like best and ask for help. You can do this!!! BLESSINGS!

  • You're welcome! Glad I was able to be of some assistance.

  • that reading was confusing to me, as far as school being a breeze, well it isnt im flunking the same class again, and if i dont pass it this time im out of the program. then i will have to pay the $30,000 no matter what! that means all the time,effort, and money was for nothing.

  • i have asked for help, the teachers will help you to a point, but when it comes to lab they want you to remember the procedures. cause iv never been in the vet field before i have hard time remembering what to do next, third,etc... if you have to ask during a lab as to what/how to do something they will tell you but they will dock points off your grade. we dont get to practice these skills, we read on how to do it then expected to do it and get graded on it. we get one chance to do many of these skills, no practice time.

  • I meant to seek help outside the classroom. On a personal level. You are right--a teacher can not stop during class to cater to one student. Have you aproached a teacher outside of class/ Had a meeting for advice? Have you made friends with anyone in class who you can buddy up with?. Have you considered volenteering at a shelter or at a vets to GET that on hands expertise? How much is this really your passion? Your dream. If it is your passion you will do well. Why did you choose this carreer? I agree thirty thousand dollars is a big investment but nothing you do--failure included is a waste--you learn about yourself and learn something. What if you flunk? What if you get a job at a vet as a assistant and they see your potential and after learning skills they help you go back to school. What if what if what if. The future is not as dark as you imagine. I feel you have already decided deep inside that you have failed and nothing said here will change that. I know this will anger you a bit but I'm going to say it anyway---I see that you ARE going to be fine. BLESSINGS!

  • thank-you for your comforting words.

  • lets just hope i dont flunk lol. cause then i will be financially destroyed. ill have to repay the loan, which would be over $300 a month. i need to be making a veterinary technicians type of salary to make that kind of payment in addition to making a living, and paying off what i owe. its either that or i dont pay the loan bills/just ignore them. but i need to get my credit up. this being the only vettech school around, if i default on my loan ill never be allowed to get another loan or be permitted to go back there to start all over again. i just cant financially afford to flunk, and ill never make it with the money i make without a degree. i have severe dental issues, and cant even afford to go to dentist. when my car breaks down i cant fix it. thats why it took me so long to get where i am in this program, i had 2 cars blow engines so i lost 6months of school each time. anyway like u said ill be ok, i sure hope so, its been one bad thing after another for most of my adult life, its about time for something really positive/good to happen you know? i just remind myself to .keep praying and hope for miracles

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