A strange dream

  • i have just returned from a very good vacation with my boyfriend and my daughter, but a strange thing happen in the first week of my return. i had a dream about my boyfriend and i, his son, (in the dream his son is a small boy), his father and a strange woman in the same bed. The strange woman told my boyfriend she has a problem with her leg he got up and looked after it, the next thing i saw was my boyfriend kissing this woman, the only person that had a problem with it is me. the funny thing is that this son is now a grown man 29 years old, and i does not communicate with the father. can any one help me to understand this dream.

  • Hi outsmarted!

    Hey i would love to take a try at your dream!

    I have been trying this lately with the Tarot - this is based on an idea in Gail fairfield's book on the tarot (choice centered) and it is cool... you assign cards to the different aspects of the dream and see what that turns up!

    So I tried that with yours...

    I pulled cards on these aspects of the dream...

    Boyfriend - 8 of Swords

    You - 3 of Swords

    His son - Page of Pentacles

    The "strange woman" - The EMPRESS

    The strange woman's leg issue - 7 of Pentacles

    The Kiss between the strange woman and your woman - Page of Wands

    And.. the "problem" that only you seem to have with all of this - King of CUPS

    I want to say that this King Cups represents your boyfriend. In the reading you are a 3 of swords so there is something of a painful something you have with your bf - he is the King of Cups.

    The "strange woman" is the Empress, that is very nurturing energies, very sensual... he is kissing her as a Page of Wands so that is innocent, risking, path and role, communication.

    His son is the Page of Pentacles so this scenario seems to show him with a child he wants to have by this Empress. Her "leg" problem is the 7 of pentacles which is traditionally kind of a pause, a lull while someone is pondering some material, financial, physical something...

    The 8 of swords shows him closed off about something... it is kinda weird, the spread of these cards kinda laid out an "r.." pattern... so not sure if "r" means anything to you...

    When he kisses her in the dream, he then "covers" the page of wands with his 8 swords.

    So he is covering something... that needs to be talked about (page of Wands).

    It could be that he is nurturing something that he wants to talk to you about... pages are risk takers... he covers the page so that is like the 8 of swords avoiding taking the risk (to talk). Kinda looking at this whole thing on a more basic level I would say he wants to have another child, not sure how you factor into that.

    Your subconscious could be picking up on something that he wants to share... he is waiting for right time perhaps (7 pentacles). You as the 3 swords could be remembering something that this triggers in your past that still hurts? That is the only part that seems odd in the dream, that you would be a 3 swords here.

    I dunno... what do you think?

  • The only 'R' is the beginning of the son's name. i will wait and get some more feed back from others.

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