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  • Astraangel,I am in my last year of college and am planning on going to the USA for my further studies before I take decisions regarding a career...I am unsure if I will be able to get admission into a good college or not. .can you please do a reading to check that and anything about any experiences,opportunities or romances that might occur if I do get admission and go there.I hope you can help me with your advice just as you have helped a number of my friends here..

    thank you and blessed be



  • Hello ilena

    Here are some cards for you...

    A card for you, first one was Ace of Swords. So immediately that seems to pick up on your education , showing you very sharp, clear headed, you will certainly be moving into something great with those wonderful traits.

    Anytime I see the Ace swords pop up in a reading it is a really powerful sign that you are under the wings of Heaven, with their blessings, and overshadowing care.

    Then I drew 3 cards, Wheel of Fortune, Strength, and the 4 of Swords...

    The wheel feels like your journey across water, you are leaving college with great aspirations and yet lot still left to come to rest in your life. So your head may feel like its spinning a little. Those are the moments you are extra nice to yourself. Wheel energies have to find their own equilibrium, and you will have to be patient for that to take place. So, in your shoes after making the trip, I would take small steps, nothing too dramatic, take it really slow and easy. Be willing to wait as things settle out which it will.

    The Strength card is the next card, animal instincts, passion. "Serpent" or snake in the Hebrew key for that card, Teth. So your experience after arriving seems to be more physical in focus, could be a job pretty quick or something. The focus here is on the physical and instincts, so trust your intuition.

    And then the 4 of Swords, that is intellectual stability, quiet and resting really.

    This came last in the spread, so this feels like you being accepted and doing really well in the college over here, 4's are extremely stable and dependable, so this looks wonderful for your college experience. It does come last in the spread so it seems there could be some delay before you are getting the school thing underway. Keep following your heart, trust that all will work out and it will.

    The Wheel - be patient and let matters find their own steady, stable place...

    The Strength - follow your instincts...

    4 of Swords - keep your mind at rest and calm...

    In short... no worries, everything looks amazing for you ilena...

    you are going to do fantastic.

  • Any chances of finding love or career opportunities overseas?

  • well, I believe your life will turn out as nice as you have a vision for. I can't see anything holding you back from finding a fantastic lover, life, education, career. You should expect to see everything going well for you no matter where you aim. You sound like an intelligent person, and I am sure as young as you are, should have no problems attracting a mate.

    I would say the chances are 50/50... 50 percent yes and 50 percent in the affirmative.

  • Thank you astra for the intelligent and kind advice

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