Will this house sell? This house has a story.

  • The woman who lived there before was known to do black magic. It was said that she "cursed" the house. My mother insisted on buying the house when the both occupants of the house died (different times - they were already divorced). I lent her 1/2 the money to purchase the house because I thought it was salvagable - near a good school (brand new) house market is not bad in this area. We have had one thing after another happen. The house needed about 10,000 worth of work. We hired people and they would come work for a day or two then not come back. We tried to hire a contracter and he was way over our budget, The one guy that we had start working on the house was doing great and then had to have emergency heart surgery. At my wits ends after 5 years with this house and no movement. Any insight regarding this matter.

    Thanks in advance... is it really cursed? or just plain bad luck and poor planning on our part?

  • Are you in the US.

  • yes in the us - texas

  • USDA Rural development offers loans for home improvement. I think they actually have crews come out and work. Nearest office to me is in McKinney, Tx. Might want to contact them. Her income probably qualifies her. Hard sometimes to get decent contractors. 1404 N McDonald, Ste 300, McKinney 75071. They probably know something that she qualifies for. I think it's just bad luck.

  • Hi there

    I don't feel the woman practised "black magic" at all really! I feel she was a Wiccan, which is entirely removed from anything black or cursed. This house does have a history though, and apart from the ones you know about who died there, I feel that previous to it being built to the state it was when your mother bought it, even prior to its previous "appearance" with the former occupants, there were other deaths as well. I can't get a figure as to how old this house is, but I'm getting that it's about 50+ years old. There were children there, quite a few over generations of occupants. One died at a young age, around four or five.

    I feel you are suffering bad luck only here; not bad planning either, but bad timing. But if you want to reassure yourself, you can try smudging/clearing. Purchase some sage sticks, light them and go around the house, sending the smoke into the corners of the house and anywhere there is darkness or a musty feel. Play some uplifting spiritual music while you're doing this. The house also needs some sort of cleaning (and I am not disparaging your own or your mother's efforts here, so please take no offence), apart from clearing. Like a bleaching or something reasonably strong to remove mould and keep it away. Mould resistant paint needs to be used here also. I keep getting a damp feel about the place which can bring negativity. I think your contractors are turning up and going away because you have convinced yourselves they will. The last fellow fully intends to return to the job once he has recovered, though it could be a long road for him. Open the house up, get it well lit, try the smudging and it may lift that dead energy which is causing a negative atmosphere.

    This house will come good. I can see many flowers and almost a cottage-garden feel to its outside; if not now, then in the future.

    YOu know it's worth it, your mother knows it's worth it. It's just that the history of this poor house has meant people have decided it's cursed and left it literally to rot.

    Good luck!



  • Thank you Daliolite for your information.


    U are correct the house is very old. I read on here about the sage cleansing and I actually completed that a week or so ago. Let me tell you a little of what happened when i did this. We were told to bring holy water and spray it in all the corners as well as sage. The one room in the fron of the house which happened to be the main bedroom,. when i sprayed the holy water on the walls and in the corners (only happened in that room) the water seemed to ricochet off the wall and land back on me. I them looked down and it seemed like there was a foot print in the dust coming from the wall. The sheet rock was replaced in that room so there was quiet a bit of dust in that room but the workers have not been there in over a year and no one has been in there barefoot. it was a small chubby foot print and it was so close the wall that it was stgrange as if someone was coming out of the wall. I will try to upload the picture but when i showed to my mom she sprayed holy water on it and it messed up the foot print before you could actually see a foot, toes and all. That would make sense if it was a child that you talk about. I take no offense, it does need cleaning as well as probably another cleansing.. if you see anything else there please let me know thanks so much!

  • The child has made that room, if not the house, his own (I do get a male energy, but could be wrong). I feel the child died of some sort of respiratory illness, possibly pneumonia, and that he had been somewhat neglected prior to his illness and eventual death. I get an image of (pardon descriptives) a very snotty and dirty face and overall, an unkempt child. He is simply being mischievous; nothing else.

    I wonder if you and your mother are able to afford someone to come and do an additional clearing on top of the one you've done, and also perform a ritual to send this poor earth-bound little soul towards the light so he can finally be at peace. I think you may stumble across someone who can do this and who may not charge you much for the privilege. I honestly believe that no building is ever cursed, but rather is left carrying the imprint of those who have lived in it before. The Wiccan woman was one who I don't feel had much of a happy life and possibly may have cursed HERSELF rather than anything/anyone else, regardless of her spiritual beliefs and practises. Sometimes all the belief in the world cannot save you from a soul death which is what I feel happened to this poor lady, as hard as she tried to overcome it.

    You know, the thought entered my mind that there could've also been an ancient burial ground where this house currently stands, but that could be my imagination running away with me! If you are able, check further into the history of the house and what was in the area before it became built up. Who knows what history may turn up?

    It's fascinating about the photo you took of the footprint! And I'd like to add that this child is not being "evil" (I said this above) but doesn't want anyone to be in HIS room either, hence his "rejection" of the holy water. He died in quite some pain and distress poor little thing, and there is a residue of his childhood misery lingering. The right person will know what to do. Ask around, or even Google and see what you come up with. At the least, you may find someone online who can walk you through the process so you can do it yourself as I feel you have gifts in this area that you are currently unaware of. In the first instance though, I'd suggest seeking the services of a spirit medium who will be able to point you in the right direction.

    This is one of the most mind-boggling threads I've seen on her thus far! Keep me posted!!

    Hope this helps you further



  • Moon50

    I will attempt to download the picture with some help of my son (lol), you have to look pretty hard at it because my sprayed the holy water but i think you might be able to make it out still. The idea of the burial ground is not far fetched as our city was in a short lived battle with a native american group due to finding some native american items (cant recall exactly what they found) during the expansion of our city. I agree with you, that we should have someone else do a spiritual cleansing. I have a certain person in mind that I think can help. I am not sure if she still does these sort of things as she is getting older but I am hoping that she can help us out. I will do some research and definetly keep you posted. Thanks so much for your encouragement and advice.

  • No worries! Good luck, and I'll look forward to the pic when you can post it up 🙂

  • Moon50,

    I will attempt to post the pic now

  • i always gave trouble posting pics here. how can i make it the correct size for posting?

  • I wish I could help you with the pic problem! I've only managed to post one up here and that was some time ago, so can't remember the process. Have you contacted Admin about it? They'll be able to point you in the right direction 🙂

  • Thanks will try that... I think i have to resize it. ?

  • Moon50

    we finally sold the house about 6 months ago. We had actually removed the sign and had someone pray and help the spirit move on. We weren't even trying to sell it at the time, we were fixing to get a loan and add a room and central heat and air before we would try again. Someone contact us and said they had been coming by for months hoping to run into someone beause they wanted the house.. we went to her house to talk about the terms and that house looked like a little cottage with a picket fence and lots of land scaping. I couldn't believe it. That is what you saw and I;ve passed by the house and they are starting to make it their own. Thank you for your advice and helping me stay positive about the situation. Many blessings to you!

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