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  • AstraAngel,

    I've read a few of your readings & find your method different from others. I'd appreciate your time to do a reading on my behalf. There has been, & continues to be many changes in my life. Two questions : will I sell my house by fall? Regarding my love life, will it sparkle again, will there be a man in my life soon ? Thanks



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  • Hi amused

    Okay, let's take a look...

    I turned over 2 cards, so let's take it a step at a time... I want to get your feedback first on these.

    The 9 of cups seems to be a big YES to selling your house by the fall. The 'wish card' you know... 🙂

    Then I drew the Queen of Cups. My thought was... not a man... a woman... somehow involved with you emotionally, entering soon.

    What do you think? I can draw more cards, I want to get your feedback first where to take the reading.


  • Hi AstrAngel

    Well the house news is great ....... 🙂

    Hmmmm........... not sure what the Queen of Cups is about. I don't have a clue what she's representing. Regarding a love relationship, I'm only interested in men, never women. I don't have a daughter-3 sons none in serious relationships. I haven't had any issues with friends. Could it be me somehow?

    Any insight would be appreciated.



  • Odd, I posted a response and it vanished... lets try again...

  • Amused,

    the Queen of Cups I look at as "emotional maturity", so this seems to continue the cups and seems a nice "yes" to your question of love sparkling for you again... ?

    I want to try a celtic cross for you and see what turns up... maybe those cards were only priming the pump haha...

    You are the Queen of Pentacles (that came up, so there is a lot of Queenly energy connected to you, we've seen cups, now pentacles)...

    Covers you is the 2 of Wands, so that is affirming something you've started recently as a new direction, or path change or something, could be a creative undertaking.

    Crossing you is the 9 of cups - hmm, so this card is coming up again... and before that was the house sell by fall question... so this must be really on your mind a lot, or you have a lot hinging on this or something... crossing means a challenge, can help too... 9 of cups is strong, mature and dependable emotional feelings and all... so that must be something you are walking through right now? I mean, that is a nice card... I am just curious what part of your life may reflect that happy 9 of cups, feeling? Or maybe that is something you are longing for...

    Above you 8 of swords, that is interesting. That shows your highest hopes right now have something connected to intellectual organizing energies, like setting swords in a nice circle... you are really hoping to sort something out perhaps...

    Below you is a Queen of Swords, and before you is a Queen of Wands. You have a lot of female figures showing up connected to you. I have no clue what that could signify in your case. My honest first reaction is you are going to be talking to several females soon about something!... or they are entering your life, unexpectedly even? Dunno... that is really interesting.

    Behind you is Justice, so I want to say there was a recent event that you felt an injustice about? Or some area that you have been working on to restore balance... that transitions to a 2 wands and then the Queen wands... the Queens could simply be showing different aspects of your self... like you are really focused now on path questions it seems... there are 2 wands hidden in the justice card, and then the 2, and then the Queen... so this all seems to be leading up to a mastery of your path in some way. I think the Justice card restores a balance in your life, and that results in a quick decision (ace) and that immediate goes to the 2 as your present position, and then soon to the mature queen energy. That makes sense to me.

    It would then follow that the Queen swords below you represents your "previous" self who was much more intellectually focused... and that has now transitioned to WANDS which is all about roles and self image, what you see yourself doing, going and so on... the crossing seems wishing in the midst of this... very dreamy something perhaps...

    So that 8 swords above you could be a remnant of your Queen swords background... and that could change a lot as the new wand energies = 2 and the Queen take hold in your life bringing about nice developments!

    Future environment is the 2 of cups, so this is a nice love situation of some sort. It could tie back to that 9 cups wish...? This is a nice place for you after a lot of swords and the path adjusting...

    How others see you... 3 of Pentacles, I always think work, employment... busy anyway.

    Hopes and concerns - The Universe - Shows a high hope, sincere wish for the best.

    Final Outcome - Death, passing away of an old phase of your life. This card is simple a combination of 3 energies, a 4 swords, Ace of Wands and a Queen of Pentacles. So this is the Universe's way of saying you will have intellectual rest in some way... and mastery over your material (physical) realm, which touches everything, physical partners, home and finances the whole kit and kaboodle. The ACE in this card is a strong sign you are on your way to a new you, new path, a new something!

    Looking at all of the energies, it seems like whatever you are doing now is working well... you are heading into a strong self image, role, path affirming and mastery in.... and that leads to a 2 cups, 3 pentacles and Universe (which is sorta that higher realm I guess!), connected to the big picture. Then the Death quiet swords, Strong new role and Mastery of your physical existence.

    How does all that strike you?

  • AstrAngel

    Seems to describe my journey- past, present & hope for future. I do think friends see me as someone who's active, busy & likes to try new things. 5 yrs ago my husband died, last yr I decided to sell my home-took 6 months to get it ready, lots of sweat & tears but its on the market. That decision seemed to create a tornado in my life( as if there hadn't been 1 already)- lots of material stuff & people leaving my life including BF of 3.5 yrs, now its the eye of the storm I guess with waiting for house to sell. I plan to down size to a small home on a lake/pond. My sons are stepping onto their own paths in life's journey. A new home for me to begin a new chapter in my life& create a warm home for my sons to return to & share family time. I do hope to meet a man with whom I can share life & love- So I see the Death card as an ending & beginning - exactly what's happening in my life!!! I'm trying to make lemon aide

    out of lemons & have a positive outcome 🙂

    the cards describe my life surprisingly well, do you agree? Thanks



  • Yes... what really struck me was the Universe card immediately before the Death card. That really jumped out at me.

    Death in the kabbalah is "fish" and fruitfulness and sort of a "re assembling" energy. The Universe means like a guarantee or something... so together it seems a guarantee that you will re-build something nice... from the parts...

    I am just flipping some cards here for fun...

    7 of swords shows some plans... and dreams that are mostly plotting and planning... about something for you

    King of Pentacles could very well be a companion coming along....

    Ace of Cups... sorta sounds like a YES to that...

    5 of Cups... changes emotionally...

    6 of swords... and whatever that 7sword thing is you are planning seems to work out nicely for you.

    2 of wands - that is yes

    Page of Cups is risking in emotions/love could also indicate a message...

    6 of Pentacles - that is sharing, something physical

    5 of pentacles - which changes your material life

    8 of wands - pretty quick

    Now, let's see if we can string all this together and get a message for you...

    "some plans... and dreams that are mostly plotting and planning... about something for you... very well be a companion coming along... sounds like a YES...emotionally... (the) thing ... you are planning seems to work out nicely for you... yes... risking in emotions/love could also indicate a message... (and) that is sharing, something physical... which changes your material life... pretty quick"

  • Thanks, looks like things will fall into place ...... looking forward to a new chapter in life with a new home & companion - kinda like dessert after a not so great meal 😉 I'll let you know how/when things unfold



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