Help! In need of some foresight!!

  • I am in the last 2 quarters of my veterinary technician program. one of my classes im taking for the second time, and its the hands on lab portion of the class im currently failing. i would need to average an 86% for the rest of the quarter! i havnt ever worked in a vet clinic so its challenging. if i flunk this class again, then im out of the program. the 2 hardest positions on the dental team are still to come, and i cant see how im going to pull this off, but im going to try. can someone do a reading for me? can i pass this class? will i pass it? will i ever become a veterinary technician? or my dreams doomed for failure?

  • I am getting that there are too many distractions in your personal life that don't allow you to fully apply yourself to this program. You can pass, but you need to focus singly on this in order to do so.

    I do see you becoming a Vet Tech and eventually assisting in the running of an animal shelter or similar. But again, you need to put some of these personal distractions aside if you can, or you will keep struggling and the pressure may cause you to fail. This is your future we're talking about, so those who are contributing to the distraction/s in your life need to understand this.

    Also, if you really apply yourself over the years, I can see you becoming a fully fledged Veterinarian, but that will rely solely on where your personal life goes in between. I get that you are young yet (well anything younger than fifty is young to me hahahaha) with a lot of living to do. You will make a decision a bit later in life about where you want your career to go, and interestingly, I can see you working overseas with rare/unique species of animals.

    I'll repeat myself, yet again: please try to shift your focus solely on your studies, and you will succeed. Otherwise, you will let yourself down.

    Hope this helps!



  • thank you for your support. iv been studying all day/every day, im doing well on the lectures, its just the labs im struggling with. many of the students here are already in this field, so they have an idea what they are doing. the teachers here expect everyone to have a good idea what they are doing. we have to study the procedures from our power points then perform them without previous practice, and we are graded accordingly. this one class has a lab where we do dental teams, we each get to be a dental hygienist, non-sterile(catheter placement,etc..(, and anesthetist one time. and then we get points docked for every step we "screw up" throughout the procedure. its kinda like "read this book on how to rebuild an engine, then do it. we dont get walked through the procedure, and if instructor has to prompt us then we get points docked for that as well. i have to do something several times in order to "get it down" and to remember the process in order. and yes im young, well sorta lol. going to be 33yrs old this year. this 2 year program has taken me 6 years! and i will have to pay back the $30,000 whether i graduate or not. most of the students here have to take this class twice,cause its so hard, and how the instructors are here, the 1st time i took this class i didnt fail, i had to drop out of this particular class cause my car engine blew and had no other way to get to class. no buses run here, especially at 10pm. but even a withdraw from a class counts as part of the 2 take rule. which is we can only retake a class twice. i have to average a certain percentage for the rest of quarter to pass, but that magic number is higher then what most of students here get on these labs! how can i instantly become great at this stuff? all the studying/reading doesnt preare you totally for the labs. do you forsee me passing this quarter? or failing it, and then possibly getting a second chance to retake this class at my own expense? we can file an appeal after flunking twice and maybe the school may allow you to come back if they feel you have legimate "excuse" as for oversees, i would love to visit elsewhere, but i do not want to ever move out of state.

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