• Transcript: Sierra Neblina on The Light Agenda – Part 1/2

    This is Part 1 of my interview with my friend and colleague Sierra Neblina on The Light Agenda.

    It’s a revealing interview with Sierra, who is both an editor here at The 2012 Scenario and a presenter on Inlight radio, where she co-hosts Let’s Talk 2012 and Beyond with fellow editor Dave Schmidt. She talks candidly about her difficult life and how she became a Pleaidian walk-in.

    You can listen to the full The Light Agenda interview here:

    Stephen Cook: Hello, and welcome back to the Light Agenda. And hot on the heels of my tear-jerker interview last week with the fascinating and wonderful John Smallman, who channels Jesus and Saul, my guest today is both a friend and a colleague who is playing a huge role in world events as we speak.

    Sierra Neblina is a Galactic ambassador. And she’s right in the thick of things right now, as we’re going to be talking about very shortly. But first, let me tell you a little bit about Sierra.

    Sierra’s 42. She was born in Orlando, in Florida. She has two brothers and one sister, but she also had an extraordinary childhood. She also served in the military, even traveling to Iraq for Desert Storm. And, importantly, she’s a braided Pleiadian walk-in, and we’re going to be talking all about that and how and when that happened.

    Plus you’re also going to hear all about Sierra’s own light agenda, and her mission, and her love of horses.

    Sierra Neblina, welcome to the Light Agenda.

    Sierra Neblina: Oh, thank you so much for having me, Stephen.

    SC: Now, this today, as I said to you this week when we were speaking, is going to be a little bit different from some of your previous interviews, because I want to delve beneath, I suppose, the somewhat business side of what you do and who you are. And I’m hoping that I’m going to be able to elicit from you the warm, friendly, kind person that I’ve come to know since we’ve been working together.

    So, as long as you’re cool about it, we’re going to talk feelings, life-altering moments, and we’re also going to talk about the softer side of who you are and what you do.

    SN: Oh, great. Wonderful. Looking forward to it.

    SC: [laugh] All right. But first, I’m going to start with what you’re doing right now, because I think everybody wants to know what’s going on. Now, you’ve been front and center this week with the Disclosure issue — and I will call it an issue, because for some people they suddenly believe it’s all going to happen this Saturday, and others are a little bit more understanding that it may quickly evolve past this Saturday.

    But earlier in the week on Cosmic Vision News you were talking about a meeting that you attended just prior to the London Olympic Games opening ceremony last Friday. Can you tell us any more details about that meeting?

    SN: Well, sure, I’d love to talk about that. So, this meeting took place Thursday night, just before, you know, leading up into the Friday opening ceremonies. And so, in my dream state, I was actually attending this meeting, and had been for the majority of the morning, late morning, early morning to late morning. And …

    SC: And where … where was this meeting?

    SN: This meeting actually took place on board ship.

    SC: Okay. So a starship?

    SN: Yes.

    SC: Okay.

    SN: And it was taking place in a very large room with a lot of different people, galactics, angelics, in attendance. And I would say probably there was … I get the sense that there was probably at least 50 to 75 people in this big room.

    SC: And can you tell us who some of those people were?

    SN: I can’t tell you who all of them were, but there were a lot of angelics and galactics from different representative nations or galaxies, and the Queen of England was there with her … a couple of entourage with her. There was a representative from the United States, and there was a representative from Russia and from China. And North Korea.

    SC: Now, when you say “representative from the United States” — if the Queen was there, she’s there as the head of the Royal Family — so, was President Obama there or someone representing him?

    SN: No. Someone … and it’s interesting. It wasn’t actually someone representing Obama, because the discussions that were taking place were about people or organizations who were basically breaking their word, their agreement that had already been set up last year with the galactics, when there was a prior meeting and the nations came together in a “who’s who” of, kind of, who’s running the behind the scenes.

    So, it wasn’t Obama, because Obama has been trying to keep up with what he promised to do. It was, from my understanding — and I have to say that I don’t really know a lot of political people and different things like that — but from the sense that I got about this particular gentleman and a couple that he had with him was that he was maybe someone of a lot of influence, a lot of power.

    I had the feeling … because he was being directly talked to about the media and how he was helping to keep some information suppressed through the general media in the United States. And so that was sort of his little bit of a reprimand.

    SC: Okay. So, the Queen was there. Now, you made a comment — and I don’t know whether you made it to me personally or whether someone told me you said I — that the Queen is 800 years old. Where does that come from?

    SN: It comes from a little bit of facetiousness…. [laugh]

    SC: Oh, okay. [laugh]

    SN: On my part.

    SC: You’re a naughty — you’re a naughty galactic ambassador!

    SN: I am! I, I just … there … there’s a bit about that family that’s going to come out here pretty soon, and I’m not exactly really comfortable talking about this now, until it comes out. This is a fantastic enough kind of conversation and thing for people to grasp that the Queen is in the middle of this heavy conversation and negotiations with the Galactics and Angelics about different timelines she’s supposed to be meeting and is failing to do so.

    SC: So, it is her, though, in her human form? It’s not her in her galactic or soul form, it is the Queen in person at that meeting?

    SN: That is correct.

    SC: So, she really has been holding a great … what’s the word? … just this great control over many more of us than we ever realized before.

    SN: Yes. She’s set up a lot of agreements that have to do with financial institutions and have to do … it’s just, it’s so far reaching, we could spend the entire time …

    SC: Right.

    SN: … talking about it. But, you know, it’s all going to come to bear, it’s all going to come to light soon.

    SC: All right. So, basically she was told, “You’ve broken the agreements, and this is what’s going to happen.” So, what was she told was going to happen?

    SN: Her, along with the others, they…. There were different … of course, they were all being addressed differently, because they all had different issues or different things that they said that they were going to do and they hadn’t done just yet. But there was conversation, Well, ask the question again.

    SC: [laugh] So, what actually was said to those people there? Or what was the discussion about?

    SN: Well, the discussion really was different for each group of people that were there, because each one of them had different things that they said they were going to do, and they didn’t do it by the timeframe that they said they were going to.

    So, for, like I had mentioned before, the US person was blocking information coming through media, because there’s been some filming and some shows and some information that’s supposed to be coming forward that’s been being blocked by this particular individual, or his organizations.

    SC: Okay.

    SN: And then for the Queen it is information that she’s supposed to get released. And what has to do with Disclosure and her part in the financial end of things, and her family’s involvement with several aspects of organizations that have been behind the scenes controlling a lot of things in the world, not only in her own nation, but in the world.

    SC: So, what was your role, then?

    SN: My role was to observe, to be quite honest with you. My walk-in wanted me to be present. I work with several different guides, and I am an ambassador for the planet. And they’ve been preparing me for several different roles to take before, during Disclosure, and when the information is coming out. One of the roles that was for me to do was to observe and to report what I witnessed. And it was important for me to do so in a timely manner.

    SC: Okay. So this actually had no tie-in to the Olympic Games. It was simply a meeting that just, by chance, happened the day before the opening ceremony?

    SN: Yes. There had been some — and I want to qualify that with you, because there had been other meetings prior to this where there was sort of ultimatums made, and promises remade, and then those timelines would come and go. And then, ultimately, they just kind of went and — I’m not sure how they got the Queen on board ship, but —

    SC: Well, I was going to ask you that! [laugh]

    SN: I … you know, I just showed up when everybody was sitting around, you know, discussing things. So I don’t really know how they got her up there, but she was there physically.

    SC: So, how did you get up there?

    SN: I was bi-locating.

    SC: Right. Okay.

    SN: And so, I was asleep in my bed, and then up doing different things, and then was having conversations with people. But I have the ability to be in two different areas at one time. Two different locations at one time.

    SC: It had nothing to do with the Olympics, it was simply a timing thing. So where did this August 4, big supposed deadline come from? Okay, SaLuSa’s mentioned it, but where did it come from at that moment?

    SN: Well, it did have something to do with the Olympics, because the timing of it was, in the conversation, went something like, “You all need to understand” — you know, after the separate conversations had happened — “that you have all promised to meet deadlines that you have not met, and we need you to understand that we will take things into our own hands,” meaning we will and can usurp your media during the Olympics, and …


    SN: … basically let people know that there are Galactics present, or you do what you said you’re going to do and let this unfold in the way that we planned it to do. They have a plan in place to let things unfold naturally, give people the chance to catch up with things.

    So, it was time, in a way. Because they said that we will … you know, a couple of different things could be done. We could land a ship on the field in the middle of the Olympics; we could fly saucers overhead where, during an important time where …

    SC: Which they seem to have done, which the Galactics seem to have done.

    SN: And that was kind of, in my interpretation, sort of the — and I use a military term, because it’s just in my training — but they kind of fired a shot over the bow of the people to remind them, yes, we have the ability to show up when and where we want to, and we are bold enough to do so. And, so, start getting your ducks in a row.

    SC: Right.

    SN: And so there was several different scenarios that were proposed, and, you know, just an ongoing negotiation. And they did go ahead and decide to allow that lightship to be filmed during the fireworks.

    SC: But what’s interesting, it wasn’t in any of the official telecasts, it only ended up on a TV news broadcast that wasn’t actually within the venue.

    SN: Oh, interesting. I didn’t know that.

    SC: Umm. Because I went right through the whole of the opening ceremony from beginning to end trying to find that shot, and it’s been taken from outside, from, obviously, a vantage point by a TV news crew, which was Sky News, at some separate location.

    So, that was interesting, I thought. So, leading up to this Saturday, August 4th, where did that date, or how did that date come about as being decreed as a divine deadline? Because Archangel Michael has even said earlier this week that the divine deadline was passed sometime earlier.

    SN: Yes, and what they’re referencing to, in my understanding, because this is the best thing that I can do is just give you the interpretations that I’ve gotten from interactions with the Galactics themselves, and the Galactic Federation of Light and several other groups that we don’t talk

    about, it’s just easier to kind of lump it all in to the Galactic Federation of Light because there are so many.

    But how they explained it to me is there’s a lot of alignments — planetary alignments, energetic happenings, energy that’s constantly coming towards the planet as we’re speeding towards galactic center. And the reason why that everything was laid out the way it was last year is because we want certain information and certain things to be freed up to the people of the planet so that they can start to engage their own conscious free thinking so that they can best utilize the energy portals, for lack of a better word, that actually come towards the planet at certain times.

    SC: Yeah.

    SN: So they happen all during the year. August 4th just happens to be one of those, and in July there was one, and then, you know, on and on and on, there’s ongoing …

    SC: Yeah, portals, the things we’ve heard, you know, the eleven-eleven, the twelve-twelve, those sorts of portals.

    SN: Right. And it’s almost … it’s interesting because it’s not only an energetic thing, it’s a consciousness thing. It’s a raise — it’s an activation of DNA, it’s an activation of our crystalline bodies, it’s an activation of energy in our body, of … of mass in our brain. It just … it happens on so many different levels.

    But August 4th just happens to be another one of those times. And the reason why the Galactics were starting to get pretty frustrated is because we’re getting a little bit behind on our timeline. And we need information to come out to the people, have people start thinking in a different way, realizing that what they’ve been being told up to this point is not accurate. So, they need to start getting the information.

    But August 4th is just one of those portal dates.

    SC: So, what do you think will happen in the next week or the next month?

    SN: Well, I believe in the next week we can start to see … we’ll start to see a lot of documents being released, a lot of information, a lot of people coming forward with information in every different field, like business and banking and government, and release of people who have real, hard evidence of extraterrestrials, people in the government, people in the military, people … private contractors that have worked with these alternative energies or these technologies that we’ve gotten from our galactic brothers and sisters.

    There’s been all this filming done to get this released to people, but it just hasn’t been released. I believe it’s all going to start to be released. I believe the energy is going to start to really crank up and, you know, there’s … I’m sure you’ve felt it too, but there’s just been a real intense kind of energy …

    SC: Mmmm! Oh, God, yeah! [laugh] Intense? Absolutely.

    SN: Ah, it’s like, you know, I don’t know about you, but just, you know, for myself, it’s like just whatever it is I haven’t dealt with in my life, anything that’s incomplete, any relationships, any business … I mean, it just has a tendency to be just really loud and in your face right now. People are just really being …

    SC: It’s funny, you say that, though, because I’m actually at the other end. I — and I don’t know whether this sounds terribly arrogant, but … or, or maybe I’m being deceptive of myself [laugh] — but I’m just feeling that I don’t need hardly any sleep, and I feel very calm, very at peace, and I feel that a lot of the stuff that everybody else seems to say, “Oh, I feel like this, I’m going through this,” I feel like I’ve gone through it!

    SN: Precisely. And each one of us will go through it in our different timing, you know …

    SC: Right, right.

    SN: … and I’ll be — I’ll do the same thing. I’ll go through a period of time where it just feels like it’s just really closing in on me, and then I’ll do the work and I’ll, you know, put things into place and deal with my responsibilities, and all of a sudden I’m freed up, and I’m happy, and all this love and light and energy, and.… It’s like this ebbing and flowing, and…. I’m sure everybody out there is feeling some aspect of that, but….

    SC: I’m sure. And also, apart from the galactic meeting you went to, you’re also still working on containment.

    SN: That is correct.

    SC: In a big way? Yes?

    SN: Yes. I’m working on containment. And it’s really interesting, because the more that I work in this I understand that the same energy that is containment, that is really focused on someone when they’re put into containment, is really the energy that’s being beamed at and envelopes and… where it surrounds the entire planet right now. And I think that’s why people are kind of feeling the different things that they’re feeling.

    If you’re being positive, it just can really amplify itself. And if you can be disciplined and just constantly think positively and love and compassion, and stuff like that, that … that just kind of — it’s like it comes from you, it bounces off this thing, it comes back, and it just magnifies itself.

    Now, it’s the same thing on the opposite end of things. If you’re negative or upset or angry at someone and y0u’re just feeding that and feeding it, that too amplifies itself.

    SC: So, do you reckon that’s why the Queen looked like she was bored out of her crown at the opening ceremony?

    SN: Well, I think that …

    SC: She was very agitated.

    SN: She was very agitated. I mean, we’re talking about a family that has basically just done exactly what they felt like doing for a millennia now, and who has basically been put on a short leash. That doesn’t feel good to someone who feels like they rule not only their own country but the world.

    SC: But there must be other families in that situation as well as them.

    SN: Absolutely. They are not …. It’s not …. Yeah, that’s not …

    SC: Yeah.

    SN: They said there were so many different groups, and they were all being talked to around the table, and then there was a whole entourage of us standing in the outer circle on the outside observing. So it wasn’t just them, there were several different … there were several people being talked to about this.

    SC: So, when you say “talked to,” is that like being admonished? Or is it like an open negotiation, that, “Well, you didn’t do this, but you needed to do that…” Or is it, you know, full on disciplinary?

    SN: It is a negotiation. But here’s the difference. The beings that are doing the negotiation have a presence and a power that does not have to do with the kind of power that these people use over others. It’s a true, pure, light of power. And so it’s the kind of thing where some people have explained that when they felt like they’d been in the presence of angels or something that’s so powerful you just kind of shrink back and you just have this immediate sense of reverence, and you don’t want to step outside the line of….

    And it’s not because they’re being mean to you, it’s not because they’re chastising you, it’s the pure light that they carry. And that emanates a kind of power that doesn’t really.… You know, we’ve got our own kind of idea about what power is. You know, when you say “the power” to some people, they think, ah, it’s something that dominates over something else. But that’s not the kind of power that these beings hold

    SC: Mmmm.

    SN: And so it’s just a mere presence that was irritating her, because she just feels like she runs everything.

    SC: Then … and then the poor old dear had to get up in front of the world and sit there and watch a ceremony where deaf kids in pajamas sang at her, and she didn’t even acknowledge them. Just rude!

    SN: It is rude, but there was a kind of a dual thing that was happening there with her. And I can speak to this because I’ve been witnessing it for a couple of months now, is she was not only being talked to, but she has also been put in containment.

    And so there is quite a bit kind of happening with her. I don’t … I, I kind of felt sorry for her. Because, to be quite honest with you, if I had somebody talking to me like that, I’d just — whoo, hoo, hoo! [laugh]

    SC: So you think that fidgety stuff is almost like trying to get rid of an uncomfortable energy that’s pervading?

    SN: Yes. Nerves, I would think. My goodness. You know, she’s never come across anything that’s been more powerful, or perceived to be so.

    SC: So, you’ve talked about one family, the royal family, now let’s talk a little bit about you and about your childhood. You were born in Orlando, Florida in 1970.

    SN: Yes.

    SC: You are part Cherokee Indian and part Irish. Which part … was your mother the Cherokee Indian, or your father?

    SN: It was my mother’s father’s mother.

    SC: And did you ever meet your father?

    SN: No, I did not.

    SC: Can you tell me anything about him at all?

    SN: All that I know is that my mother was 16 years old, and she was hanging out at a restaurant in Orlando. And she was approached by this Captain of the Air Force, from McCoy Air Force Base. And she said that he was … he just had a magnetism about him that she … all she could see when he walked up to her was just him, like everything else melted away. And his energy and his focus on her was just so intense that everything seemed to fall away any time she was with him.

    SC: So, he had … he had … he had like “the power”! [laugh]

    SN: He had … he did! I think so! [laugh] He told her that he was stationed and was a part of a top secret program at McCoy Air Force Base, which was actually known to have a lot of top secret programs running out of there. People used to talk about the lights that they saw coming out of what they called the bottomless pit that was on McCoy Air Force Base.

    Some mused that it was some sort of portal or that there was actual lights coming in and out of that lake, and, or that area there, and they weren’t really sure what was happening. But she just wanted to be around him. And so, she described him as very tall, crystal blue eyes, and dark hair.

    SC: Which sounds a little bit like, because you are six foot three…

    SN: Yes.

    SC: … you have beautiful long cascading dark hair! [laugh] And even though you have brown eyes, I have often seen you with blue eyes as well.

    SN: That’s correct! They do change, depending on what I’m doing.

    SC: Exactly! Now, you had two brothers and a sister, but you were the eldest. And yet, even though you had this particular father, he was gone by the time your next brother came along. He disappeared.

    SN: He actually was gone right away. As soon as my mom found out that she was pregnant — she had just turned 17 when she found out she was pregnant with me — and she went to the base, because normally they made arrangements to stay off base. He told her that it was a top secret program, and they met and they would hang out off base. But she went directly to the base when she found out she was pregnant, thinking, “Oh, my goodness! I’ve hit the jackpot,” you know, “I’m going to marry this man, he’s an officer in the military, I’m always going to,” you know, she just had the fairy tale …

    SC: Yeah, an officer and a gentleman! [laugh]

    SN: Yeah! Right! And she showed up to the base and gave his name, and they said that they didn’t have anybody on record of that name. And it’s interesting, when I ask her — because of course I get a little frustrated — I asked her later on, you know, “What is the name, what is my father’s name?” “I don’t remember,” she says. “I don’t remember what his name is.”

    SC: Ohhhh! So, you …

    SN: So …

    SC: … did you grow up with his surname?

    SN: No, I grew up with the … my brother’s father’s.

    SC: Right.

    SN: My brother is four years younger than me, and …

    SC: Yeah?

    SN: … my mother married an army man, and we grew up with his surname.

    SC: Now, your real father had disappeared, but your mother — and I won’t go into the details of when — but at some point later in your life she told you that she felt as soon as she became pregnant with you she was abducted herself?

    SN: Correct. And it happened often when she was pregnant with me. In fact, it really caused a lot of issues for her later on in life and, and really drove her to try to figure out why. And she’s just completely obsessed with different types of aliens and different species, because she herself felt that she had encountered at least two or three different types during the time that she was pregnant with me.

    And so.… And it was really intense, and it happened often for her, but it only happened when she was pregnant with me.

    SC: You were born, your mother then married another man …

    SN: Um-hmm.

    SC: … and you had two brothers, or one brother with that man?

    SN: Um-hmm.

    SC: … And then another brother with another father?

    SN: Well, actually it went my sister with another father, and then my youngest brother with another father.

    SC: And was your mother married to all of these men? Or they were men that just came and went?

    SN: They came and went, and to be quite honest with you, she just really struggled. She had a really hard time. She was really trying to figure out what had happened to her, and she would just kind of disappear sometimes and just leave us with these guys. So….

    SC: So, in saying that though, how old is your youngest brother, then, and what’s the difference between you in age?

    SN: He is eight years younger than me.

    SC: So by the age of eight, though, you kind of became this surrogate mother quite quickly, because there’d been such a turnover of men?

    SN: Correct.

    SC: You were also, then, though, because your mother kept disappearing there were welfare people worried about your safety and your health. What actually happened then?

    SN: Unfortunately, when my mother was growing up, she endured some abuse from her father. As soon as my grandmother found out about it, which I think is very powerful and strong of her, she divorced him. And that’s unheard of in my grandmother’s time.

    SC: Umm.

    SN: As soon as she found out. And so, unfortunately, compounding the fact that she had this fairytale life that fell apart, she was pregnant at 17, gave birth just before she was 18 years old, lost her love of her life, and was just really trying to figure out who she was, and had these incredible experiences when she was pregnant with me, she unfortunately was drawn to the abuser. She would meet these guys and think that they were just the best, and they were very abusive towards us children.

    And so, not only would I take care of my siblings and feed them and make sure everything was okay, I would protect them from these men.

    SC: And were you ever seriously injured, or, like were you sexually abused by any of those sort of surrogate fathers in that process?

    SN: There were a couple. There was one — yes. And then, because she would often leave us, in this one situation where we were kind of in this community, and my stepfather, my brother’s father, had … was tr … she had divorced him and gone off with this other guy, and then she decided she was going to leave us, and she called him to come in and take care of us, but he was working during the day. So he had us stay with this guy that was very sexually abusive.

    But mostly the men that she hung out with were physically abusive. Very, very physically abusive. And I was injured severely a couple of times. I was burned from the waist down when I was a kid. I woke up in the hospital several times with concussions. And I still bear the scars on my body from that time.

    SC: And how did you feel at that time? Did you realize that this wasn’t a normal life, or was it like, you know, when people go through that process and they don’t know anything else, so they just believe that’s the way it is?

    SN: Because I came into this life with a lot of different gifts.… I came in as a Starseed, so I was a Starseed, which meant that I chose this lifetime. I had already ascended past the sixth and seventh dimensions, and I chose to come down to this time to help people. So I always kind of had this sense that I knew that it wasn’t right, but I also knew that it was what I was supposed to do.

    SC: Umm. Umm.

    I took it more on like it’s my responsibility. You know? I have to keep everybody safe. I have to make sure everybody’s okay. And I would even caretake my mother when she was around. She just was … poor thing was just a mess. She just cried all the time, and she was so unhappy, and I felt so bad for her.

    And I was … I’m extremely empathic, and so I can feel that, and I developed those abilities. I was able to learn when to get the kids out of the house, when I felt a beating coming, and I would tell them to wait for me in a park until I showed up to get ’em. And a couple of times I just … I didn’t.

    SC: You learnt all that stuff, and yet you say that you did not have a full year of schooling prior to when you were 10 years old. So basically everything you’ve learned has been learned through, I suppose, what they call sometimes the hard knocks of life?

    SN: That’s correct. And I’ve got, you know, really great street smarts. I’ve got a great sense of people, and…. But, yeah, because of the instability of my mom and her just moving all around, and moving here and moving there, or … we just never attended a full year of school.

    And then the man that she ended up with for a while — he was, again, the one that was most physically abusive. And she’d kind of take off, or she’d be working nights and just wasn’t around very much, when the abuse would happen. And there were a couple of teachers. I remember this one teach — I’ll never forget her — and I just hope one day that maybe she’ll hear one of these interviews or understand that she made a huge difference because I was at … I remember her voice, and I remember her face, but I just don’t remember her name.

    You know, names didn’t mean much to me after a while. We moved around so much, I never made friends, I never remembered anybody’s name because I never knew how long I was going to be there.

    And so this teacher, who was known to be quite a hard ass, actually — she was one of those ones that people were so afraid of, you know, [laugh] growing up, you know, the ones that were really hard — and she asked me to stay after school one day, and I did. And I thought I was, I was like, wow, what did I do? You know. And she came up to me and she sat down in the chair next to me, and then she just broke down into tears, and she got on her knees and she threw her arms around my neck, and she said, “I’m so sorry. I did everything I could. I failed you, and I’m so sorry.”

    I didn’t understand what she was saying until I got home, and our bags were packed and we left. She had tried to — and I understand it now, because I’ve been able to go back and look at certain things in my life with the higher consciousness of the braided walk-in, and we’ve had several conversations, and I asked specifically about this particular interaction, and he showed me.

    And he showed me that she had gone to the school board, she had gone to … all the way up, as high as she possibly could, to get somebody to interfere, to come take us away, because she had documented marks on my body and different things, and she had been doing that for about a month or so.

    SC: Wow.

    SN: And then I was shown that when they called, Glen was the one that answered, and we moved. We were in Tennessee at the time, and we moved from Tennessee all the way to Superior, Arizona.

    SC: So, where was your mother, though? Because eventually you were separated, or taken away from your mother, and you were all put into foster care. And at times you were split up, at times some of you were together. But there was one period, though, where you were so upset that you were about to be separated from your brother that you grabbed a knife and held it to his throat and told the people that were coming to take you away that you would kill him if the two of you were separated. And finally they relented.

    SN: The state came in and caught up with us, and probably through the actions of that one teacher.…

    SC: So how old were you then?

    SN: Just before I turned nine years old. And we, you know, checked into school. And it wasn’t very soon after that that the social worker showed up, and they wanted to do a, quote, “home study.” And they wanted to see the condition of the home. And then they came in, and they must have known right away, because they said that, they told my mother they were going to be taking us away.

    And they said they would take us away, but if she would sign over her parental rights they would promise that we would all stay together. And they broke their promise.

    SC: So then, at that point, though, you held a knife to your brother’s throat.

    SN: I was so frustrated, because I hadn’t … I wasn’t given the chance to say goodbye to my youngest brother or my sister. I came home one day and they were gone! And I just, I was dumbfounded. My foster mom took me into the room and, you know, started to tell me, you know, to talk all this grown-up talk to me, and then, everything will be fine.

    And it was about a month later or something like that, I had finally kind of come out of my depression of losing my younger brother and sister and not being able to say goodbye. And then I came home and she took me in her room and she kind of started the same kind of discussion, adult talk. And I’ve always been extremely strong for my age, and always very tall, heads and shoulders above however, whatever age I was.

    And I just basically picked her up and removed her from in front of the door, and I opened it…

    SC: [laugh] You con … you cont …

    SN: You know, I was like, “You do need to move!”

    SC: … you contained her!

    SN: I contained her! I removed her. And I walked out and into the living room just in time to see my brother holding hands with the social worker with a little suitcase in his hand, heading out the front door. I just snapped. I was just like, you know, I was … they were my everything. I took care of them, I loved them, they were like my children.

    And I just snapped. I ran into the kitchen, I grabbed a butter knife, and I ran up behind him and I put it to his neck, and I started backing up, and of course they were all freaking out, and I said, “If you take him from me, I will kill him and then I will kill myself.” |

    And obviously I couldn’t have done that with a butter knife. But they just said, “If you don’t let him go, you’re condemning him to never being adopted. You’re too old, nobody wants you.” And I just, you know, I lifted up my chin and stuck my chest out and I said, “We will be just fine.” [laugh]

    SC: And so then you, you then took him? Or what happened?

    SN: We stayed there for, I don’t know how much more time, but they were making arrangements for us to go into foster care. So …

    SC: Right. Which, which you then went and did. But eventually you ended up getting adopted.

    SN: We sure did! We got adopted by a really wonderful family …

    SC: And was …

    SN: … who were looking for a little boy.

    SC: … and was that just you and your brother?

    SN: No, my other brother and sister were separated into two other homes, and they grew up separately.

    SC: Right.

    SN: And my brother and I were adopted by a family who had had another adopted child, but they had adopted her when she was a baby, and she was about seven months older than me. So I have a sister, an adopted sister.

    SC: And do you ever now see your other brother and sister? Are you in contact?

    SN: Absolutely. Actually, it’s, it’s kind of a story, it’s kind of a sweet story. When they came to take us all away there, I’d asked all the questions — you know, how does this work? What do I do? And they said, “Well, when you turn 18 years old you can see your mother again.” And I said, “Okay, great.”

    So, when they were loading us all up in a vehicle, I was the last one to get in, and my mom got on her knees and she threw her hands around … arms around me, and she just cried and cried. And I said, I said, “It’s okay, mommy. And when I turn 18 I’ll find you. In fact, I’ll find … I’ll make sure that we’re all back together again.” And she said, “Okay.”

    And it took me until I was 24 years old, but I did find my other siblings, and I found my biological mother.

    SC: We’re going to …

    SN: I’m sorry?

    SC: Yeah, well, we’re going to get to that in a little while. But you were adopted by another family, and they raised you and your brother. And they were quite religious. Did that impact on you …?

    SN: Well, I have to say it was … it was good and it was bad, all at the same time. Because it was nice to have a kind of structure of morality, but I … I came in with that kind of structure of morality. But it was just nice to have a home. And I was only in that home for six years because I wasn’t adopted until I was 12 years old. And so then I got out of high school and then I left.

    SC: Right.

    SN: But it was extremely hard in the sense that with my gifts and abilities, with my prophetic dreams, my psychic abilities and my empathic abilities, the very first time I mentioned these dreams they took me to the pastor, to the church. They had a laying-on of hands to remove the demons. I mean, it just wasn’t a good environment for me, or a supportive environment for me to really be who I am inside.

    SC: But talking about those dreams, you had started having those dreams when you were only about three, and you had them quite a few times throughout your childhood. But they were quite catastrophic dreams, where it was Earth changes, and floods and buildings crashing and all sorts of stuff.

    SN: That’s correct. Because when I chose to come down into this lifetime as a Starseed, we were able to see the timeline that human beings were on, when I was a Pleiadian. And I used that … I believe it just came in with me as a reminder, to remind me why I’m here. And I was seeing the Earth changes, or the phoenix rising, as the Native Americans like to talk about it.

    SC: In saying that you saw that, though, do you think that was there to remind you of your mission, or was it to remind you of what could happen if you didn’t do your mission and help raise the light?

    SN: Both. I really believe it’s both. And when I refer to those dreams, I refer to those dreams as the phoenix rising. But I also had prophetic dreams, whereas something would happen around the world, whether there was an environmental disaster and people lost their lives, or a plane crashing or a train wrecking — I was drawn to each and every one of those for a very long time.

    SC: And when you say drawn to them, you were fascinated by seeing them on the news? Or you saw that dream before it happened, and then you’d see it on the news or hear about it, and then go, “Oh, I had that dream”?

    SN: Well, I would astral project, in my dreamtime, to the location, and for years I didn’t understand why, until I started to understand that I was there to help the people, and then began to develop my abilities later on in life where I could control what was happening in those times.

    So, later on in life, like, say, Katrina, during that whole week that so many people were still being rescued and such, I was out there leading rescuers to people who needed to be rescued, keeping people calm and still with them, when they’re floating in dark water, or up in an attic where they were almost suffocating to death. I appeared to them and talked to them and kept them calm.

    And, so, you know, it’s the type of — and 9/11 was also very tough. So, that’s some of the work that I’ve done.

    SC: Yeah. Energetically you’re there. You’re not there necessarily in a physical presence?

    SN: That’s correct.

    SC: Yeah.

    SN: But some of the people that were in altered states, whether they be in shock or in between the worlds, just slightly out, or they were close to dying, or I — they can see me.

    SC: Just going back to the Baptist family, hmmm I shouldn’t call them the Baptist family!


    To the period when you were adopted, though, you — apart from being a very strong young girl, you then entered your teenage years. But you also realized you were different on a sexual level as well. When did you first realize you were gay?

    SN: You know, I realized I was different early on because … but I did not know what …

    SC: I mean, apart from being a Starseed! [laugh]

    SN: Right! You know, apart from being a, you know, basically an alien to this world and just choosing to come down here and be born into a body, I would … I asked my mother one time, my adopted mom, I said, “Mom, why don’t the boys ever ask me out?” And she said, “Sweetheart, you have had a lot of life experiences, and you’re so much more mature for your age than what they are, and I think they’re just intimidated by you.”

    And then, what I would say quietly to myself, because I didn’t know how to, how to really verb … voice this, because I didn’t realize what it was, because I was never exposed to what gay or lesbian was — never, never, never! We weren’t allowed to go do anything unless it was with the church. So they didn’t talk about it at all. I had no idea.

    Everyone … aside from every once in a while saying that gays and lesbians were damned to hell, I had no idea what that meant. But I secretly would, just thought, well, I don’t … well, I’m just not interested, either. You know? But I see everybody else having a boyfriend and going out and doing things. Although I don’t feel the real strong need to have a boyfriend, I feel the need to feel like I fit in.

    But I never really did, to be quite honest with you. I was off … I was always off by myself. I went to a 5A school, so — in the States that means it’s a very large, very wealthy school. So I went to high school in Arvada High in Denver. And we had an amazing athletic department, and I just threw myself into basketball. And I was always on the varsity team, and the girls’d just kind of huddle up and did their thing, and I was always the weird religious girl that wasn’t allowed to go do anything.

    But there was something, always something about my energy that kept people — young people, you know, adults not so much, but young people — away. They sensed that I was very different. And so, I didn’t have any real good friends when I was growing up, and in high school, until my senior year in high school.

    Part 2 Tomorrow…

  • can’t tell you who all of them were, but there were a lot of angelics and galactics from different representative nations or galaxies, and the Queen of England was there with her … a couple of entourage with her. There was a representative from the United States, and there was a representative from Russia and from China. And North Korea.

    "The Queen of England, who knew......" They say their is no such think as Blue Bloods.

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