Transcript: Archangel Michael on China, August 20, 2012

  • Transcript: Archangel Michael on An Hour With An Angel – August 20, 2012

    Graham Dewyea: Hello, and welcome to An Hour with an Angel, with Linda Dillon, the channel for the Council of Love and author of The Great Awakening, and Geoffrey West, of Greenprint for Life. I’m Graham Dewyea.

    Our guest today is Archangel Michael. So, with that, I’ll pass it on to you, Geoffrey.

    Geoff West: Thank you very much, Graham. And good evening to all.

    An Hour with an Angel is so grateful to be receiving support from around the world, and I’d like to welcome in Linda Dillon to join us as herself for a few moments, along with Steve Beckow, before we invite Archangel Michael to come in.

    So, Linda and Steve, welcome.

    Linda Dillon: Hi. Hi, Geoff. Hi, everybody. And it’s good to be here tonight, and thanks for listening.

    Steve Beckow: Thank you, Geoff. I am with you. Thank you very much. And I look forward to tonight’s show, which I think you’ll be introducing and speaking with our readers and listeners in China.

    GW: Absolutely. Now, Linda.

    LD: I was so excited, and am so excited, actually, to do this show with an emphasis on China. My roots and my connections with China go way back. I’ve spent many lifetimes in China. In fact, my last lifetime I finished up my life in China. And as a student, as a young woman, my graduate work was in Chinese foreign policy.

    And I don’t have a lot of pangs or what you’d call little mini-regrets in my life, but one of them was, is, that I was invited to go and live in China in my late twenties, and I didn’t do it. And to this day I still think, you know, I should have gone while I had the chance.

    When I had published my latest book, The Great Awakening, earlier this year, I was shocked, amazed, surprised, pleased that the first orders that started flowing in for the book were all coming from China. And I just thought, oh, this is way too cool and amazing!

    So when I have heard from a group, a substantial group, a group of about 3,000 people who said that they were following the 2012 Scenario and following the Council of Love channelings and translating what we have been talking about and writing about into Chinese, it just seemed like a real gift and a real affirmation that, in fact, this whole concept, this whole reality of unity consciousness is coming forth, and that the virtual world that we’re all living in is making it possible to reach our brothers and sisters, not only from the stars, but across the oceans and across the world.

    So, I want to give a really special welcome to those of you who are listening in China tonight — or tomorrow, probably, as the case may be. It’s our honor to be with you, and it’s our honor to be with you wherever you’re listening, all over the world.

    Let’s keep building these bridges, and let’s keep going and fortifying one another as we head into the final countdown towards Ascension. Thanks.

    GW: Great. Thank you, Linda. So, we’ll just give Linda a moment to reach out and bring in Archangel Michael. And while she is doing so we can take a moment to send energies of love and light to our brothers and sisters in the East, and particularly in China at this moment, for the anchoring that they are assisting with in helping to shift human and planetary consciousness at this time. Thank you, beautiful souls of the East, for all you are and for all you are choosing to be at this exciting time.

    Archangel Michael, welcome back to the show.

    Archangel Michael: Welcome. I am Michael, Archangel, Warrior of Peace, Warrior of Love, Bringer of News. And thank you, once again, for inviting me, for listening to me, for allowing us to share our perspective as we join in our sacred partnership with each of you. And in that spirit of partnership, I once again ignite your blue flame of truth, a blue flame within your heart, within your throat, within your crown.

    Many years ago, I have called out and spoken of my strategic peace initiative, and I have beckoned many all over the world to establish peace within and without, that this beautiful planet of Gaia would be a place to welcome and to re-welcome the masters, the ascended ones, your star brothers and sisters.

    All of you, East and West, North and South, have responded to this plea, to this clarion call, each in your own way, even when you did not know that you were responding. The quotient of peace, the desire for peace, not simply the absence of war, has grown brightly within your hearts, within your conscious selves, within your actions, behaviors and attitudes.

    So I wish to reinforce this, and I wish to commend you on this as we begin our conversation today.

    Beloved ones, brothers and sisters of my heart, you are doing well. Yes, we know, you feel the pressure of the countdown, as you would call it. But let me reassure you, you are exactly where you have need to be. And as you stay anchored in your hearts, with reference to your beautiful minds, fully connected to Gaia and to the heart of One, you go forward. And let us be very clear, there is no stopping you.

    So, with that, dear Geoffrey, I ask you to begin your questions.

    GW: Thank you, Michael. This group that has reached out to us from China is interested in knowing more about what is happening there and what may unfold over the coming moments of now. It’s my understanding that they are interested in particular political figures, potential scenarios and economic changes and their possible impact.

    Perhaps, just before beginning with the current leadership, could you offer some background information on a recent political scandal involving a politician, Bo Xilai, who was murdered.

    [Editor's note: As of time of posting, Bo Xilai has not been reported as murdered, only as having been removed from his political position.]

    An article in a London news website suggests that Bo Xilai was attempting to secure a commanding place in the Beijing leadership, and his removal may now be an opening for a more light-oriented leadership to take its place.

    Do you have anything to offer as far as this? And perhaps a first quick question to preface that is, is there a shadow government also acting in China, much the same as in the US?

    AAM: No, it is not the same as the US. But let us answer your question and then give a perspective. Because in many ways, while there is the unity consciousness, and that is mostly amongst those who are lightworkers and love-holders, the process and the understanding of the East, of China in particular, is very different than what you think of as the ego mindset of the West. In fact, in many ways it is far more stratified.

    Yes, Bo Xilai was in fact removed by violence, by subterfuge, by intrigue, and so he was not, obviously, removed by forces of light. But nevertheless, what it does do is create a scenario where there is a bit of a power vacuum. And what I would suggest to you is that these power vacuums are being created in many countries and in many places where the change is going to be rather dramatic and rapid.

    The Chinese traditionally, as you all know, have had a history of very slow change, followed by very revolutionary rapid change, followed by slow, cautious change. But that is the history of this country, of this nation and of the collective consciousness. And the most dramatic shift that has taken place, not only amongst this group of lightworkers, but amongst the collective of China as well, is how rapidly — and how enthusiastically! — they have embraced change in the last several decades, and particularly in the last decade.

    Now, as you know, a great deal of this shift has been on the economic front. But that is what is visual; that is what is seen; that is what is witnessed by the global community.

    But what is behind this, other than political will? And of course we are not suggesting there has not been a great deal of political will exercised. And while there is a great deal of lip service given to conducting politics in the sunshine of the day, in fact that is not of truth. But it is certainly something that we would encourage to expand, and expand until it is of truth, and until the light of One, of God, of Unity, of my truth, shines brightly.

    And I say this not only for China, but for all nations and all countries, for all who exist upon our beautiful planet Gaia.

    But the force behind this willingness to embrace economic change — and let us be clear, the desire to engage in what you would think of as western capitalism, regardless of whether you call it a Communist Party or a People’s Democracy, it matters not! For the Emperor has many different kinds of clothes, does he not?

    But this expression of willingness to embrace change, and to embrace the global community as never before is an expression — and yes, many times a soul expression and a subconscious, unconscious expression — to be in unity, to not be in isolation, to not be in separation, but to step forward in different ways.

    Are there the paradigms of greed, of lack? Of control, of limitation? Have these been prevalent and very active within these change modalities? Yes, they have been. But it does not matter as much, because underneath that has been the desire to shift, and the demand — albeit it is often quenched, it is often quashed, it is often repressed, but nevertheless there is the demand — of the populace, of the Chinese populace, for greater freedom, for an opening of the ability to truly express, not only in ways that are sanctioned by repressive regimes but in ways that promote freedom of thought, freedom of speech, freedom of movement, freedom of belief.

    Now, you all know that St. Germain, our beloved keeper of the I AM presence, keeper of the violet flame, is very active in the United States of America. But what you don’t know, and what has been kept relatively quiet, is how active he has also been in China, as have many of the Ascended Ones in the Company of Heaven.

    Yes, of course, I am ever present, but so is Lao Tzu, and of course our goddess Quan Yin, the Buddha, Lord Maitreya, and, above all, Archangel Gabriel.

    When you look from our perspective at China, it glows. It glows in a beautiful, golden hue, and it is bright, and it is lustrous. No, it is not the flashy, platinum gold, it is the old gold of the ancient history of belief in connection to the universe, in healing and wisdom of One. Are there a few spots of bright red, particularly in Beijing? Yes. But even these are being penetrated.

    The aura of China is magenta, and it speaks to compassion. It speaks to bridges and awareness. It speaks to the future. This is not about China ever gaining or becoming the pre-eminent power. This is — yes, as Quan Yin would say — awakening the dragon, for there is nothing more glorious than the goddess riding the dragon. But the awakening of the dragon is the awakening of the people, and it is the awakening deep within them that they know their truth, they know their capacity to create.

    That has been proven. That has been the gift of this rapid, forceful economic growth — a very aggressive movement, but nevertheless it has triggered within the collective the knowing of what is possible to create outside of the constraints of the existing paradigm of control in government.

    The current leader, Hu, Hu Xintao, who is the so-called moderate, the faceless leader who in fact has ruled very much with an iron fist — your expression would be an iron fist inside a velvet glove — he speaks as a technocrat, a bureaucrat.

    We do not say this critically, because essentially this is his nature. It is how he has chosen to express. And even within his being, there is a desire, a very deep desire, to create what he would refer to as a harmonious society. But it is not a harmonious society at this moment in time. And it cannot be, because truth is kept under a bushel basket. And there is a huge gap between the haves and have-nots and the freedom to express.

    Is that improving? Yes. Will it improve dramatically with the shift? You will not recognize China next year. And this is good news. And with the removal or retirement, however you choose to look at this. But Hu knows that he is not the person, as much as he would like to be. There is a very deep knowing within him that he is not the individual, and he has not truly created a situation where he can bring this mighty nation to the next step of growth.

    And you say to me, “Michael, what is the next step of growth?” And I say to thee, all of you — and I speak not only to those of you in China, I speak to those of you in the United States, in India, in Bhutan, in Africa, because many of you live in very repressive regimes. And you say, “Well, what will happen? What is the next step?”

    It is not further economic growth. Oh, yes, that will occur, but not in the way that is anticipated. It is not in the growing strength of the military might. It is not even in what is traditionally thought of and known as political freedom. It is the blossoming, it is the blossoming of spirituality.

    This culture, for thousands and thousands and thousands of years, has been steeped in the knowingness of connection to One, to All. It has been upon the planet in many ways a holder of compassion. This is what will blossom. This is what is shifting. This is what is awakening, not just the desire, but the demand and the creation for spiritual freedom, for spiritual co-creation, for a going forth in the new way of what is the next step for humanity, for the collective.

    Billions and billions of people are gathering even as I speak this night to express that belief. Yes, in many ways, and it does not matter, because they are expressing their beliefs that they are spiritual beings expressing in a human form. And that human expression, yes, is love, but it is an unstoppable — unstoppable! — desire and action for freedom in every way.

    There is much belief and discussion about the role of the Xi Jinping and if he will be the next leader of the country. And what we say about this one is, in many ways he is a chameleon. Has he bought into the power structure? Yes. But he has positioned himself as well to be the leader — and we do not mean the tyrant, but the leader — in many ways of the next revolution.

    What many do not realize is that Xi has eaten a great deal of bitterness, and he has hid his sorrow, and he has made his accommodations. But he also knows that one cannot live in peace and be in isolation. One cannot live in peace and love and harmony and have those who do not have the right to speak, to work, to participate in the abundance of Gaia.

    So what you will see in China is while things are being broken down they are also being released so that the flowers may grow.

    What I ask of you, how I guide you, how I support you — and I speak not only to the people of China, but to the people of Tibet, of India, of all repressive regimes — be the active observer. Hold your light brightly. Be the competent, insightful observer of what is truly taking place, and yet at the same time move into action.

    Take the appropriate action that declares your freedom, your rights, your ability to create, in whatever way you choose. Within the new paradigm of the fifth dimension, you are being lifted up, you are being assisted more than you know. But you, my beloved ones, also have need — be the observer, but also take action.

    I am sorry, Geoff. I have gone on and one.

    GW: Thank you, Michael. As you always do so wonderfully, you anticipate some of the questions that I would like to ask. And you touched on a couple of parts within the answer you have just shared. And I have been trying in my mind to figure out the best next logical question to keep the flow going.

    I mean, you’ve talked about the leaders, and I would like to return back to the leadership in just a moment, because I know this is one of the big questions I think coming from China.

    But you mentioned the economic role, that China has been changing and adapting, and perhaps the role that they will play in the future. It has been said that the — there’s an alliance, a global alliance that has become known as the BRICs Plus 140 group of countries that have now agreed on a new global currency and economic model.

    At the same time there have also been sources saying that a new economic model has already been implemented globally. And what I’m kind of wondering is that, are these two, in fact, the same thing?

    AAM: They are, for all intents and purposes, the same thing. And as you well know, your current economic model is radically changing. And it is changing for a number of reasons, first of all because it doesn’t work. It does not serve the collective. It does not serve for actions that are harmonious and loving. And so yes, there has been an agreement. Is it fully in place? No, not yet. But it is well underway.

    GW: Okay, great. Thank you. So, as we look at the leadership in China, I mean, certainly you have already mentioned the current president, Hu Xintao, perhaps they might be wondering about the premiere, the current premiere, Wen Jiabao. And of course both of them will be stepping down, as you mentioned, in the leadership changes expected to officially…. Or, at least, I guess the Congress occurs in October, when they will ascend into their politburo. But they do not actually take control, or they do not officially release their leadership to the next successors until about March of the following year.

    AAM: That is not what will happen.

    GW: Okay.

    AAM: As we say, the change not only in China, but particularly in China…. Understand that what you are looking at, if you look at this from a global perspective, is there is a great deal of political change and maneuvering and shift during the Fall, of what you think of as your Fall season.

    So. While traditionally that would be the case, that the shift in those very potent two leaders, it is creating the opening and the vacuum for the new. And that transfer of what we would prefer to call leadership rather than power — because power is being wrested away (yes, removed) from those who are currently holding the reins — that will happen prior to the year-end.

    So, it will not follow the traditional pattern. And you can look for this shift in traditional patterns not only in China but in many, many countries, because you are shifting dimensions, you are shifting realities. And that level of control, of the old paradigms, simply will not be there. It will not exist. It cannot exist. It cannot breathe in the new environment.

    And when I say this, I say this not for people to think of, “Oh, no, there is such turmoil coming! Such upheaval!” No. There is a loosening of control, there is an elimination of warring factions, wherever they are. There is a new day.

    So, think of it in this way. Think of it in a very personal way. When one is relinquishing the reins of power because they are entering into a new reality, the question isn’t simply, “How can we do this in an orderly fashion? How can we do this in a way that I am able to maintain a modicum of control and influence?”

    The essential, the quintessential question begins to shift, and it has already begun to shift. The question becomes, perhaps not consciously, “What is love?” but the question becomes, “What is best for my people, for my country?”

    Has there been a great deal of self interest — and we do not just speak of China — in terms of control? Well, you know it to be true. But even that basic question, that basic motivation, is beginning to shift. And what has happened (as an aside) with containment, is that many of the influences, whether it would be in China or the United States or Syria, the containment of certain individuals also removes the constant impetus role model, energy, to be aggressive, to be a power-monger.

    So that mindset, that heart-set, is shifting. And to this we say, “Hallelujah!”

    GW: Hmm. Thank you, Michael.

    So, are there acts of containment taking place at varying levels, either within the current administration or even possibly within the possible succeeding leadership, to help guide and prepare them? Is containment being taken upon the potential new leadership to guide them and perhaps temper them into the role that they will be fulfilling?

    AAM: We are not saying that they are being contained so much as that they are being worked with intensively, both by the Company of Heaven, by the lightworkers of Earth, and certainly by their star brothers and sisters.

    GW: Okay, great.

    AAM: So it is a form of containment, but it is not what I have referred to in earlier discussions with you as full containment.

    In North America you are beginning to complete your summer and move into Fall, but you have situations whereby if students did not do well during the course of the year, they are contained in summer school. And they have very little free time and very little play. But they spend the summer months working to try and rectify and to bring up their grades, as it were.

    Similarly, there are many who are brought into the classroom and who are worked with very intensely to help them see not only the, hmm, error of their ways, but to also see the truth of what is possible, if they move in a different way and a different direction.

    So, are there potential leaders being worked with in that way? Yes. Absolutely.

    GW: So, is the current leadership and the possible succeeding leadership… I guess they must be working fairly closely with those who are the overseers of the Quan Yin Trust that will be released in Asia?

    AAM: Yes, that is correct. And that is why we have begun by speaking about the goddess and the dragon, and how she is very much riding the dragon. So, yes, they are working in conjunction.

    But there are also those behind the scenes — and you know, you all know, that China is infamous, and it is almost humorous, but they are infamous for working behind the scenes — though there is what appears to be real. And then there are 22 layers deep of what is truly transpiring.

    And that is why we have heartily recommended our beloved lightworkers and light-holders of China to be the observers and then move into prudent action. But do not stop — in fact, we encourage you, expand mightily — your creation work, because it is bringing forth the new reality.

    You are co-creating with us, with the entire Company of Heaven, with the Council of Love, with your star brothers and sisters, with your beloved friends and soul family all over the planet, and with each other. So, work diligently on your creations, and do not limit yourself in terms of what you think is possible. Because what you dream is what will come to pass, and it is far grander than you are imagining.

    GW: So, you’ve mentioned …

    AAM: One of the most magnificent cities of light is already emerging slightly north of Shanghai, south of Beijing. And this will be a city of light much like long ago in Atlantis, a port where the star brothers and sisters would come for exchange of cultural ideas, technology, art. It will be magnificent. So think of this, look for this, work on this.

    There is also another, a smaller city of light — and it is more of a retreat and a place of healing — near the Mongolian border in the north.

    GW: There have been several reports… I do remember reading something about these ghost cities that seem to be appearing in different parts of China. And I guess this is to what you are referring?

    AAM: That is correct.

    GW: And …

    AAM: There is nothing ghostly about them! They are inter-dimensional, just like you! They are trans-dimensional. Yes, they have come to the future; they are being anchored in the eternal now, and as you shift, they will become clearer and clearer. They are places of peace. They are places of expansion and of unity.

    GW: Wonderful. Now, this sounds absolutely exciting.

    So, the average person, the average individual in China, how are they benefiting from the industrial changes, the political changes within the country? I mean, outwardly we see in North America many, many Chinese people buying up real estate. And they obviously are very aware that the Western financial banking system is fraudulently corrupt, and they are taking a different stance. Instead of buying up US debt, they are actually taking their money and investing in very concrete real estate and material.

    How could this potentially impact the change that’s taking place in North America?

    AAM: For a very long time, in human history, anyway, you have had mostly homogeneous societies. And even though you believe that you are a melting pot or a mosaic, in fact, that is not so. So, there is a cross fertilization, because there has also been a massive influx of westerners into China.

    Yes, it does not have the same impact because of population numbers. Your land mass is very similar, but the populations are so substantially different that it is not felt the same way.

    But there is the beginning of this cross-fertilization, of this acceptance, of this coming to know. Now, the values, as you say, are different. But, understand, this value — and it used to be a value in the West, and in some it still is — but there is a very deep, ingrained value in China that what is truly concrete is land rather than currency, because currency comes and goes.

    So, commodities such as land, as buildings, gold, are seen as tangible, and therefore having greater value. Now, this is also, let us say, in contradiction — and we do not wish to create a real estate scare…. Your Native American peoples, most indigenous people throughout the world have always understood, you do not own Gaia. It is a very irrational, almost humorous belief system.

    Now, part of that shift is to see yourself as a steward of the land, as a keeper of the hearth, the hearth of Gaia. And there are many of you who have come to Earth with exactly that mission and purpose — to be a keeper and a healer of the hearth of Gaia. And that is a beautiful, generous mission and purpose.

    But what is happening in this interim transition of what you are seeing — and what you have asked about, dear Geoffrey — is that you are seeing a shift in the culture and the cultural values. So there is a cross-fertilization that is taking place, and that is important. Because as you become more unified, as you travel back and forth, whether it is to China or to Sirius, this understanding of one community, which is far more than simply global, this helps to lay the foundation.

    GW: So, if I am understanding you correctly, then, the souls that have incarnated in China that are participating in the acquisition of real estate, although that is not necessarily in line with the way things will be in the future, but they perhaps will be bringing the new consciousness to the…

    AAM: Yes, and some of them do not even know – many of them; most of them do not even know — that they are bringing forth a new consciousness. Now, most of them also have an understanding and a connection to the Buddha, to the Goddess. There are many even who have commitments to what you think of as Christian churches or beliefs. But yes, they are carrying that energy of cross-fertilization.

    GW: Okay. Great.

    AAM: And what it is doing is building for a greater diversity and acceptance — not of who owns land and who doesn’t, because that will change — but it is growing the acceptance of different points of view, different customs, different cultures, different values.

    GW: Thank you, Michael.

    Before I ask a final question, I would like to slip in one question before that. You mentioned earlier that China was described as having an aura of magenta. Could you help the listeners to understand what that might represent?

    AAM: The magenta has been present in China for a long time. The gold has brightened up enormously, and it is not even within the last decade. The lightworkers in China are doing phenomenal work, and yes, of course they are assisted by their brothers and sisters all over the globe, and above. And I mean your star brothers and sisters.

    The aura of magenta: What does this mean? It means, if you are to look at the land, at the land mass, with your third or fourth eye, you would see a land mass whose glow is golden. But if you were to look above just the same way you look at a human being and you see an aura around them, you would see an aura or a cloud, a mist of magenta.

    Now, what does magenta represent? I believe this is your question.

    GW: Yes.

    AAM: It represents spiritual awareness. It represents deep compassion, Christ consciousness. And it represents bridges, bridges from the past to the future, bridges above and below, bridges from within to without, bridges to community. So, the mist, which is penetrating all the people, whether they are peasants still working in a field, building a dam, conducting commerce, or being politicians, they are all being penetrated by a mist of magenta.

    And their feet are resting on the gold, not only of Gabriel, but upon the traditions, the history, and the beauty of their nation, of a very ancient society that knows the connection to Gaia. That is why they wish to buy real estate. They know the connection to Earth, to having a piece of dirt, is important because it connects them to their ancestors, to their community, and to their gods and goddesses. It connects them above, to the Buddha.

    GW: That I think was an almost perfect segue into the final question. You have touched on some wonderful, wonderful qualities there. In the minutes that remain, do you have some final words to those in Western countries who have been taught to see China as a threat? And do you have some final words to those in China about what is to unfold and what their role will be?

    AAM: This idea of your neighbor — whether it is your next-door neighbor, someone down the block, someone in the next city, or someone across the oceans — being a threat has need to be eliminated right now.

    Use your sword to destroy this illusion, because the feeling of threat, the belief of threat, is based on the belief that someone else controls you, that someone else has power over you, that you do not have the freedom to create today, tomorrow and ten years from now, rather than thinking in terms of competition and who is going to win this race for global dominance.

    There has need to be a massive embrace across the sea of each other. There is so much to learn, to share, to trade between the cultures, to see that when you look at your brother, whether it is in North Korea or a China, Syria, Japan, California, Montreal, Ireland, you see yourself.

    You have lived many lifetimes, most of you as starseeds. But as starseeds you have also learned that the form of the face, of the way of doing things, is inconsequential, because what binds you is the mutuality of love.

    Open your arms and embrace each other in the truth that you are in this mission, this Gaia mission of Ascension, together. And you cannot do it alone. And why would you want to?

    Go with my love, my peace, and let your blue flame burn brightly.

    [music up]

    I am with you. We are all with you. Farewell.

    GW: Thank you, Michael.

    And with that, we come to an end of another Hour With an Angel. Thank you for sharing your time with us. And we hold these energies of light, peace and love, and we send them out to all our brothers and sisters around the world at this time, creating bridges, creating love, building the new age.

    Until the next moment of now, farewell.



    AAM: This idea of your neighbor — whether it is your next-door neighbor, someone down the block, someone in the next city, or someone across the oceans — being a threat has need to be eliminated right now.

    Use your sword to destroy this illusion, because the feeling of threat, the belief of threat, is based on the belief that someone else controls you, that someone else has power over you, that you do not have the freedom to create today, tomorrow and ten years from now, rather than thinking in terms of competition and who is going to win this race for global dominance.

    There has need to be a massive embrace across the sea of each other. There is so much to learn, to share, to trade between the cultures, to see that when you look at your brother, whether it is in North Korea or a China, Syria, Japan, California, Montreal, Ireland, you see yourself.

    You have lived many lifetimes, most of you as starseeds. But as starseeds you have also learned that the form of the face, of the way of doing things, is inconsequential, because what binds you is the mutuality of love.

    Open your arms and embrace each other in the truth that you are in this mission, this Gaia mission of Ascension, together. And you cannot do it alone. And why would you want to?"


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