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  • NSA Creating Bogus Channeled Messages

    Posted by Steve Beckow

    Channeling is still the preferred means of communication from the galactics and celestials.

    L) NSA headquarters in Fort Meade, Maryland (R) The world’s biggest spy center is being built for the NSA

    in Bluffdale, Utah. Other large and well-known NSA facilities are in Colorado, Georgia, Hawaii and Texas.

    NSA creates bogus channeled messages

    August 5, 2012 as reproduced on Exopermaculture, Aug. 13, 2012

    Battles for control can be fought on many fronts. Specifically, we would like to shine light on a little known battlefield within the vastness of Internet communications.

    In an effort to exert maximum control over the flow of information regarding government involvement with extraterrestrial beings, there is an ongoing disinformation effort which needs to be exposed.

    The National Security Agency (NSA) and its mighty fingers of control are fully aware of the plethora of channeled messages being posted on the Internet. NSA data show that such channelings are being read by ever-growing numbers of people. Therefore, the NSA has been responsible for distributing disinformation through channeled messages.

    In some cases, distorted information is being beamed into the minds of established or well-recognized channels. In other cases, illusions of newer channelers have been created and promoted throughout the vast network of the World Wide Web. Through these efforts, fear is magnified.

    Seemingly contradictory information also is being disseminated. Because of this, many channelers’ prophesies fail to come to fruition. In this way, it is hoped that the influence of channelers will be undermined and therefore truth from true channelers will be dismissed.

    True channelers are unflinchingly aligned with the Divine Energy of Creation and daily ask for that protection so that only truth comes through their messages.

    It is a challenge today for the readers of channeled messages to distinguish nuggets of gold from fool’s gold. This requires that the readers of channeled messages ask for Divine protection and discernment so they may distinguish truth from the deliberate barrage of disinformation.

    This is a joint communique from the Bearers of Light

    who have come to Earth on a rescue mission.

    EDITOR’S NOTE: According to Wired Magazine as well as other sources, the new NSA facility in Utah will be connected with established listening posts throughout the world. The facility will essentially be a bottomless storage of everyone’s personal data since birth including content from private emails, phone calls, Internet searches and purchases. This information quickly can be pulled up, as accurately demonstrated by Tim McGee the computer guru on the popular television show “NCIS.”

  • Yes we are called to look to our own intuition to guide us at this time as there are many false prophets about.

  • Read and Discern with your Heart Chakra you will know. Anything NOT of love is not true!

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