What is wrong with my love life?

  • I am pretty much the epitome of what a pisces is. Read about it, and you pretty much know everything about me. Like it says, my strengths are my weaknesses. I get so attached to people to keep myself grounded and my head on straight and it always blows up in my face. I got so caught up with my coworker who isn't even into females, she just happens to be amazing and understanding, so she is now one of my best friends. But, regardless of this one exception, I meet girls and I try to take it slow; get to know them, go out a few times. I'm not a highly sexual person, or even one to jump into relationships, but I am one to try to get to know someone. I always go that extra mile. And now it seems that everyone is kind of just... put off by it. I just don't get it, I'm a good person, with a really big heart. I have so much to offer someone and there seems to be no takers. Don't get me wrong, I'm capable of being alone, independent if you will. I'm just tired of it now, I want someone to share my life with, my thoughts with, someone I can move forward with and support them in their life and dreams and goals. I just feel like I'm never good enough. Is there something that maybe I'm doing wrong? Or something that I could do more of? Cause this is starting to bring me way down.......

  • Hi Pisces,

    I think you said it yourself. : )

    "I get so attached to people to keep myself grounded and my head on straight and it always blows up in my face. "

    As a super sensitive, verry giving woman myself, in the past I would get brought up short by one thing in particular. I would give and give and give, to my detriment. I also got very good at managing relationships single handedly! Believe me, there are very few takers on such an offer. : )

    The key to resolving this is give what is WANTED or needed by the other person, and to give what you are ABLE to give without harming or depleting yourself. You can learn to give without putting yourself out on a limb. Support, love, means sometimes saying, 'hey, I'm there for you' and doing no thing.

    You have the ability to keep yourself grounded and centered, so give it your all. Ask your Higher Self to show you how, then follow any intuition you receive. Open your heart every morning to both giving and receiving love.

    It's challenging, no doubt, but I think you will see remarkable changes occur!

    Let us know how you're doing in the next month or so.



  • I too, consider myself the typical pisces. I can totally relate with everything you mentioned. I found that I have the worst jugdement when it comes to choosing a partner, in the past. Before I would ignore all of the red flags because I just wanted someone in my life. I had been single for about 6 years because I didn't trust my judgement any longer. But in that 6 years I learned everything I could about myself, my weakness and strengths. I came to realize that I have a gift of intuition, as do most pisces. So a worked on developing that gift and rely on it alot. At least now I know that when Mr. Right does come along I will hopefully be able to recognize him. The loneliness does tend to bring you down in a bad way. Keep strong. Your time will come.

  • I feel like I wrote that. I'm a pisces and I literally am the same as you. I really do empathize and understand how you feel. Hope you cheer up though, I just try to think well my time will come, if you put yourself out there and remain optimistic then love will be sure to find its way to you. You are a good person and deserve to be happy xxx

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