• I wonder if you could give me a general reading about love, career, school and my personal life? Only if you have time though.

  • Hello peace4everyone

    Okay, certainly let's draw some cards and see what turns up.

    I used a Celtic Cross... Queen of Wands representing you, and the Queen of Swords being a situation right now.

    You are crossed by a 10 of Swords. Above you is the Page of Pentacles, below you the Knight Swords. Recently the 5 of Swords... soon to appear the 6 of Pentacles.

    Future environment - 8 of Wands

    How others see you - 4 of Wands

    Hopes and more hopes - Knight of Cups

    Final outcome - Page of Cups

    You want to try a dialogue to talk about this?

    Me: Are you facing some sort of situation right now with another woman? A 'smart' lady or something? You are have a 10 swords across you, so that really has you thinking hard about something...

    (your turn 🙂

  • Hmmm, I guess the smart lady you are talking about must be my mother. She alwyays gives me advice about what I should do and think about. I can't think of anyone else close to me, so it must be her, yeah. Is there something in this spread that I should worry about?

    Do you remember that you gave me a reading last year? You were on point when you wrote about my "love life." You described me as if I were looking for someone. About two years ago there was someone in my life and things did not go as they should have. We never met face 2 face, only had contact through web. I feel like I will never love anyone like him and it kinds of tear me apart. Could you do a reading about what he feels towards me now? I would greatly appreciate it, AstraAngel!

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  • peace4everyone

    Okay... let me wrap up what the last cards declared... I was struck by that Queen swords and thought I would try to pause the reading before proceeding...

    Anyway, here is

    Queen of Wands representing you, so you are very focused on your path (wands) and self image, all that.

    and the Queen of Swords being a situation right now. Not sure that this is your mother. Could be, Could be you wanting to master something intellectually, perhaps there is something you are facing that is asking you to think it through, weigh it out, compare, conclude, decide. That could be the Queen Swords.

    You are crossed by a 10 of Swords. So there is some intense intellectual energy across you, so your mind could be taxed by something. This along with the Queen swords shows some intense concentration and (possibly tiring) efforts to examine something in your thinking.

    Above you is the Page of Pentacles - so this seems to be a dream of yours somehow, this is very innocent material life, so your physical life is very important to you, finding something nice and a little calmer, very communicative, communication being vital to your sense of well being.

    below you the Knight Swords - so, another Knight! This could be the him from the past... below you represents a phase of life that really left an impact, shaped you in some very important ways. A lot of sword energy close to you so your mind could be working harder than you need to right now.

    Recently the 5 of Swords... More swords! You are having a sword bath haha... this shows you changed your mind about something recently.

    soon to appear the 6 of Pentacles - this is sharing, giving and receiving and seems to echo the page of pentacle "wish" you have above you! Something is developing that takes you into a physical setting where you are able to share, impart, receive, it is a flow back and forth.

    Future environment - 8 of Wands - 8 of wands are traditionally fast energies, so something quick, messages of love as Waite says. A door opening in your path, I tend to see 8's as doors, developments, further establishing the foundations begun in the 4.

    How others see you - 4 of Wands - this would tend to support you are soon to enter a new chapter, phase or some development occurs that has others looking at you and concluding "success!" So that sounds nice...

    Hopes and (concerns perhaps) - Knight of Cups - Knight in shining armor. Dare you hope for love, dare you not?

    Final outcome - Page of Cups - So we wind up with a very nice Page and this is love, so this connects to your physical page above you. You could really be ready to receive some messages now about your material and physical life, that begins with something being shared (with someone perhaps) and that is seen as a success by others... you continue to harbor dreams of a Knight Cups entering your life, you are willing to trust with the right person... all leads to a communicative page.

    You have no major arcana cards, so that could indicate that your life should be fairly easy going, no "heavy duty" life lesson assignments. SO you should be able to take things pretty easy right now, I would say anything you can do to keep your thoughts at rest. You have a lot of swords nearby so that simply means some focused thinking... you can balance that with nice things you do for yourself, anything that gives your mind a break.

    You are asking about this person from the past... what he feels for you now...

    Hey I got some nice cards on this... chose your card as the Queen of Cups and his as the King of Cups

    Ace of Cups toward you. That is nice. New beginning in love.

    The Star behind him shows some real hope.

    The 6 of swords above him, well, I always think romance with that card.

    The Page of Wands below, sounds like some communications, messages. That must be some background for his feelings for you. There must have been some nice communicating back and forth at one time.

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