HAve decided to go back to school

  • Can anyone give me insight - is it the right choice? thanks in advance

  • I sense you are going to feel very confined and out of place at school. Do you have a plan B?

  • Not really,,,, come to think of it.. i always think ahead and this time i have not. Any suggestions? Thanks so much in advance

  • What is it you want to do and achieve? Have you worked out your life purpose?

  • I am in that process of working out my life's purpose. I decided a total change might be good but it has to be gradual due to the money situation. I am still going through the depression due to hair loss although i have appointments scheduled and have been taking the herbal supplements that Blmoon told me about. It seems to have helped but only going on my second straight month of taking the vitamins. I am trying to take one day at a time until i get through this tough time in my life.

  • I feel like you need a less pressurised life and career. Study would only stress you out more.

  • And if you don't yet know your life purpose, how do you know going back to school is right for you? Cart before horse?

  • thanks captain

  • How did the 'life purpose' exercise work out?

  • i am actually still working on the exercise, I know that it should be easy since there is no right or wrong answer. I have learned so far, that I do not do much of anything that I enjoy since I could not list 10-12 things that i actually do that i enjoy. I spend most of time working and doing things for others around me and although I love doing things for my family and that brings me joy, there arent many things that i do on my own that are just for me. I also have found that the things that i used to pride myself in or that would describe me best, i have had to compromise due to my current job position. Its hard to explain, that now i do things that i would never have done, i have always been "true to myself" and now I can't say that anymore and I think that is what has lead me down the roard I am on now. Thank you for helping (leading) me down the path of finding my true self. I am slowely inching my way to finding my purpose, but it is not something that is so easy. The exercise is making me think and I love that .,.. and for this and much more I thank you!

  • Good luck to you! 🙂

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