• Oh it's a corker that book! I'm over halfway and my nose is glued to it 🙂

    I hope, when the time comes, your move goes well as I'm sure it will. It's one I see as being about the final one you make in life. That is until you move into a nursing home and dribble into your cup (or forget to hold one) ... JUST JOKING!!!!! (about the nursing home bit haha)

    Ah we'll see regards Rodney ... I just want to take it one day at a time at the moment. He's still coming home and things are not tense, so ... But I do understand where he's at all too well and am prepared to help him through it as much as I am able and asked that he keep the lines of communication open. This year has been overwhelming for both of us, and a whole host of other folk if this humble Site is anything to go by 🙂

  • No nursing home for me - I intend to have a heart attack making love to a virile thrity year old in my French villa! 😉

    The astrologers have been predicting October as a great month for love if that makes you feel any better...

  • Well that's something to look forward to! I also read that connections made on September 9 will be lifelong, so how about that?

    And should I, by some unforeseen circumstance, die before you take up residence in your French villa, I will come back as a fly who sits on your wall while you are in the midst of your "cardiac arrest" hahahahahahahaha

  • Voyeur! I must ensure i have a fly swatter on hand. 🙂

  • A swat I can avoid. BUT NOT THE MORTEIN!!!!!

  • Well, it never seemed to harm Louie the Fly - he kept coming back every ad.

  • So he did ... but didn't they make NEW ads with a different Louie-look-alike fly???

  • A Louie look alike? How dare they...

  • all in the name of advertising of course!! hehehe

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