• Well thank you for that! An interesting recipe those mooncakes ... 🙂

    I have been in a very isolated location for nearly three years. I am not tired of it yet! At work, I am amongst the busy, chaotic thing and certainly do have my work cut out for me in respect to human relationships, etc. Lately I have grown tired of that, though, as much as I like my co-workers. It's the other stress we are dealing with work that makes it so exhausting.

    I'm happy with my partner, but sometimes we sleep apart because we both snore and we find we sleep better alone than together most of the time! That can be a bit lonely, but it's not bothering me as much as I thought it would, nor him. We meet at the end of the day, have a lovely chat about anything and everything, drink too much wine, laugh a lot, then get up and do it all again and so it goes ... Romantically, when we do come together, it is pretty damned good 🙂

    So it's interesting that you say I need to choose between the two, when in reality, where I'm at lies in between the two, but I am finding the chaotic atmosphere to be the exhausting one lately. You could be right about me not being able to balance the two successfully.

    Interestingly, I am someone (possibly part of my Cancerian-ness) who can cope with lots of people, busy-ness and all that, but not for too long. I need to go back into my shell and here has been the perfect place for me to do so).

    'Twill be interesting indeed to see where the road leads me, and you for that matter.

    You have some experiences in your past that will make for an interesting book too by the way. If most people are like me, we all enjoy a "real" story about a "real" person 🙂 I feel you need to write a book documenting your spiritual/psychic development and experiences along the way; with some early family life anecdotes thrown in ...

    As for me? I may just write one about life with my foster boy; it's been an odyssey, to say the least!

    As I think you'd understand, I am afraid to make yet ANOTHER major decision, as it's only been three years since I made my last one. But I have felt that I do have another one coming up, and as afraid as that thought has made me, I know it's necessary as my last one was.

    Sometimes, bravery and courage can be so difficult to muster, but muster it we will in order to succeed. At the moment though, I simply feel like taking the low road ...

    This soulmate I see for you ... strangely an image of some sort of mole or other similar "blemish" came up ... somewhere on one of his cheeks near the neck ...

    Anyhoo! I must go and lie down. I was sent home from work today due to back pain and can feel it starting to take hold again 😞 Been like it all week, more's the pity ...

    Thanks again!




  • Perhaps you could live an isolated peaceful existence out of reach of most physical contact, but do counselling work via the internet? That way, you could still help others but be able to distance yourself from their problems when you need to. I feel that you are empathic and thus pick up people's vibes when you are around them physically.

    I understand how scary major decisions are - I don't think there is one person on earth who doesn't dread making a mistake where they are concerned. But I believe things are going to be much easier for good people appraoching and after December 21, 2012.

  • So do I, and like your suggestion of online. I've had thoughts about setting up my own website, but find the whole process confusing! My daughter tried to walk me through it, but I got so overwhelmed I threw my hands up! Still n all ... it is an option, that's for sure.

    My partner is also exhausted and I'm trying to still do my bit so he isn't doing everything. Again, you are right about the empathic side of me. I do pick up on other's vibes, and when I enter an atmosphere that is tense, pick it up and sadly, suck it in. I forget to white light, but sometimes, even that doesn't work 😞

    I am tired of the differing ego's of people lately; very tired of it. The need for control and power is really starting to get on my goat. I sometimes wonder how some people keep the energy going to constantly grab for control and try to rule others when they're not in a position to do that; it amazes me.

    So, easy people to be with (my partner) is where I'm choosing to be as much as I can. I have a couple of friends here too who are like balm to the soul when you need it.

    I have entertained the idea that the reason for my recent back trouble, etc, is the sucking in of the plight of many others. The examination I'm going to Monday may show nothing physical and I'm expecting that really. Recent blood tests showed nothing either, except low co2 levels WHICH I guess pertains to my smoking habit ... sigh.

    Anyway, while I've been able to, my happy place has been in bed reading my latest Stephen King book which is proving to be an odyssey in itself and I think his best work to date. I don't like his "blood and guts" stuff about aliens living under the earth, etc, but more his work like Green Mile, etc. This book is like that and I'm immensely enjoying it!

    Guess we good folk need to hang on for December or thereabouts. I know it will ease, and we will feel much better.

    Thanks again!

  • Oh I love Stephen King too, especially The Green Mile and my fav book and movie The Shawshank Redemption. What is the name of his book you are reading?

  • 11.22.63 is the name of the book - I'd say it's his latest as it's set in 2011. It's about a teacher who, through a man who owns his local diner, stumbles across a way to travel back in time to the day that changed history: 22 November 1963 - the day that JFK was shot. I won't say anymore about it, except to repeat what I said above: It's probably the best book by him I've read . If you wanted to get hold of it, try Booktopia or the Book Depository, both online book sites that I reckon are pretty good. Shawshank Redemption is also a great story and movie - I love Morgan Freeman and Tim Robbins is excellent as Andy Dufresne. I've always said to anyone (including both my kids) that if you want to know how to write, read a Stephen King book, and also read his book "On Writing". I always believed that he was a writer who could write about any topic and it'd be a bestseller. I also love Jodi Picoult; just finished one by her called "House Rules" about a teenage Asperger's sufferer who is accused of murder. Have read quite a few of hers too ...

    Even though I hate being lazy, I have found this week of enforced rest to be pretty good. My happy place has been my warm bed - couldn't even bend down to the fire to put a piece of wood in it - with a good book and my wheat bag 🙂 (Happy place until I've had to try and get OUT of it to go to the loo or eat something! Painful ...) Had to cut both my shifts short this weekend, and even though back feels better, it still niggles and lets me know it hasn't quite let me go yet. Ah well. I was teased at work today for being sloooooow and they weren't wrong I can tell you!! Still, their sense of humour was like a dose of happy pills, and I gave as good as I got even in my "sensitive" state 🙂 If it wasn't for the laughs, it'd be an impossible place to work, as the hours are long and the work very demanding, although sadly, weekends are the best shifts to work as we don't have the bosses constantly on our backs, nor the Mon-Fri cook who drives us insane with her Hitler behaviour, immaturity and over-sensitive ego 😞 Please, please tell me you just got a flash that she'll retire soon ... ????

    Anyway, back to my book! Talk again soon ...

  • No retirement, but I do feel the cook may soon have a short sharp shock that will lead to a change of heart.

    I am buying the ebooks of the ones you recommended. Thanks!

  • Oh cool! And thanks for the insight about the cook 🙂 There's already been a few words said between her and two team members, and I won't be far off if she doesn't quit this STUFF. Anyway, time'll tell, as it always does ...

    Good luck with your book buying!

  • I am getting the feeling that there is some change coming to you where you stand up for people and their rights, rather than just caring for them, (like an activist).

  • Funny you should mention that. A fair part of why work is getting to me so much is that I can't stand the plight of the elderly in our facility who basically sit and rot while the nurses are hard pressed to give them proper care. We have got a doctor coming in September, so things should improve there, while on the negative side, our workload will increase yet more 😞 But yes, injustice really gets my blood boiling these days ...

    So, we've covered psychology, writing and now possible activism for me.

    And I continue to see you doing photography and ... wait for it ... POTTERY. Making your own pots with your individual designs and selling them for a tidy sum. So what do you think of that?

  • As a PS: my partner and I have discussed leaving it all behind and going overseas to help re-build war-torn and/or deprived native villages. It's something I thought of before I left my husband. However I feel I've a few minor health issues which need to be sorted out before I could consider doing this 🙂

  • Pottery huh? I always have been good with my hands and enjoy arts and crafts...

    Moon, I really do get a strong feeling of you working hard for other people in your future. But if you want to work side-by-side with other people, you will have to learn about good protection to prevent picking up their feelings and problems or you will end up drained and sick. I feel most of your health problems come from other people's bad vibes.

  • I think you're right on the money there Captain. I'd say the results of my scan will show a bit of arthritis, possibly a pinched nerve, but apart from that, I feel I am sucking in the plight of others and it is draining me. I am not all that good at "protection" really; have tried the white light thing, but it doesn't seem to work for me! And on that note, I've also found that WHO I work with lately has been crucial to my emotional/physical health because if I have to work side-by-side with someone who drives me nuts, I come home drained a lot of the time.

    Ironically, my best friend here, who I also work with, has some very serious back problems and will have to have surgery in the near future to correct it. I worked with her on about three or four shifts while she was really suffering with it, then next thing, I'm suffering the same pain! She isn't someone who drains people either; very easy to be around, etc, but obviously I must've subconsciously tried to take some of her pain away ... but jeeeeezus, if what I got was only half of what SHE's been experiencing, I don't know how she even got out of bed 🙂

  • Maybe one of these tips from the net will help -

    For effective protection, you need to imagine the white light around you from the minute you wake up until you go back to bed at night for 24-hour shielding. Envision a white disco ball at the top of your head slowly moving downward, circling your body and leaving a strobe light effect of white light as it heads towards your feet. Do this visualization with rhythmic breathing. You want to aim for a cocoon (like a silk moth) effect to cover your energy field. Take it to your feet and then seal it. Imagine all the negative energy you get at work bouncing off your shield of light. (Or since we are all God at our centres, imagine the white light is coming from within you rather than from above.)

    Drink a LOT of water.

    If you believe in prayer, say something aloud like the Lord's Prayer whenever you find yourself in spontaneous and precarious situations and psychic attacks.

    To clear your aura of any stuff you have picked up during your day, do this bath: Right before bedtime (the best time) take a bath of 1 part baking soda and 1 part SEA SALT. Make it strong. (this is also good for any skin problems). Get in the tub and soak, submerge your whole body & head under the water. Relax and see the water taking any negativity, stress, etc. from your body and energy field. Get out when the water cools. Wrap yourself up in something warm and fuzzy and then go to sleep. It WORKS. Your aura is your first line of defense against the world. Also, for a quickie tip - taking a shower can wash away lots of negative vibes from your aura.

    Wearing any silk fabric (esp. around your stomach area) also deflects negativity. Carry something RED on you at all times (advice from a white witch) - red protects from negativity and harm. So a red silk scarf, hat, handkerchief or belt would be FAB! Folk lore says that with a red wallet, you will never be completely broke. Stash a one dollar bill somewhere in there and don't spend it. Red can be both grounding and invigorating.

    To boost your energy: put your thumb and middle fingers together on each hand to form a circle now put the two circles together just like links in a chain. That's a real buzz!

    At work, surround yourself with plants if you can as they absorb negative energy. Some times the location can be negative in the same way certain people are just negative. Take a break from the area, go for a walk, or stretch at your desk if you can't get away. Feng shui says to move objects around - rearrange your desk or furniture if possible. Consult a book or practitioner about what to move where. Turn on a fan or place a moving decorative object on a table/desk. This object can be a ticking clock. Burn Frankinsense and Myrrh (or Sage/Copal/Pine) incense. Open the windows and get a couple of sticks burning. If you can't take the smoke, leave the area and while away visualize all the energy being transfused out. Another Feng Shui remedy is to get orange peels, squeeze the peels over a water bowl to get the oil out and then walk around the house/office to all corners, taking your fingers and splattering the water in all corners of the house. You can even throw orange rinds in the corners and let them sit awhile. Rosemary is another protective herb. Sea salt is a great mineral for removing all kinds of negativity.

    Meditation to increase creative energy (if your back can take it):

    Diving For the Blue Pearl

    Sit on your heels and lower your forehead to the ground. Extend your arms straight out in front of you along the floor with the palms pressed together. This pose itself will bring circulation to the brain.That in turn, will engender clarity. Inhale and hold the breath. Visualize the colors of the spectrum forming up the spine. Red at the base. Orange at hip level. Gold-yellow at the stomach and solar-plexus level. Spring green between the shoulder blades. Azure blue at the throat level. Electric blue at the brow. Violet at the top of the head. Now exhale and let the colors blend and explode into white. It's as if you are seeing yourself from a point above. Practice this for as long as you'd like.

  • Well, this is some fine information! I'm going to print it out and keep it in my bedside table drawer for easy reference. Thank so much for all this!

    I have the results of my scan, and it appears I have mild arthritis, suffered a muscle spasm and also have a small spur in between two of my vertebrae, so it's not serious and can be corrected with physio and massage. The exercise you suggested above I will definitely do, but might wait until next week! If I try to do it now, I might not be able to get up ... which might be a rather funny position to be in when my partner gets home hahahahaha

    I do have sea salt baths, though not often enough I'd say. I usually put some Radox in there, a cup of sea salt and a cup of eposom salts as well as a few drops of an essential oil mix, but would probably have these only about once a week or fortnight. However, I have two showers a day, morning and night and swear by them for washing off everything that makes a person feel dragged down and negative.

    AGain, I thank you for all this information. It is not in gobbledy-gook like some info you can get off the net or asking you to go out and try and identify strange plants for herbal remedies growing in the middle of a burr-infested paddock which can be very offputting!

    Yes, I think a lot of this will be of definite help to me so long as I discipline myself to do it 🙂 I will try this white-light method before I get up in the morning, though it may be challenging when I've got a 5am start. Still .. any time is better than not at all!

    But I do have one question that I was going to post up to anyone generally (as I usually do, so I don't overload you): My partner has chosen to sleep in my daughter's room mostly, and that has been going on for the last two weeks (I mentioned this earlier). It doesn't bother me all that much as I'm finding having the bed to myself pretty darned nice, but a part of me worries that he's withdrawing from me or something similar. Yet, we connect well in the mornings and still have our long chats at night. But he doesn't seem to want any physical contact other than a kiss goodbye, hello or goodnight. Again, I'm not overly worried about it, just a wee bit curious ...

    Anyway, must get ready to go and get my hep B shot ... the joys of working in the health industry!!

    Thanks so much again, for all your insights



  • Is your partner working too hard? He feels very tired and run down to me. He should make sure he is getting enough vitamins, rest, and good food for his health needs.

    By the way, what part of Oz do you live in? I have recently moved up from Sydney NSW to Toowoomba, Queensland.

  • I didn't know you were an Aussie! Wow!! I originally came from Sydney, and Rodney has lived some time in Bundaberg in the past. I am in Grenfell, which is in the NSW Central West, about 2 hours past Bathurst.

    And yes, he is very tired and run down. Our combined snoring does not make for a good night's rest for either of us, so we've decided to sleep apart in order to get restorative sleep, but the negative nellie in me keeps worrying that little bit. Old habits are hard to break!

    Thanks very much, again, for this.

    But you're almost a n-n-n-neighbour!! Am so excited about that! How long have you been in Toowoomba?

    I love the parts of Queensland I've seen; Maroochydore, Brisbane, Surfers, Tweed heads, etc. Very beautiful place and maybe we might migrate up that way one day. Although we're both fascinated with Broome and want to do a trip there to see if that's going to end up our patch of paradise. But for now, we both love it here. I live on a farm and the peace is exquisite; nothing but birdsong of a morning and the sound of sheep and lambs. Very lovely place it is and very lucky was I that the Higher Ups dragged me out here because on first viewing, I had no interest in living in such a isolated place!

    Gee, still so excited that you are in my part of the world! Yay!!

  • Well negative nellie has proved right, yet again. He wants a break. For how long I don't know, but I won't stop him. This is the third time this has come up and I'm a bit over the whole thing really. He says he loves me, but wants to get away from me and us. Well, that's okay. I'll let him go. But I reckon he won't come back and that's that. Ah gee, life can deal it out sometimes, can't it? To be honest, I reckon this'll finish me with love. I'm done. I can't give anymore to another human being.

  • Toowomba is actually my hometown to which i recently returned after 30 years of being away in Oz and overseas.

    Moon, you do realize that your partner leaving is to do with him and his own personal issues, and not because of you?

  • Well, welcome home! I hope you find your true place, though I don't think there's much doubt about that. I can see another move though, and maybe a little further up QLD coast 🙂

    He did say he was confused and needed to sort his head out, though in truth, I'm confused myself. Rather than be confused TOGETHER, however, I guess it probably is best we be confused on our own which is what he wants. But I will sorely miss him ... this just feels wrong somehow, but then, I've been awake since 2.30am and feeling pretty darned raw!

  • I would love to have my own place in Noosa! And that IS up the coast.

    And I am enjoying the Stephen King book.

    Boo to this guy of yours if he can't see what a good thing he had!

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