• Hi all,

    I am very surely getting so sick of the stress, understaffing and other bureaucratic bungling which is negatively affecting my job that I don't know how much longer I can stick it out. I need money to pay the bills - like most of us - but I've been laid up with back trouble after struggling in last week with another injury, and unbelievably was asked this afternoon if I could work tomorrow when I can hardly walk as it is and they know that! Understandably, I feel very tempted to quit, knowing I can't do that in practical terms but I am so fed up with the unrelenting stress at work, and the invasion on my privacy with these annoying phone calls when I'm trying to recover from an injury, AND after giving my pound of flesh dragging myself in last week with yet another injury.

    Will this situation at work ever settle down or is there another work opportunity for me in my small town that I don't know about or haven't thought of? It's really having a negative effect on me, so much so that, as said, I'm very tempted to quit but feel trapped because of limited work opportunities here.

    Oh, and no prizes for anyone who has guessed I work in the health industry in Australia! How they expect us domestics, and nurses, to work under this pressure is beyond my comprehension, and it just keeps getting worse.

    Thanks for any insights you may have! I can tell you, my teeth are gritted and I am feeling at the end of my tether ...



  • Do you bake? Because in answer to this question, I see you stirring a bowl, being covered in flour, and looking very relaxed and happy.

  • I used to bake years ago. I do cook in my job, but don't really enjoy it; I find it stressful trying to feed 34 residents and get it right.

    I find it weird that you see me baking though! Funny enough, here and there I've made soups, etc, and enjoyed doing it, but for a job? Ah well ... stranger things have happened!

  • I very much had the feeling you were working for yourself.

  • That is something I would dearly love to do, but for the time being, I've needed the security of a regular income. I am now though, as said above, at the end of my tether working under the conditions we're expected to and have to remind myself daily how lucky I am to have a job and that it is well paid compared to others. However, if you have any other thoughts about my future working life, please pass them on. I'm open to all possibilities 🙂

    Thanks again!

    I could be the next Swedish Chef ... BORT BORT BORT!!!

  • Maybe you could start small, selling cakes or cookies at your local weekend markets or whatever, just to test the market as it were? I know cupcakes are doing a roaring trade at the moment. Maybe you could sell mooncakes... 🙂

  • hahaha! mooncakes ... well, yeah, why not?? Moonpies, mooncakes, mooncrepes ... the possibilities are endless. I could not only be the new Swedish Chef (which I'm known for at work) but could also be Bubba ... shrimp/moon chowder, shrimp/moon stew, garlic shrimp/moon, etc, etc, ...

    Ah who'm I kidding? Cooking has never really been a forte with me; I was chief cook all the years of my marriage regardless of what hours I worked, so got sick of it as you'd understand (plus ended up being bottle washer 99% of the time). Still, sometimes we can't see ourselves doing a particular thing and end up doing it and enjoying it, so who knows?

    Time will tell, no doubt 🙂

  • You would have to find some form of cooking you loved though, instead of just feeling you have to do it. I mean, look at the success of the Four Ingredients ladies - their simple cooking recipes have created an empire for them. Ideas don't have to be complicated, simple and time-saving works wonderfully.

  • May I ask what would be your dream career?

  • Psychology.

  • And you would be good at it. I believe there are several years of study and training involved. But no one is too old to pass on help and wisdom to others - in fact, age and experience are vital factors in gaining and sharing wisdom.

  • I have enquired about a distance-ed psychology course (I'm not near any TAFE or Uni that I can travel easily to) so need to figure out if I can afford it and go from there. I did start a counselling course a few years ago, but only got as far as Statement of Attainment and had to let it go due to lack of funds. But I'm feeling the time is right for me to pick it up again, so who knows? But I do love counselling people, both spiritually and emotionally and get a real high when I help someone effectively.

    Just as an aside: do you see me going into practice with this at all? Just a question ...

    And please, why on earth do i constantly keep getting accountancy or finances/banking when I'm talking with you?

  • You know, Lifeline will train you to be a phone counsellor for them.

    I feel you are already a gifted 'amateur' counsellor so maybe you should go all the way to professional. Healing is strong in you so you should use it both for yourself and for others. Sometimes it is through hearing and dealing with other people's problems that we get knowledge and perspective of our own. Lord knows, this is the time and there is a great need for healers.

    But maybe the 'cooking' vision I had was about you doling out advice to family and friends on a home-spun basis? Professionally or not, we can all help each other. At this point I don't get anything one way or the other regarding you and studying psychology.

    As for me, I am no whiz at math and have no head for figures, being extremely right-brained, so accountancy or banking (though always recommended as appropriate Taurus careers) is perhaps what I need others to do for me. 🙂 Especially since I took early retirement and must live on my savings. I tend to have no financial plans other than letting spirit take care of me.

  • Well, weirdly even after you saying this, I still get accountancy very strong in you. Perhaps you have/had a family member who worked in accounting?

    Early retirement sounds like a plan ... sigh 🙂

    Lifeline sounds like a distinct possibility! I thought you'd have to be a trained counsellor to do that, but if they train you, well ... could be a goer for me. I feel I'd like to study it for the simple fact of studying psychology as I love the human mind. I'm glued to Criminal Minds every week as I love seeing how they profile killers and delve into the depths of their minds. I realise it's TV, but rejoice in their successes every time I watch the show, irrespective of how disturbing some episodes of it can be! Have even got my partner hooked on it 🙂

    Whichever way I go, I think I'll be happy if I can help people see things from a different perspective and point them in the right direction. I don't believe in saving people, but sure do believe in leading dem horses to water ...

    HOWEVER, money is strong in you to this old soul. Are you worried about your financial situation - maybe that's what it is? It's none of my business, but those dollar signs loom above your head. I keep getting the feeling that you are much, much better with figures than you think.

    ... a large amount of money could be on the cards for you too ... investments ... shares ...

    ah don't mind me! just going with the flow here, but that's what I get 🙂

    I'll stop now!!

    Thanks again Cap'n


  • I love Criminal Minds too, but I also see the disstress of looking deep into the sick and depraved minds of killers that is protrayed by the actors of their characters. I'm sure this is very true in real life. As a Cancer, you would doubly feel the pain of the victims too.

    Oh, no accountants in the family, not even the in-laws. But a large amount of money incoming would be nice - I'd love to build and have my own little cottage on a beach somewhere. That's all I ask, plus a soulmate to share it. 🙂

  • Yes, especially when it's someone's child; that kills me 😞

    Well, I can't explain why this financial aura surrounds you so much, except to say that maybe you could be the lucky recipient of the big red ball one day! But I think it's got a lot to do with you having more faith in your ability with money because you could be very successful with shares and the stock market, believe it or not.

    And there is a soulmate coming ... but you need to allow him in.

    Interestingly, I do see a lovely little house, surrounded by flowers with a mountain backdrop. Can't see beach, but can see/feel water somewhere near, like a lake or similar. I feel you may have to travel quite a way for this house; further than you anticipate. I also see you painting or ... no, taking photos.

    PS: Did you receive criticism in some earlier part of your life for your psychic abilities? That popped up too as I was writing ...

    And I bet very little of this made sense to you! But then again, when a reader told me she could see a son for me way back in 2004 I poo-pooed her. Pete has been in my life now for 8 years, so how weird is that?




  • Hmm, never thought about investing in shares or the stockmarket - I tend to avoid the business and commercial worlds if I can. Too stressful and cut-throat...I do wonder if I should take up writing again. I would still like to publish more than just a few short stories.

    No one in my family believes in anything psychic or supernatural - they see it as evil, an illusion, or just plain nutty. My abilities were never recognized or encouraged when I was young. The family erred on the side of organized religion while I myself broke from the Church early and made my connection to the Universe private and personal. Psychic ability and the paranormal were just something I came to as I grew older.

    Gosh, I hope that vision of the house and soulmate comes true - I have worked hard to be open to meet this man. It sounds like he may come from overseas since the surroundings (mountains) seem different to where I am at the moment.

    So it does all make sense to me!

    But hey, I thought this thread was supposed to be about helping you with your career direction? 🙂

    Maybe you can be the motherly psychologist who doles out advice and sympathy along with mooncakes in her kitchen?

  • Why not then??? Often, when you help out others, you help yourself anyway, but I'm at a loss as to what should be INTO a mooncake hahahaha.

    Your last response had me going "gee" because you sound on a similar path to me really. I came from a family who didn't believe in the spiritual or psychic realm, but were very religious, though it was the bigotry and hypocrisy I saw in the Church itself that caused me to remove myself from it when I was 15 and never set foot in one again unless I couldn't avoid it. I call myself "irreligious" meaning that I definitely believe in God/Spirit, but not religion.

    I also forgot to mention that I do have aspirations to write, just like you. I've written hundreds of poems, short stories, etc, but nothing published so far. I also edited a poetry corner on an ezine, edited and critiqued poems, short stories, book chapters, etc on another online writing Site and gained a publishing quality seal through my efforts on there.

    Lately though, it seems the writing has gone on the backburner, but it still burns within me to do it.

    While this thread may be about ME and MY career goal, I am also quite happy to tell you what I see for you!

    So is photography something you have done or thought about? I can see you doing it.

    As an aside, the location I currently live in has a mountain backdrop and a dam over the way a bit. As I was describing the location I saw for you, it struck me (again) how similar our paths seem to be.

    Ah life's a funny journey ain't it? Strange days indeed ... most peculiar mama WHOA!




  • Moon, I was doing something else when you come to my mind in a vision. You were standing at the junction of two roads leading in opposite directions. I felt that one road would take you down a very social path with lots of people and busy-ness in your life, and the other would be one of solitude, contemplation, more personal development and growth, and more peace. I feel this is where you stand at present and have to make the choice to go in two very different directions. They are so different that you hesitate in case you choose the wrong one. Neither however is wrong - each will simply bring you different results. It's up to you to choose either the quieter, more peaceful (but perhaps lonelier) road or the busier one, full of noise, chaos, and people's problems but maybe with more career and romantic satisfaction. You have to decide which path suits your needs the most because I don't feel there is a middle path for you. You will either choose to concentrate more on your own development and growth or choose to help others with theirs. I feel that you cannot divide your energies between both roads successfully.

  • Found on Wikipedia - Most mooncakes consist of a thin, tender skin enveloping a sweet, dense filling, and may contain one or more whole salted egg yolks in their center to symbolize the full moon. Very rarely, mooncakes are also served steamed or fried. Traditional mooncakes have an imprint on top consisting of the Chinese characters for "longevity" or "harmony".

    Maybe you can do an Aussie version? There are plenty of recipes on the net. 🙂

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