What are people's favorite decks and why?

  • Just curious, how many people here have looked through the decks on this site? I just looked through, and that's a much wider variety of decks than I ever knew existed! So I have a question for everyone: What is your favorite deck and why?

    I have the Rider-Waite just because I've had it for a while, I must have bought it in a store at some point but don't remember. I used to have (still have but don't use) the "Albano-Waite" deck which is essentially the same but I kind of liked it because the cards were a mini size—about half the size of a "standard" deck. I stopped using it though because one of the cards blew away when I was using them outside and was never found. I tried to make a replacement by scanning and printing on heavy stock, but it's just not the same so I feel like I shouldn't use those anymore.

  • The deck I use for tarot is the Shadowscapes deck; it's essentially the same as Rider-Waite, but with incredibly beautiful drawings. And it was easily available at my nearest Chapters and came with a definition book, which was fantastic for when I was just starting to read with them. You can check it out here: http://www.shadowscapes.com/Tarot/cardsmain.php?suit=0

    The deck I use for my playing card/cartomancy readings right now is the Wizard deck; it's made for a specialized version of Euchre for up to 8 players, with the inclusion of 4 jesters and 4 wizards. I modified my system to allow for my religious beliefs; a Wizard to me represents God intervening in a good way in your life, or a good twist of fate; a Jester is a turn of poor luck or things not turning out the way you've planned (while still influenced by God, still fated). I used to use a silly Pirates of the Carribbean deck I got in Disney for it (the nice thing about playing card cartomancy is that you can use any cheap deck to read), but I lost a card or two and decided to switch to my Wizard deck instead.

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