• Oh dear ... I don't know which way to aim!!! Left? Right? Middle? Goodness woman, you've posed a difficult one here hahahahaha

  • Straight up ^^^^^^^^^^^^^

    "To infinity and beyond." - Buzz Lightyear

  • ah Buzz ... now there's a Superhero if I've ever seen one!

    I'm not sure what to aim FOR really ... hence my "direction" problem 🙂

  • What are your big, seemingly impossible dreams? You know, the ones you would go for if you were richer, younger, slimmer, prettier, tougher, cleverer, more experienced, etc. (all the usual bull dust we use to postpone happiness)...

  • I'd like to buy this house I live in, fix it up, extend it, turn it into a retreat, run a spiritual counselling practice here, go back into Alpaca breeding and write my book ...

  • That all sounds possible. Start with small steps so it is not overwhelming...like making your house as spiritual as it can be with plants, crystals, running or blessed water, sage burning or salt cleansing (chasing away negativity and refreshing the home's aura), then visualize a bright light or loving energy filling the space. Maybe you can conduct small weekend retreats with counselling? With a small fee, so as to put towards the buying and fixing up?

  • That could be achieved. This could also be why my hours at work have been reduced recently (not due to me, but due to staffing levels and my back). Though trust me, I sure have given my pound of flesh, working 10 days or more in a row sometimes, until about the last twelve months. But it was worth it ...

  • Maybe your back was trying to give you more time to do what you really want to do?

  • Well Captain, it hasn't only been my back, it's been the way the roster has rolled as well in recent months. We got some more staff and shifts have been shared around a bit more evenly, so was wondering about that.

    The worry I have though, is with reduced shifts, that means reduced money. My partner has been helping me pay my loan down, but of course, if he does choose to leave, well I'm back on my own doing it; hence the worry. Although, I still pay the bulk of bills, rent here 🙂

    Dunno! But I have been looking at other options which is a good thing. Interestingly, I read my yearly Cancerian forecast and it said that my house was all-important this year, so that explains my absolute NEED to have it right. Which was comforting because I thought I was turning into a real Ms Anal!!!

  • Could it accommodate a few people for a retreat or getaway if it was fixed up? Are the repairs big?

  • Yes it could. The repairs will be big; the foundations are a bit wonky and the house sits in a bit of a "lump" sort of in the main lounge area, ie, the floor slants up in the middle, then down on either side. Rodney has been under there and seen that in places, the stumps don't even meet the floor supports!! It is very old too, though I'm not sure how old. It has also been moved so my owner tells me. There are quite a few things need fixing up, though in musing out loud with Rodney last night, we reckon we could get out of it for between $1 to $200,000. The driveway also needs repair as it's mainly dirt and got lots of potholes in it. It turns into a lake when it rains, and we've been trying to fill holes with loads of granite. If I had the money? I'd probably tar it which'd cost a fortune! Ah well ...

    But of course, the first step is to ask about the possibility of buying the place, though I don't know how much land comes with it. The house yard and paddock would be about 5 acres altogether, but as said, I don't know how much additional land would come with it (I don't know how many deeds are on it) and at 50, I don't want to have to worry about maintaining acres and acres of land 🙂 Still ...

    But it is in a perfect location for a retreat. It's quiet, surrounded by trees and the driveway to it is almost 1km long. It's about 10kms out of town, so it's far enough out to be that bit isolated, but close enough to go and get supplies.

    I can tell you, this place literally DRAGGED me out here when I was looking for somewhere to live when my marriage ended. I was cleaning a friend's place who lives on the way here, and whereby I'd never driven past her place before, I ended up doing exactly that more than once, and would have to turn around in the mouth of the road I now live in! Plus, people at work kept telling me about it, but at first viewing, I said a big NO because it was so secluded and had been let go to rack and ruin outside. However, on viewing it inside, I was sold because the loungeroom was so big, and once the grounds were cut back, mowed and sorted out, the place seemed to breathe a sigh of relief. It now looks a picture compared to what it was three years ago, and I only pay $80 a week to boot.

    I was thinking that to make this place a retreat, I'd build about four cabins (maximum) and have them located a way away from the main house, make them self-contained, etc, and run it as a sort of bed and breakfast arrangement maybe. I have also entertained the idea of it being a place where young people who are troubled could come as an escape, or even a farmstay.

    These are thoughts that I've had about this place, though often I've not given them proper vent due to limiting ideas about what I'm capable of doing truth be told! Like, how do I get the money to buy the place if my owners want to sell, would I have the physical energy to do all that, etc ...

  • And if Rodney will be around to help...?

  • Well, with help I could do it. I asked him how he felt about being part of this grand scheme of mine, and in the midst of his current confusion, he said that he might, but of course not sure at this point in time. It's a bit overwhelming. So we had another wine and talked about lighter things ...

    The other thing - and it's an insight that struck me the other day, is (and I asked him about this) that he might feel a bit frustrated as he now owns the house he shared with his previous partner who died from muscular dystrophy early last year. It's the first house he's owned and I felt he might feel a bit ripped off helping out here when it is a rental, while he has an asset that he's not living in and maintaining. He does have a tenant there, but she's a bit ... er ... ineffective with the gardening and other things! She's a lovely lady, but we're not all good at everything!! He said he does feel some frustration about it, but that "we'll sort it out". I offered to give him a hand with the place when I'm not working weekends if that would help.

    It really is a case of feelign the possibility, visualising it, and not doing it with negative thoughts crowding in or getting overwhelmed at the thought ...

  • Rodney seems to have a lot of unfinished business or 'up in the air' situations to sort out.

    As for manifesting your dreams, try this thread -


  • He does, and I hope he can sort them out, if not for the sake of our relationship, then for himself.

    Thanks for the link!

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