Could some1 do a relationship reading, greatly appreciate it, really need it

  • Me:11/8/81 born in New York 5’7 athletic/slim brown hair (really auburn but I dye it) bangs and long hair. I have green eyes and tan, very well educated, MBA and professional certificates and love to read and animals. Him: 5/31/80 5’9 (says he is 5’10) light hair pale skin light blue eyes, clean shaven, in shape.

    We had a great relationship we met online and we dated for about a year. Things were really good and really serious. I am not one who likes people easily and I never really get into relationships, I hate spending too much time with someone and I get bored easily. He is the first person that I always wanted to talk to and always wanted to be around. At first I had my wall up and he pushed for us to get more and more serious. We would speak literally all day from 730 am till we went to bed and we spent like between 3-6 days a week together. He talked about the future together asked me to move in with him etc.I know he has always shad bad relationships, romantic( he was engaged and he used him and cheated on him), friends( he doesn’t have many and they talk badly about him and he use to get beat up a lot) and his family( mom lied to him about his real father and his step father beat him, his brother won’t talk to him but the ex fiancé he will and his cousin stills from him). He would always want to see me, inviting me to family holidays, he is the first guy I ever took to my family holidays etc. Even though he would tell me how much I meant to him and how amazing I was he would never Say “I love you” he would always say I in a roundabout way. Finally after about 11 months we got into a big fight I broke up with him and I was ok with it, the next day he called me telling me he was sick bout it and he knew he took me for granted and how he doesn’t want to lose me, we got back together that day and that weekend he told me he was in love with me, four days later he broke up with me. I never have been connected to someone like this or had these feelings, I do truly believe he loves me (I never believed a guy before but I do with him, just feel he is scared and confused). A few days after the break up His “best friend asked me to meet her and she spoke so poorly of him and basically said she didn’t even like him as a friends and that he was seeing things and getting drunk every night and he would talk about me and say how much he missed me but she didn’t think he wanted to get back with me. Instead of being angry with him for hurting me my heart broke because I realized how alone he really is and how much he needs someone. I care about him unconditionally and I reached out. He said he would meet me; I just wanted to let him know that he had someone that truly cared about him. The day were suppose to meet he canceled on me( I think because when we broke up it was over the phone and he knew if he saw me we wouldn’t be broken up, also I am the only person who will tell him when he is being irrational about things in his life). I felt really disrespected at the moment and we got into an argument and we both said some pretty mean things. I have never been that childish or cared about someone so unconditionally. I feel horrible about how we left off and I want to apologize. Many psychics have told me .he is the "one" or that he is my soul mate and this is a challenge for us to overcome because he is scared, damaged and there is negativity surrounding us, they all wanted a lot of money to do cleansings and I just wanted to make sure that this is the right thing for me or if I should move on? Should I e-mail him an apology, does he love me or am I just off with my feelings, is he the one for me, should I give up or keep trying? Any reading or advice would be appreciated, usually I would just let go and move on like in the past but for some reason with this guy I can’t, It has been 3 months since the break up and I am still not over it , I think about him every day. Thanks

  • hi jotoole

    you have almost written a book about your relationship and i could write you a lot of things back but i will not.

    the feeling i get from your writing is very confused. i think that you must step back a bit and clear

    your mind and your emotions. your letting yourself be drawn into a whirlwind and someone else's emotions and problems and you are sitting on a swing with someone doing the pushing

    you are focusing on this person so much you are forgetting yourself and you are leaving yourself open for a lot of pain and worry. don't !!!!!! you say you don't make friends easy well you must come out of your shell and meet new people as friends without becoming so involved. i feel you can be very lonely in a room full of people and you are also a dreamer please come into the world of people and reality. this is perhaps not the reading or answer you wanted but

    this is what i feel from reading your message. i hope it will help a little bit.

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