At a loss! Please help.

  • Thank you LOAP! Please take all the time you need. No rush! Just being confused a bit lately as to whether to move on or stay put and let things be. I am not much of an outgoing person, like outings, etc. So I wonder if I will ever meet someone that I will feel about the way I felt about my ex. The love I felt for my ex was beyond words to describe. Still, love wasn't enough nor was everything I gave materially or physically. I really have started to loose a bit of my confidence in the relationship department but again, it takes wonderful people like you to provide some support and understanding on how to deal with my situation. For instance, when you said you do not see us getting back together, as sad as that was, I started to then ask myself, HOW??? I can't really control how and what I felt for my ex! Oh well, I will wait to hear back from you. Thank you soooo much and much love, hugs and kisses to you!

  • Does he even think about me? Does he even wish we could have worked us out? What or how does he feel now that we have been separated for over 10 months? Oh well!

  • Rosie

    I feel its best to give you a clear reading sometimes my energy gets scattered and i was getting mixed vibes . Can you tell me does he wear a blue uniform for work ? I see a man dressed in all blue he is wearing a cap that is blue as well , he has a tag around his neck and he is carrying a clipboard? He is a very handsome man that i am seeing . Can you relate to this ? Sometimes i have visions and i am seeing him everytime i click on this thread .

  • Rosie,

    I know this thread has gone over to Livingona Prayer, but I had to put my (further) two cents' worth in:

    He blames you; it's that simple. He's crawled off like a hurt little boy and you're to blame in his book. It's time you let go, for your own sake, and let him make what he can of his life. He's blameless; just ask him 🙂 It always takes two, and I feel that even though here and there you ignored a few signs this marriage was foundering, he threw his hands up and went without trying to get through to you properly. he wants his cake and eat it too. You deserve much better than that; it's time you realised that.

    I wish I could see that there was hope for you two getting back together, but I honestly can't. Maybe LOP can see hope where I can't. But even if there was a chance of that happening, you firstly need to let the situation go. As the old saying goes: Let Go and Let God. You can't control this, and he's been trying to do what he can to almost ruin you. This can't continue.

    Please, please find some confidence in yourself and self-love to let this go and be what it has to be. Your chapter is now; it no longer is part of his.

    I'm sorry if I sound harsh, but ... I can't stand seeing someone deserving of so much good holding on to someone who has left them out in the cold.

    You need nurturing and warmth, not distance and coldness. Please give yourself a chance to find that in yourself, and then, someone else deserving of you.

    Good luck! Sorry for butting in too, by the way 🙂



  • LOAP, in my eyes, he certainly is handsome. In my eyes, he is the most handsome man and one I love very very much. He works in the oil field and I believe, drives a truck. This is after he left me and moved away. Whether he wears a uniform or not, i do not know but it is very likely that he does in his line of work. LOAP, you are my hope now...hope in that I may find some closure in this that will allow me to move on and stop thinking about the "us" we used to be. LOAP, I was soooo loving to this man, I gave my all to him. I am soo confused that he has left and pretends like we never existed. No communication whatsoever!

    Moon50, you are not butting in! 🙂 You are not being harsh. You are just helping come to terms with reality and I appreciate you very much.

    Can't wait to see what LOAP sees on this. I love LOAP and I am soooo fortunate to have found her.

    Love, hugs and kisses to both of you!

  • Rosie i am seing him working i feel he works alot and this is not through cards this is the vision i am seeing i feel he is going to start or expand upoin a buisness , I am being shown through visions that his work is so important to him . I am als feeling a reference to Brad Pitt like alot of people compared hm to this because he is so handsome does this make sense? from what i am seeing he is so much better looking than Brad but i feel he was often teased about his looks and he is more than just a pretty face anyway i hope you can relate I have done 3 cards they are

    7 of wands

    8 of cups

    10 of pentacles

    I am sorry Rosie i honestly feel he is so focused on his work right now that it is his life . I feel he will contact you soon i dont want to sound harsh try not to get your hopes up (8 of wands ) i feel he wants to settle things like who should get what and he wants you to sign over something i feel it could be to do with his work . ( 10 penatacles) but i feel he honestly wants to move on with his life ( 8ofcups) what i am picking up on in these cards i feel he is not thinking about anything but work at the moment , sorry i dont see a reconciliation anytime soon but the tarot is not set in stone.

    Love and Hugs Loap:)

  • Thank you LOAP, as always, you are very kind and helpful. He is handsome in my eyes because I truly love him. My friends tell me, they don't see what I see in him. So his looks are okay but not so over the top as you are stating. He is a black man with an average body (medium built), and has a big scar on his forehead from an injury he sustained when he was a little boy. Perhaps where he is now is a place so remote, that the people there see him as something. He said they look at him and say wow, you come from a major city in the U.S.! Wow, you are 6 ft. tall when all the men around here are short. So yes, you may be right that the people over there see him as something new in their city (a very small and according to him, un-civilised city that doesn't even have a downtown!)

    Over here, in our big major city, I don't see people looking twice at him.

    Also, he and I really have nothing to settle. He took all he needed that was rightfully his. I do not see anything else he could possibly want to settle with me.

    So we shall see what happens! I will be sure to keep you posted.

    Lots of love,


  • Hi Rosie

    This is not the same man i am seeing, he is tall caucasion and wearing all blue i feel he is not in spirit he is coming into your life but i am being shown him at work i am sorry i wish i could say for sure who he is i am still seeing him . I feel he is unloading goods off trucks he is dressed in all blue you will know him when you see him. . Do you work in a shop by any chance as i feel he does . Im sorry to sound so vague about all this . he has a tag hanging around his neck and is carrying a clipboard .

    Love and hugs Loap:)

  • Dear LOAP, no, I do not work at a shop and no, I do not know a caucasian who wears blue and who may at work, unload goods. I feel the vision you are seeing is completely not related to me. You might be experiencing a mix somewhere. But my ex is gone and all communication has now stopped. I know it is over for sure and I cannot, for the life of me, imagine a day where he will reappear.

    I still thank you for your time and for all you have done to help me. Again, thank you for being awesome!

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