Hi Astra!

  • Hi Astra,

    I just found out today that there's a new job opening at my current job and I'm interested to apply... Will I get this job if I do? Appreciate your insight into this.

    Thanks and hope you didn't get affected with the recent Sandy hurricane.

    Love and light,


  • Hi Arieslass

    I drew the 4 of Wands right off the bat! That is VERY positive card to see I would say GO FOR IT and expect victory!

    5 of swords and page of pentacles shows some adjusting in your thinking (you deserve this just as much as anyone) and the page pentacles does show you taking the step. yay I think it is a win for you!

  • Thanks, Astra for the positive reading regarding my job prospect. I will definitely go for it. I shall keep you posted how it turns out.

    Can I ask you to do reading for me and the gem guy where we stand and heading? I can't seem to get over him. He recently asked me if I miss him and of course I said I do, but he never said that he does feel the same way. I asked him how he is doing in email, but he just said ok. I wanted him to tell me what's going on with his life, but he won't say much. It sounded like he wants me to reach out more to him, but then he wouldn't want to see me. I don't understand. Is there a possibility that I see him this year? Is he still dealing pain over me? I really want to mend it, but can't seem to get the chance.

  • Hey, just looking at you and your Gemini guy...

    There is a lot of sword - wand stuff going on right now. Which means thinking and pondering and choosing which ways to go. The resurrection card started it off so that is very deep sort of deliberate analysis, pondering is what I get. So your gem could be spending some time just basically thinking a lot about you and yet not really in a position to act (pentacles).

    After all of this there is an emotional breakthrough of sorts, 4 of cups so something materializes emotionally, stable, and sound... may not be exactly the love boat but its a start.

    Then we see a knight of pentacles so he shifts gears to more observable modes, and then something clicks in the path (9 wands) and that sets off some fireworks, the Devil and the 2 of cups, then strength which is instincts. So something happens here. I am not sure what, I think its love or something close anyway! The Devil is "ayin" or the things we see, so after that 9 wand discovery he sees something new about you, and then it seems to be nice.

    Then everything ends on a 2 wand which is like the path is now affirmed, validated, path companionship.

    When will all of this happen? I reshuffled all the cards and then chose 6 cards to represent now through January. (like 2 week intervals)

    So November 7 of pentacles and Hermit, ugh doesn't look like it although the Hermit does tap into higher love principles so that is good... Then in December I do think nice things happen because we see the 9 wands show up middle to late Dec! That card we saw earlier as sort of the "tipping point" when things are turning around for you two. It is preceded by Queen Wands so that seems to be your presence for him, could be more in his own thoughts and imagination though...

    Then Jan continues the whole wand thing with a 4 wand and the 7 wands, so that seems to say whatever is solidly in motion in path in Dec continues right on into the new year!

    So... to kinda sum it up... Expect things to be quiet the rest of this month and into December. I think as you get into Dec there will be more messages and some communication and then something breaks mid month or right around Christmas. I see Christmas being especially nice for you this year. 🙂

    He must be dealing with some pain the resurrection card is deep, hashing through something that is painful, from the past probably and as that pain works its way out it liberates you, and you are at last free of whatever it was. and I think that is important preparation for a nice love relationship.

    So, I hope that is encouraging. Blessings!


  • Hi Astra,

    I've been really wanting to reach out to him, but I just feel that he won't be ready or maybe it isn't really the time yet so I'm just waiting until he does. I kinda regret what I told him in email where I accused him of not wanting to see me at all since I've been back. Doesn't he want to see me at all? From your reading, it sounds like we won't be seeing each other at all this year :(. I'm hoping that will change. I really want to settle any issues I have with him before the new year starts and possible start over with him if it is possible.

    Can I ask if he ever like or still likes my friend that he saw a couple of times before? Do you see him reconnecting with her in the future? I'm asking because I told him my friend asked me about him and told him that. So, his sporadic communication with me has nothing to do with him seeing someone else? I have no idea what he is up to these days as I feel I can't ask him those questions right now. Also, you don't think/ feel that we are not really over for good?

    I can't wait for Christmas-- one of my favorite holidays aside from thanksgiving. Any plans at all for Thanksgiving, Astra?

    Thanks again for the reading.. really appreciate it.

    Many blessings,


  • I thought the reading intimated that you would connect with him in mid December or thereabouts.

    What caused you to conclude "it sounds like we won't be seeing each other at all this year "


  • I must have misunderstood your reading..when you said all messages and communication around in December, I was just thinking only via email or phone, not any personal one on one contact.. The connection that I was pertaining to was actually seeing him in person. Sorry I didn't undersand fully what you meant..

  • Yes I had the sense form the reading that it would be more than just a txt or something. I will be wishing for you that it will be a wonderful development for you and you get back together!

    Wish wish wish arieslass... tell him you want to see him (in your prayers 🙂

  • thanks, astra!. I just read your reading again.. when we connect sometime in December, do you see us being in a committed relationship? does he still want that? I'm not sure how he feels towards me now that we haven't been in touch for awhile. I'm not sure if he still feels the same way as before.. or maybe he would just want to settle any unresolved issues between us and move on..

  • Okay I can look at this... I drew 3 cards to address your two questions, and that last part also where you are wondering about his feelings.

    1. Do you see us being in a committed relationship? The Moon. I always see the Moon as mystery and the night and sometimes some real emotional intensity. Sounds more like emotional concerns are opened out and discussed so you can both find a new connection that is more real and straightforward as opposed to the murkiness of the Moon. Clarity is what I get.

    2. As to whether he still wants a committed relationship? The 5 of Pentacles, that is not a card of affirmation, 5's are changes and I tend to feel a no from them or it is not wanting to be answered is probably more like it.

    The general feeling I get is that first you two must open out something from your past, that was not addressed, and attain some connection around truth and honesty and being straight with one another, then perhaps commitment can come later. for now the Tarot doesn't want to talk about commitment in this matter.

    3. "... if he still feels the same way as before. or maybe he would just want to settle any unresolved issues between us and move on."

    10 of Wands, this is repeating what was just said. The 10's are sorta fulfilling one sequence (your prior mode of relationship) and wanting to start something brand new that is founded on openness and communication and transparency. Doesn't that sound nice?

    I get really good vibes about you two though! It sounds like there is a matter from your past that you have to address first (like you two never really got connected around being free and easy with each other). Once that happens (and I think this is what the Dec event is about) then you can begin to pursue deeper connections in love, however that is not coming through the reading right now. First comes truth, then comes the possibility of the deeper. I hope that helps!

  • Hi Astra,

    I just want to wish you a blessed and happy thanksgiving to you and your family!

    Thank you for all the readings and insights you've done for me this year. They have always been an encouragement and a great comfort to me (esp. at times when things don't make sense at all). Most of the readings you've done has manifested in some ways and true to a certain extent.

    Thanks so much again Astra!

    blessings and love,


  • Hi Astra,

    How are you? Hope you'll be back more here in the forum. Could I ask your email? I would like to ask you for a reading, but would prefer to take it off the forum. Thanks.


  • Hi arieslass

    Sure thing, you can reach me at mspmail2 at gmail dot com if you like

    Hope all is well with you...



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