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    (this transmission is meant for wide distribution — please share it freely, send it to as many people as you can)

    JKM 08-18-12 Deflection of Solar Impact in the Co-Creation of the Earth Elementals, the Apu Spirits of Mountains and the Dolphin Harmonics, “Weh ya weh ah hey”

    Judith in New Mexico, Sean in BC, 2:00 a.m. Mountain Time

    Today is the 18th of August, 2012, and I was awakened with the knowing that – okay, I have been awakened by the earth devas, the elementals and the star beings. What I saw when I first woke up was the solar impact of the 6 million-mile-across solar explosion that I know of from the – that NASA has announced.

    I hear that we need to set up a deflector system for the earth, that there are many star ships, star beings, mother ships in place, the Arcturians and the Galactic Councils of Light are in place to protect the earth from the full impact when this solar propensity enters our field. The full impact of it won’t come and affect the earth yet – it’s going to come in waves. I would say that one of the biggest waves is going to be in September. There are waves from this solar implosion. This is the first wave, and it’s the least powerful, but it’s extremely intense and could affect the – it could cause the earth to wobble on her orbital plane.

    We open now to the universal wisdom and the devic realm and to the earth elementals and to the people of Telos. I’m being instructed to connect to the crystal grid of the planet and to the inner earth beings and to the inner earth. I can really feel this on my heart. Now from the inner earth, connect to the mountains, the sacred mountains on the planet, and connect consciously to the crystal bowl around the portal up by Golden, BC and Telos in the region around Banff and Golden, and that crystal system that was activated through the Telos portal in Golden that connects the sacred mountains to the Telos portals and the crystal grid on the planet.

    Now connect to all of the sacred mountains that contain granite and crystalline structure, for example, the Sangre de Cristo mountains here above where I live have selenite crystals and rose quartz crystals, and all of the sacred mountains on the earth have a crystalline structure. So from the crystal bowl that was introduced at the Telos portal in Golden, connect it through the crystalline grid to the crystalline structure of the planets’ sacred mountains.

    They are drawing Schiehallion into my mind and of course Fuji and Kilimanjaro, Mt. Blanc, all of them, Mt. Evans, the mountains from Nepal, especially the Siberian mountains, the Swiss Alps, the mountain in the Andes, the mountains in New Zealand, Japan, China, the Pyrenees, and all of the major mountain ranges on the planet. Connect to the mother mountains, the great sacred mountains, like Schiehallion, and to the crystalline structure within those mountains, and the crystal grid of the planet. And from the inner earth and from the star beings through the dolphin language, okay, connect to the high vibration of the energy of the dolphin language.

    I did a session for a lady named Carolyn in Ontario, and it was a pineal gland activation to the dolphin language in the highest frequency. We did pineal gland activations yesterday in the highest frequency of the dolphin harmonics. This is an inaudible language, it’s a nonlinear language. But it’s only through the whales and the dolphins that the vibration can be communicated with the star beings and the earth elementals in the inner cities of light to set up the harmonic resonance in this crystal grid on the planet to absorb the solar resonance and to project energy from the crystals through the absorption of the solar resonance.

    Once that solar resonance is absorbed, visualize those crystals and the crystal grid and the crystalline structure within the great sacred mountains of the earth. Of course I haven’t named them all. There are mountains in Bosnia. This is all inclusive. There is no great mountain on the planet that is not included in this. Now image each of those mountains, and speak to the Apu spirits of those mountains. Call the Apu spirits of those mountains to cooperate with the inner cities of light, and with the star beings through the crystal grid of the planet to project energy through receiving, from the crystals, the dolphin frequencies.

    Now I’m going to begin relaying from the dolphin beings, the creator beings, the dolphin beings. These dolphin beings came from the high Sirian planes, and they come to the water planets in the early formation of mass and matter and bring in the golden blueprints. They actually cooperate with the co-creation of Creator to manifest form – and in this sense, they are working with us now to send out the dolphin and the whale vibration, but particularly the dolphin. And remember, all dolphins are whales but not all whales are dolphins.

    Image the pineal gland, and now receive the water harmonics which is the sound that you can hear when you are inside. When you really are connected to the great waters, there is a sound. They are telling us there is a sound that water makes – it’s called the harmonics of water. The dolphin beings are translating that into a frequency. And now through a unified field we are sending forth that frequency from the crystalline structures of the great mountains of the earth.

    Oh, that’s why I have been instructed to leave, and go up into the Colorado Rockies up by Creston. It’s because, that way, I can connect to the crystalline grid of the mountains more powerfully to send this dolphin vibration out into our atmosphere.

    Image now that all of these mountains are receiving the dolphin vibration, and that our pineal glands are the high sensory organs for emanating these frequencies out into our ionosphere, our atmosphere. Connect now to the orbital plane. I see a shield of crystalline energy form itself around the earth like a mist, generated from each of these power centers of the great sacred mountains. And I’m physically seeing in my vision, this communication of the high dolphin frequencies, and that the crystals and the mountains are picking it up.

    Now allow all the crystals, connect to the crystalline structure of the mountains as harmonic generators for the dolphin frequencies. Oh, okay, I got the connection.

    (Judith toning.) As they send forth those harmonics from each of the crystalline structures of the mountains, see it forming a sheath of light around the earth. See it connecting now because the Sirians have the formula for this deflection system, and they are being supported through the Galactic Councils of Light through star beings telepathically, utilizing the unified field now to generate the thought form of the living hologram of earth sustaining the impact of the solar power.

    Now allow ourselves to connect through time and space. This is exactly like those of us who have experienced auto accidents that the time is altered and we are taken in a time beyond time/space and we don’t experience the accident, and many of us have had that experience. I had it with Star in California, where we’ll move just beyond that place of the impact. Now see the earth being moved just beyond the place of the impact, and set up the harmonic resonance grid to deflect the waves as they come — and this is the first early wave. I could feel that in my pineal gland.

    Now connect to the consciousness of water on the molecular level and see each water molecule being like a mirror that first absorbs the usual solar frequency and then deflects the solar resonance that is too intense for the earth’s ecosystem. And send that dolphin frequency into the water element. First we’re sending it into the crystal element, now we’re sending it to the water element.

    Using the dolphin frequencies, connect the dolphin frequencies. This communication is facilitated or assisted by the masters of the universe that it can enter the Omni mind so that it doesn’t have to be communicated to all of the light workers on the planet. It’s received through supra-consciousness and the power of knowing. Those people on the planet who are working with the earth right now to assist her through this transition will sense and feel. Even if they’re not directly understanding all this information, they will feel and sense a connection to the dolphin frequencies and connect, the powers and connection.

    Now the third place is, go to the magma of the planet now and communicate to the fire devas, the elementals of the magma of the planet, and ask them to receive the crystalline vibration as the mountain devas will send them inward; they will send the harmonics that they are receiving from the dolphins into the magma.

    So first we are seeing it projected out through the crystal grid to deflect, and I’m getting ringing in my ears. Then we visualize the water element as a mirror. And now we are seeing those same crystals in the great mountain structures, in the crystalline mountain structures of the planet through the mountain devas, projecting this whale harmonic, dolphin harmonic, into the magma to create like an ice sheath, a cooling factor around the magma and the ring of fire.

    Visualize the dolphin frequency flowing into the ring of fire and reverberating into the core of the magma of the planet because the magma will be extremely affected by this first impact, and there could be massive volcanoes. Communicate now to the fire devas, the devas of the molten earth, and ask their cooperation to absorb the crystalline frequencies from the dolphins and to utilize the water element to stabilize their realm.

    (Long pause)

    Now connect to the consciousness of Mother Gaia, to the new holographic earth, and consciously use the perceptual field of our minds and the God mind to project the living earth in the hologram of Gaia sustained as the living blue green planet. Oh, my pineal gland, oh man, my body is starting to burn up, Sean. Put water, water. Marshall and Jay are going to a fire ceremony with the sacred elders in Taos today, and then Sunday they are going to open up a water wheel on (Sor de Mayo’s?) property. So those are the elements of fire and water that have to be activated for this protection of the earth’s – okay, now my body wants to go into one of those shaking systems and I have to calm my body down because I’m connected to the Gaia, to the body of Gaia through the living grail, connected to Gaia, and her body is in, it feels like trembling. Gaia’s body feels like trembling.

    S: I have that piece of electric rock with me.

    J: Through the heart, through the heart, through the heart, connect to the heart of our Mother and the heart of Galactic source. The 13 Grandmothers are coming in. They are beating a big, white drum, the 13th Grandmother heartbeat. She said that we are to connect to the rhythm of the heart of the earth and the heart of galactic source and the heart of the Great Mother, and she is beating this big, white drum to connect to the rhythm of Creation. She said that the grandmothers, the Creation beings, the elements and elementals and the devic realm are dancing the spirit dance and singing Creation songs now. Open to these Creation songs of the devic realms, and I hear one, weh ya weh ah hey, weh ya weh ah hey, weh ya weh ah hey, weh ya weh ah hey, weh ya weh ah hey, weh ya weh ah hey, weh ya weh ah hey, weh ya weh ah hey, weh ya weh ah hey, weh ya weh ah hey, weh ya weh ah hey, weh ya weh ah hey, weh ya weh ah hey, weh ya weh ah hey, weh ya weh ah hey, weh ya weh ah hey.

    That’s the song of the earth elementals and that’s the dance that they are doing with the Grandmothers’ great white drum in the rhythm of the heart of the Great Mother. That is the song of the devas and the elementals, and they are all dancing now and singing together with the 13 Grandmothers with the Great White Drum, the Great White drum. Weh ya weh ah hey, weh ya weh ah hey, weh ya weh ah hey, weh ya weh ah hey. It’s very easy for people to do and it can be easily sung with the devas. Weh ya weh ah hey, weh ya weh ah hey, weh ya weh ah hey, weh ya weh ah hey, weh ya weh ah hey, weh ya weh ah hey.

    I’m being instructed to get this transcribed and get it out for mass distribution to anyone who can connect to the dolphin frequencies and utilize this song, the deva songs to connect to the Grandmothers and to the harmonic resonance of the great mountains of the earth. This is the song for the protection of the earth, for the viability of the earth, and for the rhythm of the heart of the new living earth. The Grandmothers have given us this sacred song, and you’re being asked to connect to the sun and to sing the song, to sing this song in whatever way you can, drum it, pray it, sing it, tone it, sing it with crystal bowls.

    It needs to be brought into the harmonics of the energy of the planet through the collective of the 144,000, the formula of the light workers on the planet to bring this song out to as many people as we can to tone it, in sacred places and sing it and connect to the devic realms, the elementals of the earth, because they are the ones who have given us this sacred song. It’s a simple song, but it has harmonic resonance that is in a calibration of a vibration of cooperation, a vibration with the dolphin languages. And it’s through the dolphin language that this cataclysm will be averted, because the primordial dolphins are the ones who came to the earth when she was first forming, and came into the waters before the continents came. It was their vibration in the level of manifestation that they are capable, the Sirian dolphins, that facilitated through the water elements the safe rising of the continents.

    Now they are the ones who are here and are now working with us, cooperating in the high mind of God in the heart, in the heart, the heart, to send forth this vibration as a sacred song together.

    Weh ya weh ah hey, weh ya weh ah hey, weh ya weh ah hey, weh ya weh ah hey, weh ya weh ah hey, weh ya weh ah hey, weh ya weh ah hey, weh ya weh ah hey.

    The moment I got the sacred song, the feeling of trembling in my body dissipated, and my body is okay now. That’s because I was connected through the Magdala to the earth body of Gaia. The sacred song will soothe her and it will help her make this transition through time and space — because earth has to be lifted out of our time continuum or else the impact in the next, I would say, let me double check with, let me tune in, the impact apexing on the summer and the fall equinox — the impact will apex on the fall equinox, and that’s why this song has to be brought out to as many people as we can to connect to the dolphin languages and to connect to this concept so that we are singing it, and we need to be focused on it.

    It’s important that we physically tone and sing this with the devas. That is what the Grandmothers are telling me. Okay, they are smiling and they’re happy, they’re really happy that I heard them, and that I woke up because there was a big wave coming towards the planet tonight. Earlier tonight my lights flashed for just a minute, and I thought about the scientific research that said that a solar implosion can take all of the satellites down, and our electricity on the planet can go down.

    Marshall was saying that he was reading research that if our electricity goes down all over the planet, even for a few minutes, it will set us back 30 years, and all of society can collapse with one shutdown. The scientists know that it’s possible for the electronic system that is supporting society to shut down with this solar implosion, so we are working through the electrons and through the crystal grid of the planet to support the vital energetics of that which is for the highest and best for the earth and creation at this time.

    Blessed be, so be it and so it is.

    Shared with Love ,Rosalie xo

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