Captain I need your help

  • Captain how are you? Hope everything I well. I was wondering in you can give me a reading about my current situation. Me and my boyfriend well ex boyfriend now got in a fight with words and it got physical I regret do it because my daughter was there and it was the worst mistake as she now says daddy hits. Anyways I was wondering whats going to happen with this situation. Will I be able to get over this? Will this be the definitive split up?

    Thank you

  • Any person who uses their fists to get what they want is both immature, insecure, and dangerous. Do not hope to return to this abuser. No matter how much he promises it will never happen again, do not take him back. It will always happen again - abusers cannot help themselves without professional therapy. Even if only for your daughter's sake (as she may also become a victim of his abuse), you have to get away from this guy. Abuse is not love. It's about power and control.

    You need to talk to your daughter to let her know that it is not OK for anyone to hit her or you, but that not everyone is abusive and that it's not the victim's fault. Read my article below and help her to recognize the signs of an abuser for herself.

  • Thank you captain I don't think she will actually understand she's only 2 But with seeing is more than obvious she knows what's going. I don't justify him but this had never happen and it all happen because of the other woman "N" I know you might not remember but we talked about before. I think this woman has a lot of influence on him and he believes everything she says well I asked him to leave and take his stuff but he didn't. I don't think I would take an abusive back and either way I don't think he will come back his really into this other woman. Even though I think she's with someone else but not sure. Well captain thank you.

  • You need to get right away from this tangled web of relationships and start over.

  • That's what I want to do. Do you see if I will find someone that will actually appreciate me for what I do? And will I find a job soon?

  • If you allow yourself to appreciate your own abilities and good points, you will meet someone who will do it too.

    And if you don't give up and even put more effort into your search, you will find a job quite soon.

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