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  • Okay ambi15

    I'll give you what I can see...

    Right off the top there are a lot of pentacles showing, those are physical, material, home and security related matters. Could be the relationship is changing on the physical level.

    Advice - 9 of coins - 9's are very solid and stable. The very best of the suit in terms of mature energy. So the "advice" here is STAY PHYSICALLY and MATERIALLY responsible, is what I get. Maybe the relationships "concerns" are having some impact on both of you in your material lives, or raising concerns about the home. This seems to be saying maintain material prudence, restraint perhaps?

    Significant other - ACE of Cups - Well, this is love for sure. Sincere, focused, he has you solid in his heart, its just all of the physically related concerns that are stirring things up. Very pure, set between material walls or boundaries. He could be wanting to make changes in that material realm with you.

    Self - 5 of coins - This is reflecting this "change" in the physical realm. Whatever it is seems to be affecting you more than him. Like, YOU have questions about a place, your setting together and he is saying "I love you (ace cups)" and you are still feeling some need of space or location that you feel is needed.

    Situation - 3 of coins - The situation is planning in a physical/home and material sense. 3's are planning energies. So there is again this stressing of some sort of change that YOU are wanting to make in the home or security of the relationship on the physical level. And this is causing some wheels to turn for the both of you. I see counting out of something, one for you and one for me... there is some sort of game the two of you are playing, a board game. And you are dividing or balancing something out physically, little tokens or counters of some sort.

    potential - the Moon - The Moon... is all mystery and darkness. Under cover of night, secret, silent and a little spooky almost. Running away under the clouds, the wind blowing... there is drama here of a very poetic nature.

    The relationship is really trying to transcend in some very profound way, like attain a new physical expression that is more ethereal, sublime, mysterious, and that may mean you are both feeling the need for some space while you come to terms each in your own way.

    Were it possible, and the two of you were sitting across from me and asking together "what do you think of our situation based on our cards?" I would suggest a time of agreed isolation, while remaining very close emotionally. In other words, agree to stay together, and not change the relationship's level of trust, commitment and love... while at the same time taking time away individually to "find one another" in the spirit of life more. Like continuing the relationship, even though the you are not together physically. Under moonlight. Mysterious, I would say you are both really longing for deeper connection, and sometimes as relationships grow, the physical can interfere with that somehow. Requiring some separation... not because there is anything wrong, just the opposite, because there is something very "right" and you are really wanting to nurture that NEW ASPECT of your relationship.

    I think its wonderful! As long as he is on the same page with you, and can see a little past the physical for a while, this will develop into something really wonderful! I think this happens today more and more, as we all grow up, mature in our relationships, there come times when we need to be apart. We tend to assume that means something is wrong. No. It means something very beautiful is happening and we simply need to expand our understanding of how love transcends the physical, and together means... you are ALWAYS together.

    I hope that gave you something to think about. 🙂



  • Thank you very much AstraAngel!!!.. That brings alot of clarity to my reading and my situation overall.

    Although we both have strong feelings for one another. I sometimes wonder if he really loves me because he seems so self absorbed with work and he has done some things in the past that has caused me to be insecure and not wholly trust his feelings for me. I am at a stage where I desire nothing more then security and commitment. I have been thinking that we need to seperate because we seem to be on seperate pages. But neither one of really wants to.

    He will be away for work for over a month and I am hoping this time can sort things out for us as far as whether we need to hang on to one another or go our seperate way.

    You interpretation was great and right on track with our situation.

    Thanks you again. 😉 you gave me plenty to think about.

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