All Things Pisces

  • Date: February 19 – March 20

    Element: Water

    Quadruplicity: Mutable

    Polarity: Yin

    Most Compatible Sign For Love: Virgo

    The legendary Pisces is emotional, sentimental, and appears to be a very fragile sign. In reality, these traits are merely symptoms of the Pisces core essence. Pisces appear very easy-going and lenient on the outside but they feel like royalty within. They’re very proud and far from being emotionally weak. Let’s look into the real psychology behind the Pisces.

    What’s the biggest trait of Pisces? Kind? Gentle? Weak? Nope. Let me tell you. Pisces love to ponder and reflect. In fact, all the traits of Pisces are symptoms of their tendency to over-think. Pisces’ psychic powers and ability to see through another’s thoughts and psychological behaviour come second to none compared to all other zodiac signs. They analyze situations and people until they get to the heart of the matter. Their tendency to over-analyze is just a very practical way of utilizing their receptiveness and acute sensitivity, which allow them to reflect on how others think through their own thoughts and emotions. Nobody can outsmart the Pisces in understanding human nature, emotions and relationships.

    Pisces come off selfless and sometimes even altruistic. Because Pisces analyze and ponder so much, they should not be mistaken to be truly selflessly benevolent. Their kindness can be just an outer layer. Being kind is their preferred way of life since it is adaptive, effortless and gains them respect easily from others. They understand this very well, so they use compassion to deal with most situations.

    How are Pisces different from other signs? First let’s talk about belief systems. In the world of a Pisces, there is no absolute right or wrong in any matter. Instead of judging a situation, the first thing they do is to analyze it. Their goal is not to figure out whether anything was morally correct, but merely to understand why it happened the way it did for their own curiosity. If you were to tell a Pisces friend about a woman cheating on her fiancé with a married man with children, his or her instant reaction could be to question the reason behind her cheating and the nature of her relationships rather than immediately reprimanding or labelling that woman.

    The biggest challenge for Pisces is to deal with their low self-esteem, distress, insecurity, suspicion and indecisiveness. Most people under the sign of Pisces have some, if not all of these mentioned attributes.

    Let’s break it down.

    Why are they so indecisive? Simple. They think and analyze way too much. They have the tendency to consider 10 alternatives before making a simple decision. Pisces are multi-faceted and it’s not uncommon for them to leave very different or even contradicting impressions to the people around them. That’s because Pisces will actually contemplate about the different personalities they portray to people from the other person’s viewpoint and manipulate that impression so that others don’t misunderstand their intentions.

    Why are Pisces so suspicious? This is closely related to their insecurity. Although Pisces has the ability to understand other people’s thought process and see the truth behind people’s motives, they have difficulty standing on their own ground and holding their own opinions. Pisces experience abundant emotions and could get very caught up in them. They know very well that emotions are irrational, so they tend to lack trust and acceptance for who they are.

    Pisces often have trouble sticking to their opinions and are easily influenced by people around them. What is considered ‘right’ to them is what feels right rather than what is deemed ethically correct. Pisces strongly value a happy, comfortable and domesticated life. They usually don’t put much value on materialistic things, as they know that money comes and goes, whereas the real wealth in life resides within. They could work very hard on building their career and making money, but it’s all for the purpose of contributing to the quality of their existence.

    To Pisces, their happiness and the happiness of their loved ones come second to none on their priority list. Things like their dignity, pride and rage can all go to hell. They are willing to give and sacrifice everything to keep the love and happiness in their lives. Instead of feeling negative or resentful for their sacrifices, Pisces tends to feed off of providing for others. For this reason, they typically have above-average tolerance, and others tend to take advantage of them because it’s so easy. Ironically, Pisces are well aware that they’re being taken advantage of and don’t mind it, because their focus is on happiness, not fairness and equality.

    Pisces are usually good natured and pleasant, but if you ever manage to offend a Pisces and force him or her into a dead-end situation, be very careful. You may have made a mistake you will truly regret. When Pisces want to settle scores, they will not let you off easily. They will bypass every rule, every law; they will not care for their own morals or dignity nor will they be considerate of the extent of your grief. Fortunately, Pisces are very empathetic and forgiving – they rarely let their vindictive side take over.

    Pisces is a sign that lives for love. To Pisces, love is their universe. A Pisces that is content emotionally and receives abundant love will feel like the luckiest person on earth. As Pisces put a lot of value on emotions and feelings, relationships play a huge part in their lives. Pisces are very idealistic and have an enormous capacity to love. They see love as sacred, pure, innocent and beautiful. As their lover, if you make them feel loved and appreciated, they can accept all of your faults. Make sure you give them a sense of security and make them feel needed or you will fuel their tendency to over-analyze and become anxious and depressed. Be careful not to toy with their feelings and think you can fool them. They are extremely intuitive and will definitely see through your pretence.

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