Nancy Ward: Riding the Waves

  • Riding the Waves

    Soul Transitions Vibe Report - August 2012

    by Nancy Lila Ward |

    So many of us are going through big changes and feeling raw and easily triggered. We are processing and integrating our life experiences from the time we were born. Old feelings, some long denied, others just there as if they are part of us are being amplified. I say “as if” they are part of us because these feelings are often linked to stories that we bought into – beliefs that aren’t true about ourselves, but that we kept alive in our energy field by agreeing with them.

    Through trying to cope with a world that didn’t want us to be who we truly were, we integrated stories and beliefs and energies that blocked the flow of our Soul’s energetic vibration – this is our unique vibratory signature that is our authentic nature.

    So now, the energy of truth is flowing through everything – the Universe, the galaxy, our solar system, the Sun, to the Earth and through the core of our beings, igniting our Souls. The radiance is shining through us and what isn’t our truth is being shaken free.


    This process of loosening and releasing what isn’t authentic to our Soul vibration is happening in every facet of life on earth. What is unsustainable is dissolving in the radiance of accelerated energetic frequencies. It’s a shake-up and a wake-up call. It’s disorienting and uncomfortable because our dysfunctional comfort zones are collapsing. Everywhere!

    Those who have been working consciously with their growth and evolutionary process are still rockin’ and a rollin’ and slipping and sliding, but are able to regain stability before the next wave hits. Others are being buffeted about, still thinking they have no say in what is happening. Wake up! We are the creators of it all.

    The Mirror

    Sometimes we unconsciously want to hold onto the pain of our experience because it’s tied up with our beliefs about ourselves. It has become part of our identity, which we wrap around ourselves like heavy blankets of despair.

    It’s as if there are giant mirrors all around us reflecting ourselves back to us. If we’ve been paying attention and are aware enough to take responsibility for our feelings, we can love ourselves through the difficult moments, thereby diffusing the old energy, integrating the wisdom of our experience and letting it go.

    Negative Thought Forms

    When a belief about yourself comes into your awareness, ask “Is this my truth? Is this really true? Whose voice is this?” The self talk is so hypnotic and we’ve been doing it all our lives. We integrated and began to repeat negative thought forms that were in our environment when we were small children. We have been separating the wheat from the chaff for years but now we are truly working through “the sticky stuff on the bottom” as the energies of truth are accelerating. Each time we uncover a story and release what isn’t true, we shed a layer of crust and feel lighter and we rise above the cacophony of chaos that is bubbling in the world.

    We are dealing with energy that is volatile and sometimes it feels like there are electric charges zapping in at us from our own experience and also zapping out at one another. Many friends are experiencing flare-ups with one another. The best thing we can do is to be totally honest and communicate with each other in non-confrontational language. When we let things stew inside of us, instead of communicating, we act out in ways that trigger the same feelings in our friend, setting up an electric current that goes back and forth, endlessly stimulating the painful feelings keeping them alive in our energy field and actually feeding them so they grow out of proportion. This highlights issues that are calling for healing, so when it happens, it’s a true opportunity to practice and appreciate the meaning of friendship. All of our relationships are mirrors for us to see our loveliness and our fears. When we talk to that friend and express what we feel, we can clear the situation quickly and gracefully and we often end up crying, hugging and laughing with each other. Or, we may come to realize that we are at the end of the road with certain relationships.

    We owe it to ourselves to be honest and to be clear with our own feelings. We need to claim our responsibility in every situation.

    Evolution and Expansion

    We are all on an evolutionary path. We are rising into unity consciousness. The churning energy is helping us to let go of our stories and rise up, allowing our authentic selves to shine. A new beginning is the gift we give ourselves when we pay attention.

    Endings and new beginnings

    You may feel like you are in flux – as if there’s a tornado whirling around you, lifting you up from your surroundings and shaking loose what you cannot bring into the new vibration you’re rising into. This is very unsettling, which is why it’s a good idea to practice grounding into the earth all throughout the day. We have a chakra in the Earth – our Earth Star chakra in the center of the Earth. Send your awareness and your energetic vibration down into the Earth for stabilization.

    In the midst of this unsettled feeling you may also be receiving inspiration and new ideas – so much is flowing at once. Many of us are going through emotional ups and downs from moment to moment. Crazy stuff! Allow that tornado to swirl around you, helping to clear what needs to be released.

    Waves of Energy

    We are experiencing rapid compression and expansion as wave after wave of energy flows through. We have “a-ha” moments as we integrate and dissolve beliefs and emotions from our past and then have moments when we can take a breath and appreciate what we just learned and released, feeling lighter and buoyant. And then: Wham! Another wave hits and we’re rising up and finding our balance, or being churned about in the white water looking for our surfboard.

    Reaching out to one another, whether it be in the ethers or a phone call, e-mail or through social media – but especially in the physical – really helps us to stabilize. We are in this together and we can support one another – there is strength in numbers.

    Working with energy

    The Life Force Energy… I also call it the Love Force Energy… and Creator Source energy… also known as God… Christ Consciousness… to me, it is all the same energy. This energy flows through us all. And it’s everywhere – we’re soaking in it! It permeates all of life. We can focus on this energy in Nature and bring it into us – into our Dantian to enhance the Life Force energy within us. (Also known as the Hara in Japanese energy medicine, the Dantian I am referring to is the “lower Dantian” –the area in the lower abdomen, beneath the navel and about a third of the way in to the abdominal cavity. There are Dantian connections at the top of the head, the third eye and the heart as well. The lower Dantian serves as a reservoir of energy, so we fill it with Life Force and then radiate that energy throughout our energy bodies. We replenish the Dantian within us from the Life Force all around us.)

    When we clear and release the energy that isn’t our truth, filling with the life force energy helps us to stabilize and also helps to raise our vibration. The more Life Force we have, the healthier we will be; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. We grow, evolve, and become lighter.

    During the Monday channeling telecalls that I do, we have been given tools for enhancing our Soul energy. As mentioned in last month’s offering, the Sun is a powerful energy source. In the telecalls, we’ve been shown to bring in a steady flow of solar energy through the gateway of the temple of light at the sixth chakra (3rd eye) and flow that energy down into our Dantian. At the same time we are bringing energy up from the Earth (our Earth Star chakra) into our Dantian and bringing the Creator Source energy from the cosmos (our Soul Star chakra) down through our energy field into our Dantian. We vibrate these merging energies with our soul’s vibration. We can do this in an instant. If you choose to play with this, reach in with your intuitive attention and explore what is happening in your Dantian. This energy center is an inter-dimensional portalway, just as the sun is. There will be more information coming through on this in the near future.

    The Divine Masculine

    For long we have been focusing on the Divine Feminine, bringing love and healing to the density that has suppressed the flow of Feminine energy. Now is the time to blend the Feminine energy, which is dark and mysterious with the power and light of the Divine Masculine energy. This is where the Solar energy comes in – we can call it in to energize our intentions, so that we can bring our intentions into action in the physical. There is much grief around the Divine Masculine energy, which was forced out of its natural flow, just as the Divine Feminine has been. The masculine energy has a strong emotional element, but was coerced into power. The feminine energy is powerful and was coerced into emotion. Both are coming back into loving harmony within each of us.

    All of this information is being integrated within us. We do not need to try hard or to work hard, to over-think and over visualize. The energy play presented here can be done in an instant and sustained through intention. We are Masters who are waking up out of a very limiting dream. We are rising, then resting and integrating, then rising again. Sometimes rising, then falling a little, to re-visit, integrate and then rise again. We are rising into the fullness of our being, where we can express our authenticity through allowing the energy of our genius to flow.

    Let us be patient with ourselves and kind to one another.

    Humanity Arising

    I heard a celestial choir last night as I sat outside gazing at the sky surrounded by the tree-symphony of katy-dids. I heard glimpses of singing floating to me on an etheric breeze. In my inner eye I could see beings of light. They looked like angels. It was beautiful and comforting, and then I realized that this choir is always singing. These are beings from a higher dimension and their music… their song transmits the frequency of love. Their song is like a cool breath on a wound. They are with us always. This choir never falters and through the vibration of their upper-dimensional frequencies, they are helping to heal the wound of Humanity.

    We are rising into love. The way to enlightenment is the path of love. The beginning of this path is to love thyself.

    Blissings to you all…

    Nancy Lila Ward

  • Reassuring to know the upheavals I've been experiencing in my life are occurring with a purpose. I look forward to the better days ahead knowing they start with continuing to foster self love.



  • Amen!

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