Hello Shuabby you there?

  • Hi there hope your doing well. well everything is just a disaster! my boyfriend was really cranky towards me all day yesterday,and last night he was talking that he wants to be single, doesnt love me etc.. ????? WTF??? I cant afford to live with my mom cause she has to charge a certain amount, that is way out of my price range. I dont want to go back there, and then ill have to see my perverted ex step-dad whenever he comes over to visit my sister, which is often lately. im so crushed i dont know what to do

  • vettech78

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    I have drawn a card for you in which the information is from your guides: Balance is the card given for you. Meaning Support Codependency Manipulation Generosity

    Deeper meaning : You are in the delicate process of learning how to properly balance the flow of give and take in your personal relationships. Evaluate how you are doing. Are u giving to much, leaving you resentful and angry? Or are you withholding when you could give more, leaving you feeling guilty and defensive.Be honest when dealing with others you know in your heart what drives your interest in them. The thoughts of you owe me, dependency and control over others.Ask your Divine Teachers to help you become more aware of how you give and receive in all relationships.

    Everything passes with time.


  • thank-you. well it seems everything has calmed down a little, he said he loved me when i left for school tonight. i think he was getting defensive over a text i sent him the other day. i didnt mean any harm, but i think it upset him. he can be impulsive, then things go back to normal.

  • oh, other then that i was wondering if you can see a little into the future for me. I understand that the future remains to be seen/determined, and is dependent on decisions,etc.. so im not sure how accurate "future" predictions actuall are, but if you can help it would be great. as for my school, do you forsee me passing all my classes this quarter? and do you see me in classes for next quarter? also with employment, do you see me working at this company called Maxim. its homecare. im suppose to take an online testing, where I watch a video then answer the questions afterward. anyway, i didnt know that you can only take it 3 times. well i couldnt find alot of the answers in the video, so i gave some of them my best shot, but i didnt get enough of them correct.a. im very smart and i know this information, but they want the answers from their sources, but I just didnt come across them in the videos ughh! now i get only one more chance to take the 1st quiz, or i cant work for them.

  • one more thing, i want to know why my boyfriend is being mean/cranky to me lately. like every little thing i do pisses him off. why? whats going on? did i do something wrong?

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