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  • Hi scully

    Chiron is supposedly a celestial body out there (a small invisible planet or something like that) ... anyway in astrology it is referred to as "the wounded healer" and pertains to some part of life that is deep wound for you, and yet it is also a key to your life path or something... like a work (healing) you are called to do?

    Travel would be an Aries thing to do! That is perfect for you! That would balance out whatever chiron possible wounds there. My chiron is in Capricorn so my healing would be to be filthy rich haha...

    Creative writing course sounds good... it will keep coming back to you if it is something you need to do. Do you journal? Ever written ads? I was in advertising... they pay well if you are a good copywriter. Maybe what I should be doing.

    So i would say go for the writing course, at least get the wheel in motion... it does sorta come down to goals. What kind of work you see yourself doing. I am still trying to figure that out too...

  • Astra,,

    I hope you are well?/

    I have a question, not in the subject we talking.

    I feel and finally seem, to be wearing off my emotional ties , to need a drink, like when i upset, or lack confidence in expressing me.

    I've gone a wile without, just on my own merit, just take one day at time.

    am i finally getting there emotionality, i think i am

  • HI astra,

    I have just opened up to my dad, said what debt im in,,

    i know he's disjointedness in me?

  • Disappointment, in me

  • that sam i am, that sam i am,

    i think i am

    that sam i am

    haha... just reading your messages scully... reminded me a little of a children's book.

    Oh so you think your dad is disappointed in you? Because of your debt?

    Well, he may be disappointed in your financial prowess... I am sure he could never be disappointed in y-o-u.

    : )

  • Hi Astra,

    That is a very good point,, hadn't thought of it like that hehe.

    Now my friend SK has finally got himself a girlfriend,, we already arranged to catch up on Sunday,,, he texed me ask if ok if she comes too,, be interesting hey?


  • I think it will be fun - I drew some cards on it and it sounds like a rather deep or somewhat intellectual get together ... some sharing of heart issues... and discussions of getting unstuck from something! I think it will be a very interesting meeting!

  • Astra,

    I will come back and talk about pas post..

    Is there a card reading you can give me,, re my health, and my getting in touch and dealing with my addictions?

    Scully x

  • Hey scully

    I am changing my views in some areas pertaining to the tarot's use for "readings". The really important point of the Tarot is YOU learning to use it for yourself. That is the point, not me providing readings. Because any reading I give you - unless there is a physical connection - will not be of any use in your material life. (addictions, health, relationships, money). Sri.

    Good luck to you... all of your challenges can be met by using your own consciousness to change your life, anything can be changed. Anyway, I saw you had posted and thought I would say hi. I wish I could help you, say the right magic words that could fix it all. I do not have that ability, you do though.

    blessings, astra

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