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  • Hey Scully

    I am going to start a new thread for you...

    You mentioned about the readings in person vs. over the internet...

    I have had very little experience reading for people face to face. Who knows the net may work better for me, not sure. Sometimes the physical presence of someone can be overwhelming, a lot of information coming across with all the senses, I could have trouble processing it all. Body language alone will tell you worlds about someone, you don't need cards or anything.

    So, SK...Hermit and Magician. He is wrapped up in some major intense life energy-lesson things. Hermit is a higher love purpose, very creative, and the magician is balancing the whole house of cards out. So while he is experiencing this pre-packaged lesson plan, he may not be "there" for you.... once he moves out of these cards he should be more an item for you than only acquaintance.

    Queen of Swords, that is you. So this tells me that he does have you in his sights. I would not relinquish this situation with him yet, give it a little time, he thinks of you a lot.

    4 of Cups, could develop into something solid in love. That is what you are after. And he knows it. So he may be dragging his heals and trying to avoid the commitment. So he keeps some distance even though there is some electricity there.

    Okay, then you asked about "someone with salt pepper hair enter my life for a real romantic love later on at some time next year"??

    3 of Swords. Emperor.

    well should some guy show up interested in you with salt-peppar hair, he may be dealing with some real pain, and also closed off quite a bit (emperor).

    3 of Pentacles, this has been showing up on several readings now... work related stuff must be top of mind for everyone right now. And the 2 of cups... this does look like something happening here. Next year huh? Interesting.

    7 of pentacles, Universe, Fool.... 9 of cups. Hey, looks good to me. Maybe Mulder with some more gray!

  • Hi Astra,

    Oh i miss my thread hehe, Thanks for doing that.

    I feel with Sk, since i last went out we just friends, he has a obsession with doing what ever it takes to find the right one, he never even had a relationship, he 40 this year.

    I feel for him, he OK nice manner, no major go in him but why is that? I mean why he not had a little relationship

    To me he was like a way to show me, that i can make a friend and deal with what i really need emotionally, i only done that speed date for a boost of confidence for me, since then any ideas doing more have been cancelled lol, i think it's universe way saying that all it meant to be.

    I did ask around April for a birthday read, as turned 40, and i felt way before that my real life would begin.

    It has it lots little ways, ive done more this year i done for years, i still have gone backward and more forwards now.

    I stand up speak my feelings especially with family.

    There a quite bit re work i like to talk but i feel this be a bog enough.

    Love Scully

  • Astra,

    have you any feel re work?

  • Work... okay lets see...

    Let's try a CC and see what we get.. CC, that means 'Celtic Cross' not 'Canadian Club' haha...

    Situation, Tower.

    You are represented as the Queen of Pentacles. So your focus must be mostly on the physical aspects of life at the moment, work and income... understandable.

    You are crossed by a 5 of wands, so that is changes in your role, identity. Could be something you have been thinking of trying, changing, adopting as a new approach to your life's role... from there that could open into work. It all starts with a role perhaps...

    Hmm.. above you, Sun, so that is very positive, hopeful tomorrows... below you the Moon, emotional background, some sadness maybe, life is a mystery....

    Behind you, recently, 3 of cups, so something happened that was very happy for you, something emotional? That led to wand/image/role concerns, and that is heading toward a King Cups...

    Then, a future environment card is a 4 pentacles, so that is a good sign! That is stead income, that part of your life is stable. There is a King Cups energy between you and that point. Could be some situation that requires releasing, emotionally before you can then move into the work thing.

    Or you could meet someone.

    I would rather see you meeting someone nice for you personally... then the work thing should work out on its own.

    How others see you, 7 of cups - a dreamer...

    Hopes and concerns - Ace of Swords - a new idea, starting a new path in your thinking. This could be a key to unlocking the King Cups and the 4 pentacles blessings...

    Then the Outcome - Magician... that is like comparing realities, trying on things, testing, trying this and that... experimenting, and seeing which tricks work the best.

    You only have 1 swords in the reading, an Ace so that seems good.

    That King and the 7 cups all seems to show some real longings emotionally? WIth work sort of in the midst of that.

    The Sun card has a lot of material (work, finances working out) and love embedded in it. So you must be wishing for something in a lifestyle that is really bright for you?

    Sun above, moon below... that is your past (Moon) and future (Sun)...

    the 5 wands seems to be a real key for you right now... I would focus on these 3 cards

    5 of Wands

    Ace of Swords


    and ask yourself, where do I really want to go with my life? In love, in a path, in my work? The 5 energy of change in a path (wands) is strong over you... so that means really focus on some soul searching about your life's highest happiness in your place... that can mean a home... a work you love... a wonderful companion...

    You have a lot of dream energy around you too... the Sun is dreamy... so is the Moon.. the 7 cups is total daydreams of love... the Magician is also dreams in magical ways...

    The Tower under you ... not sure what that means? Something still crumbling around you? Something from the past still sliding into the ocean? I would be curious how you see that Tower card, what that signifies to you?

  • Hi Astra,

    sorry about the brief request, i should explained more, but it looks like the cards have hit a few nails for me .

    I may go a bit backward here, hope you can bear with me as im sure it will make sense

    The tower crumbling to me . i think is in reference, from past feelings and emotions paranoid thinking, that has it it self re-surfaced a gain, through, several little bites, of comments and feeling a colleague again talk to me in bully way, as along that in pain physically too so that no helped, i took time of, i felt low tearful, also frustrated because i felt i was going backwards in myself, i knew it and could do jack to stop it.

    I dreamy, yes, i have some dreams just feel really unsure sometimes how am i going to conquer them, i feel a little i 40 is it a bit late, i know it not but still.

    I think some work colleagues may see me dreamy, as i used to say a lot never done much, but now i older me keeps a lot s chum unless i done or i wish to tell.

    I had idea of just trying different voluntary agencies with care root to see how i feel it best for me to go on that root as to change what i do.

    I still get very UN-sure what it is exactly i should be looking to do in my work career.

    Astra can you remind me what the pentacles?

    I know cups Emotions, Swords Challenges, Wands? oh may forgotten that.

    I would like idea of meet some-one i would nt have worry about have to look for a full time job, haha,

    im not that callous, believe me, i know the time is ripe for me to go a head and star sow seeds for my way out from that place.

    Love light Scully

  • I also wanted to add, as there was so much negative feelings.

    I felt back to myself again, not in the transison of the old me way thinking, is's very hard there at times not to do that, i have to try maintain the right approach some how.

  • Any thoughts Astra?

  • Scully, traditionally pentacles are material setting, money - I tend to look at them as whatever we can see, hear, touch, taste, smell. Material reality whatever that is.

    Wands I like to think of as roles, image, stories, creative and passionate.

    I drew some cards for you. A lot of pentacles energies, 10, Q, 8 and a Page - and over all that a major arcana Tower card. So material issues seem to be at the fore right now.

    Tower can mean anything. Sweeping away old concepts of self that no longer apply, The casting aside of outworn paths that become more like ruts. Anything that is on shaky ground leaves your life.

    So, perhaps some new ideas are developing for you in your work and material life. Forgetting what used to work, looking for new ideas, a different approach to attainting the physical setting for your life you want.scully

  • Astra

    Do you ever dodle when you try express something

  • Doodle? Sometimes. I always seem to have a pencil near... how about you?

  • Hi Astra,

    There's been things i wanted to say and i have wrote it all down, because i couldn't think how to say it..

    I feel my time is of coming to close here now,

    I will post it soon.


  • I think the past resurfaces, was a reminder of that old thinking thought patterns, happen when the crap happens., listening to good good advice, to help combat when i do feel very sensitive, apparently im very Sharpe when im in that way. i do know and have the utter knowledge i do not ever want to go back there again.

    I want to be the real me deep down, who i am truly at heart, not the angry half i have been over the last decade.

    Im the person who has a big heart and have a lot of love to give , i dont judge people, im not the common society individual either.

    My gut feel is the rest of this year will be focused on and striving to make the new thinking real me and life style changes a permanent for the rest of my life.

    The rest will come to me naturally.

    I dont think i will always be over confident, i will be confidant enough in my abilities. I feel happier at work, im more proactive, i finally have the energy levels back mentally, although i feel physically im getting slightly weaker.

    I think i may have made a another new friend, from work, she spiritual person, i do get on with people like that.

    If i do have negative thought, i just put bigger picture and be more positive with that..

    I do have a feeling on a tarot card, so for the first time in months i got them out again, i feel drawn to start again.

    The card Queen of swords.. i used to get that a lot..

    On the way to work i try figure it out.

    I used to be told and thing i didn't let people see real me and i see how i may just done to much- example.

    Work- Keep some things yourself,, be more cautious in what you speak, look out for me but dont make it obvious to others.

    Love- dont wear my heart on my sleeve, more caution is needed, be a bit aloof.

    It strange though i was do wrong years ago when i used do that haha.

    Love light Scully

  • Hi Scully

    Hey I liked all you wrote here. The Queen of Swords, yeah. you sound a lot like her to me. She is cool on the outside and warm as toast and jam within. Hard to know where the lines are I know, at work, when to be ourselves, when to wear a mask, and a lot of that goes on.

    Being the real you, sometimes the angry half is as important. At least being honest. Letting it out. I try to find constructive ways to express that half of me, try art with varying success. Swords is not an easy path however it is one with great honor if you ask me. ANyone like yourself who is completely honest with themselves first, and then with others as the case warrants, will certainly eventually find their wonderful peace and love at last.

    Yes what you said about naturally, coming to you the rest of this year - that is exactly right. There is a new part of you, the real you, that comes out naturally, like a bush grows a rose. That rose is produced slowly and organically... can't be speeded up really... so it is with you and all of us perhaps... the "authentic" person that we know ourselves to be beneath all the layers of social conditioning will utimately prevail and we will be WHO WE ARE MEANT TO BE that is the brightest and most authentic person we can be.

    I do see you walking that lovely path Scully... you sound like someone who has great faith, in spite of circumstances forced on you, not really your choice I know that... and that causes me greatest respect for you. We are all in the same boat I think. Living some lives we have too... and another secret life where we are all okay together... all is bright and perfect... and I see you in that place you know?

    That is great about the new friend at work, I am sure she will be good for you... back and forth... how nice to find friends at workplaces where you can cross whatever divides separate us sometimes. I am sure you two will be close.

    Wearing your heart on your sleeve... I have mixed feelings on that... still trying to see where the balance is that has been really difficult for me.

    Love and light to you Scully... nice to see you marching on in your life with your head high, you are an inspiration to me.


  • Astra..

    I feel now the time is right to start getting out there and look for another job.

    Im looking forward, scared,, unsure exactly what it is im going to go for , have three areas, but a left field may happen.

    I'm ready, if i dont put myself out there how will i know if i meant to get something?

    Astra you also said once, ( i was look back at my tarot thread) we have not dug into your chart?


  • Hi Scully

    Sure thing we can look at your chart and sort of see what direction (work/career) seems to be your thing. Together with the cards that can provide some ideas. Provide your birth date and I'll start a chart reading whenever you like!


  • Hi Astra,




  • You totally should look into something in communications related fields.

    Creative with words, counseling, writing, 'customer communications' in some way, editing, advertising, copywriting, screenwriting, poet, novelist, interpreter, mediator. Poetry is perfect for you or writing and self-publishing, make your own books, anything in the psychic realm, tarot reading, astrological chart interpretation, matchmaker.

    And it should be in a tangible media, ie, printed words, books, poems, something you can touch and hold, AND it should have some sort of dreamy, watery nature (that is why I mentioned poetry, which you have demonstrated some of that here).

    Sun/Merc in Aries

    You also have Chiron in Aries so there is something in your past that is trying to block or hinder this creative/communication path, a pain from childhood, something hurt you perhaps emotionally and as you chase down your true calling you come face to face with that pain. However by continuing to try you will eventually bust through.

    Moon/Sat/Mars/Venus all in Gem - hence the communication fields. Saturn here is also trying to block you, so your life path is not an easy one however you have what it takes to win by perseverance.

    Neptune opposing all that in SAG, so the dreamy mystical aspect is also there. Travel in your work is indicated too.

    Jupiter in Cap so that is expanding the earthy (physical) nature of your work so you do best when you are working with your hands, touching, holding, shaping, writing by hand.

    North Node (life path) is on cusp of Aquarius / Cap so your path has a lot of mystical, free thinking, bold, adventurous, out of the box, imaginative energy as well. Writing or counseling within the psychic sphere would work well for you, mediation in relationships.

    Maybe you can share your current career options and we can see which one(s) fit these parameters the best.


  • Hi Astra,

    I knew i had a lot of Gemini in my signs,, guess why i like to chat.

    Work wise, all ive done is in the care field,, looking after the elderly, and learn disabilities.

    I see, i have to expand that, with younger people, or mental health.

    When i went for counselling, i thought on a long term goal, i could do that , but that far away thought.

  • What is chiron?

    I have thought about travel to


  • Hi Astra,

    How about if i do a creative writing course, that has been in my head,,

    I will do something i like, and i will meet people with same mind?

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