Hi AstraAngel

  • Hi Astra! nice seeing you back. I hope you can please help me with a love reading. Its still the same guy that i have asked months back. i would really like to know how is my current relationship with him. and what has been troubling him all these while?

    Thanks in advance! 🙂

  • Hello Pinkrose.... hope you are doing well!

    I laid out 5 cards each for you and him, and we'll go from there.

    I think you have more than this one guy you are thinking about, or involved with. Either that or there are other guys interested in you that you simply aren't aware of yet.

    I drew 3 male cards, king wands and a king pentacles (that is your "same guy"), this King of Wands is another guy. Is there someone else? You also have a Knight Pentacles below you so there is someone you are crossing paths with lately that has some connection or at least he likes you.

    Your heart card is the Wheel of Fortune, so that is a turnabout in circumstances, something significant is changing for you, could be materially connected as you seem to have more pentacles than anything else around you. Job improvement, promotion, something like that.

    The Page of Cups above you (thoughts and higher wishes) so you are certainly dreaming about love, and this is also a sign that you will be getting some communications soon about some love matter, probably from this current guy.

    He on the other hand.... 3 major arcana cards associated with him, Sun (which touches your King Pent card), the Emperor in his heart, and the Justice card in his thinking. That is a lot of major life issue/lesson cards, I don't think he is going to be really responsive until he works his way out of that stuff. Emperor in his center, that is some walls, and then the Justice card is rebalancing. This guy could be working past some life circumstances where he felt he was hurt.... could take some time to heal. The Sun card is reaching out to you though, so he is in fact wanting to work out, move forward with you. He would be blocked thought from acting on that until some of this other more serious energy clears out (Justice and Emperor).

    He has the 9 of swords below him, so that is - ugh - some real mental torture, he is beating himself up over something. And a 2 of pentacles behind him, so he is contemplating a change of location, a move or trip or something. I think something is not working out in his life and he is willing to make a move to see some progress. And I think he wants to take you with him (Sun card touching you).

    You have that Knight Pentacles below you, that is moving too... I would chat up trips or something... help get his mind off that justice/9 swords pain whatever the heck that is. Escape seems to be the key word here. Escape with him, or at least play around with that theme somehow.

    Then the 8 of Pentacles as a kind of summing it up card, this is movement, developments physically. Could be work related although with the other pentacles it seems more connected with a move. Relocation. Has that been discussed? Seems to be in the air with this guy somehow.


  • thanks astra. yes there are other guys around but i have made my stand clear that he is the only one i want now. i was indecisive as i do have some potential guys around me but i realized he is the one i really want now and i should just focus on him. my friends have been telling me to follow my mind (instead of my heart) and be loved. Not loving a guy (the same guy) that i always have troubles with. but i just want to continue loving him and see what can i do to make it work.

    astra.. do you feel this guy loves me as well? this has been going on for quite awhile and i certainly hope things will hope out between us. he seemed to be going through a lot and i know it's not easy to get him to open up to me. i am working hard for him. i just hope to find some hope and motivation that this is going somewhere.

    when you mentioned that there is a "move". i spoke to him and i don't think it is relocation (overseas). could it be just a change to his lifestyle or whatever?

    what can i do for him astra? does he wants me around him now? it hurts me to see him going through all these. but he just have problem opening up to me. (i did several readings using your relationship spread and i realized Ace of Swords always appeared. does that mean something?)

    thanks again astra~

  • Do u feel this relationship is workable?

  • The Fool - yes, I think it workable it will take a lot of trust and a lot of communication and never stop kissing and looking into each other's eyes for hours on end.

    The Move - 7 of Pentacles - it is related to something that one or both of you have been dreaming about... like, what would it be like if we did... such and such... went to such and such... such and such is the 7 of pentacles so there is something in the air that you are dreaming about, it has been touched on before, several times... 6 of cups, it is something you both long to do together, experience together, see together, live or relive together. Very sweet a lot of flowers and laughter of children...

    What can you do for him? Knight of Swords, stay focused on beautiful purposes in his life, always uplifiting and shine the light of love his way every chance you get. Path and purpose is important, helping him to understand his path... and the Three of Wands, encourage him that his ships are coming in, whatever he has been seeking will work out. Be his partner in life, and he will be yours. He really wants a buddy, a pal that sees the shoreline the same way that he does. Be that friend who can stand beside him and when he asks you "Hey pinkrose08, do you see those ships out there on the horizon?" reply and tell him, "Yes, and they are beautiful - and then go write a novel about how beautiful his ships are, and tell him how magnificent are his dreams" ... he is a visionary kinda guy and really wants you sharing in those visions with him....

    Yes, THe ACE OF SWORDS is a fantastic sign a heavenly seal of approval, very positive and assuring. This is a great sign for you!

    6 of pentacles, also indicates something (important) you two will be sharing soon, I would be looking for a breakthrough in his opening up to you very quickly. Good things coming your way!!!

  • i am real happy to hear that!

    Thanks Astra! :):)

  • Hi Astra,

    thanks for your reading 2 weeks back. could you give me an updated reading on the energies between me and my love interest? any improvement to his emotional health?

    anyway he has a new project coming up for his career. will it be a successful one?

    thank you so much Astra!

  • Hi pinkrose08

    Here is an updated reading...

    You will have to be the judge as to how this relates to your situation with him. I see love everywhere I turn I can't help it.:)

    Began with the Page Pentacles, something material, messages.

    Then the Ace of Wands with the Judgment card over this. So there was a new identity or role (wih him) that started out with a resurrection, "uplifting" energy over it.

    Then the Knight of swords so there was strong intellectual focus, galloping off!

    Then the Queen of Swords, intellectual, cool-headed... strong, wise female presence.

    Then the 2 of pentacles, so there is movement at this point, a move or something happens physically that is saying yes to the (potential) of a physical beginning (as the ace has not appeared).

    And also a profession of love, and this card has 4 major arcana cards over it.

    • Temperance which is blending together

    • The Star which is bright eyes with hope

    • The Chariot which is passion

    • The Fool which is trust and following your heart

    Then a step to the 7 of swords, and it is imagination and fantasy, could be letters or communications, a story developing - and it has the Tower over that so that is something dramatic - exciting!

    Then the ACE of PENTACLES appears to begin a physical pattern together, and the Page of Cups, which is back to beginnings where it all started...

    ...messages of love.

    This sounds really lovely to me. ":)

  • Thank you so much Astra! I really hope things will work out fine between me and him!

    love asking for your insights as it gives me hope to carry on (which i need it badly). i know he is worth it and i am glad that your reading always prove me right. yes the FOOL. i will trust him. trust that he will comes around one day. i am waiting for that day. for him to open up to me once again. Thank you once again!

  • Dear Astra.. it's me again after another 2 weeks ++ since the previous reading.

    Things were still on and off between us. It's not working so well despite how hard I tried. I am lost disappointed.

    I really don't what is he thinking and what concerns he has towards me. I tried to ask but he is not willing to talk more. How does he feel for me Astra? Does he loves me at all?

  • Hi pinkrose08

    I'll do a reading on where you are at right now, and see whether that answers some of your questions...

    A lot of swords, so you are really thinking a lot about this, and some of that could be causing some worry. Hermit and the Devil cards turned up early on which is some isolation and walls between you two somehow.

    Then a pair of Knights, Wands and Swords, so a strong effort in the relationship... you may be dealing with a sword type relationship.

    Then an 8 of Pentacles and 10 of wands, and the Magician (so that row seems to be your "answer" for you at this time). It sounds to me like whatever is happening between you and him is as it should be. The Hermit showing early tells me that this relationship may normally need these distances sometimes to work through your own person path issues. So that could actually work into something nice for you, as long as you keep a calm and centered attitude. I wouldn't worry about it. Give it some more time.

    The 8 pents and the 1o wands seems to be encouraging you to channel some of these concerns into something creative - make something, express your creative side in some way that you can lose yourself in... a change of role too, maybe a new form of expression... something you've been wanting to try creatively and have waited - this might be a wonderful time to start that. Plus! The Moon is waxing now and that is a great time to start new projects!

    The Magician card is saying something like, "Keep a magical point of view on life". Let some magic enter in. Connect with something mystical and fairy land like, something fun for you. Then the relationship issues will also "magically" work out while you aren't even watching!



  • Astraangel

    recently had an unexpected change of event. I can get what I want but not exactly the way I wanted it. and I am lost whether should I go for it. I am unable to judge his sincerity and feeling for me, as well as the outcome of my decision.

    Any insights from you? Greatly appreciate for your help.

  • Hey Pinkrose08

    I think that is wise. I try to keep that view, sometimes we can get so wrapped up in the wrappings, and "what I want" and the "the way I want it" can seem the same. I know the Universe knows what is best for us, and trust that, you can't go wrong. I have had the most difficult time in that area.

    I would listen to your heart... I can draw some cards I guess and we can talk about it...

    Drew 2 queens right away - Cups and Swords.

    So these are both energies of maturity and wisdom, emotionally and intellectually. So emotional balance and clear thinking is called for here.

    4 of Cups. That is foundations, solid and dependable emotional foundations. Not completely developed, but at least the foundation in the ground. So it sounds like a relationship wanting to get underway. Established.

    That sorta landed on the Queen of Cups to clarify her.

    The Hermit card (open, creative hand) was the clarifying card for the Queen of Swords. (In my deck that is 8 swords + ace wands). So this is a very creative card of thinking. So I think the key here is stay creative in your thinking about this choice you are making. Be open to new possibilities and I would look for the path of a Higher Divine Love union. The hermit card is considered by some to be a card of this higher sort of 'mystical' love union with another.

    Whichever way feels like you are lifting up off the ground, there is your answer. I would say the path that takes you to this more mystical and divine love concept, no matter the "way" that comes... that is where our hearts and eyes should be perhaps.

    love, and I hope that helps you aprilca -


    IKNOW YOU WILL MAKE THE RIGHT CHOICE also so you can be at peace, you are in the hands of love, you will be guided.

  • it's really tough to make a decision knowing that you might just lost what you can actually get due to this.

    does he love me like how I love him?

    I don't even know what he is thinking about and he doesn't want to open up entirely as well.

  • Well for me anyway, a communicative relationship would be an important part of a viable long-term union. So if this path is the one you are thinking of pursuing, I would make sure that you are okay with him never opening up to you. Otherwise I would keep looking if communication is at all important.

    Depending on how you respond there will determine whether there is any need to draw cards, otherwise it is pointless.

  • dear astra.. we got together 🙂

    can i have a reading on my future with him?

  • dear astra,

    can i please have a reading on my r/s with him? things are not going very well... really confused over what to do.. thank you so much.

  • Nothing to worry about chytra... these things are normal as your relationship is developing with him. Some adjustments and maybe you go off in your own corners for a while... nothing unusual.

    2 of Pentacles - You could be looking at a move with him, down the road. Moving is indicated anyway, you or him or both of you. Something physical between you is affirmed. You are an item here for sure. as it is physical.

    3 of Wands - this is all path energy, and is "growing" path energy, miracle energies too! Magic can happen. SO this modifies the 2 of pentacles we saw... so the 2 of pentacle physical partnering is an important path development for the two of you.

    Then the 10 of Cups - wow that is all of a sudden major emotional happiness. And the 8 of cups, so yes this is like a big big emotional breakthrough coming on the heels of this physical agreement the two of you make.

    You will be moving in with him, or he with you soon. That is a part of the plan above for the two of you it looks like. And will bring greatest happiness to the both of you!

    8 of swords seems to be you right now... a lot of thinking about things.. oh everything is FINE with the two of you pinkrose08! This is nothing to be alarmed about, take it in stride... be at peace, talk to him in the air, like he is still there. Because he is... his heart you know? Your hearts are knit together. and that is enduring. You want to embrace this secret relationship with him and keep your heart sending love his way... that is all... otherwise I would take it easy about it...

    Listen to your heart... how you feel about him deep down... just keep looking there and the relationship continues to deepen. It is really lovely... I am seeing this pattern with so many lately... a beautiful, heavenly relationship... with someone so perfect... and then, nothing... a break... and it can be painful... however that is all outward things.. our TRUE connections with one another are in our hearts... there is where you can love on him any time day or night. When you go to sleep talk to him... I'll bet on some frequency he hears you plain as day....

    Hey I hope that was okay and you could get something out of it... sending you love and calm and peace for the two of you... I see you two as a beautiful couple!

    love, astra

  • Thanks astra for your encouraging words.

    Have been struggling alot over him as he has been staying away from me.

    Do u see him wanting to be with me? Does he love me so much so that he will want to work things out with me?

  • Hi pinkrose08

    Okay I am looking at this... I drew the 6 of pentacles which I always think "sharing".

    Then the Moon card, emotions.

    Then a four of swords... that is sorta quiet, resting thoughts, stable...

    I think he is simply dealing with some emotional issues. The Moon right there in the middle is going to make it hard for him to share without stirring up his emotions. And he may not be quite able enough to sort things out...

    So he retreats from you (4 of swords) and remains in a sort of detached place, calm, not really communicating either.

    Then, your question, "Does he love me so much so that he will want to work things out with me?"

    I would say yes for sure, I drew the Judgment/Resurrection card and the 2 of Cups. Those are both very positive and beautiful love vibes. Judgment shows Heaven involved... perhaps our lovely angels helping, working things out for the best... sometimes it takes a while to arrange matters just so... it can seem like problems.... could be simply some adjusting and little alignments between our hearts...

    So yes pinkrose08... just looking at the cards they really look very beautiful and bright for the two of you. He does have some Moon effects to contend with... guys are really behind on that a little you know? Takes a special lady that knows a guy instinctively... has the key to his heart... she feels him and says to herself "I know this man like the back of my hand and we haven't said two words to each other..." soul mates, made within each other.

    Sometimes you have to go through some painful stuff in life before you find that special someone, as you have. Then, there is nothing in the Universe that could ever keep you apart.

    Right? And how is that possible? Because you are in love, and it is real.. and honestly, you are closer than you can ever know... he is always with you... and you are always with him... like angle to each other perhaps.

    So I have a feeling that this is all simple a phase you two are passing through. You are in love I know that much. And so there is only one thing you have to do and that is to love him. No matter what. Just love him. He is having to work through it in his own way... face is emotions maybe. how he really feels about you.

    I know things will work out.... 10 of pentacles... very nice and real and wonderful love.

    Love and light...


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