Hi AstraAngel

  • Dear Astra Angel.. Yes that's the one I am referring to..He was going through some emotional adjustments previously and I have been staying away as advised by you... But i still love him very much all these while and waiting for him to contact me.... he did re-initiate contact with me recently.. much nicer and caring to me.. but he is still very inconsistent as well... sometimes very nice.. sometimes very cold..

  • Dear pinkrose

    I ran through this several times looking at patterns, and I think your guy is more trouble than he is worth. I would move on.

    Here is a sample script for you to follow the next time he calls:

    Ring ring...

    YOU: Hello?

    HIM: Hi! Pink rose? Is that you?

    YOU: Yeah. What do you want?

    HIM: Um... I was wondering if maybe you might like to see a movie this weekend... and then you could come over to my place, for a beer or something. Maybe we could cuddle a little too...

    YOU: You know... I have a better idea... why don't you get lost and leave me the **** alone so I can find someone who knows how to be sweet to a girl instead of treating her like ****.


    There... that will accomplish one of two things... either you will never hear from him again, or he will shape up and start being nicer to you.

  • Pinkrose

    I hope you didn't mind a little humor there in that last reading. Very little haha...

    I was sitting here thinking about you... and your question. I did several spreads this morning and they all said the same thing, that this person you have loved has his own issues (mostly path related, he is really trying to find himself) and until he gets that sorted he would probably not be a great companion for you. You can still love him though! Just don't pin all of your hopes of a physical relationship on one person is all I would say.

    So, I ran another celtic cross for you and saw something very nice for you... this just appeared... a new love for you. Very soon. Ace of Cups approaching.

    The situation is the 9 of swords and that is crossed by a Knight of Wands - I believe that Knight Wands is your present love interest. There is also a King of Cups above, which is you really thinking about him a lot.... and you have thought about him a lot.

    There is also a Page of Pentacles below however, which seems to hint at someone else...

    Then... future environment, and your feelings about this development, is the 9 of Cups so I would say you are about to be treated to a most lovely surprise, something very unexpected. For this Queen of Pentacles - that is YOU in the Outer influences place. Which says to me that Heaven has had you in their sights all along for a wonderful love. This queen has a lot of help from above.

    Then, the Knight of Pentacles right next to you. and then then the 4 of Pentacles which is a very stable home, security situation. So I believe you are soon to enter into a new love relationship with a wonderful man, who is very earthy and grounded, and very mature. He will be the same, yesterday, today and forever. Loving you. Sweetly as can be.

    Your present love interest is a very wandy person, the 3 of wands fading now... yearning, for him... and yet he has his own path pinkrose... this new man though, he is young of heart, childlike, very innocent about love, and knows only sincerity and truth. So when he talks to you, you will know it is from his heart, and not a show or anything you have to read between the lines about. He will be good for you, and you will have a very happy home with him, very stable and mature and lovely. This man will love you deeply, the way you deserve.

    Hey I hope that offer something for you... I sometimes struggle with these relationship readings because I try try try to see the positive in every relationship. However the universe is always in charge and knows what is best for us... so it is best to go with the flow, and let highest best be done for us all.

    Blessings to you! Let me know if you have any questions... I see you very happy, very soon.

    Very, very happy.

    Love and blessings,

    Mike (aka astra angel, aka R.C. helicopter pilot ...when they don't crash 🙂

  • it's okay Astra Angel... no worries 🙂

    I know it's going to take a long time for him to come around (which he might or might not at the end)... but right now i find it hard to let go and just move on.. I'm definitely not rejecting love (ace of cups).. it's more like i will wait and see what's ahead of me... if the new love is someone meant for me.. i will definitely be able to move forward naturally too... i really hope this year would be a good year for me...

  • I am sure the year will be great for you... sometimes I think we are challenged in our love for someone. Like a reading may say "move on" but then, that may cause you to realize how much you do love the person. I don't have all of the answers, if you love that guy, and he is in your heart, then you are in love there is no two ways about it.

    In that case, it won't matter what me or anyone else says.... you have to follow your heart and sink into that place and enjoy being in love. It would sure be nice though if he reciprocated! Do these people know what a pain they make it for us, when we love them from a distance, and they are off on another planet? Maybe your guy can't really believe how much you love him... and so he stays away... until HE believes you really love him deeply.

    He does know that I am sure....

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