Hi AstraAngel

  • Dear astra, it's always very encouraging of you when dealing with such matters. it gives me some kind of hope that it might work out. I really want to love him with all I can. I am always loving him all these while but sometimes it's really hard to reach him. I strongly agree with you that communication is very important in a relationship. I always wanted an open communication with him but he is not helping things. I have been doing a lot of work to make things work , so much so that am always the one taking the initiatives. I don't mind as long as he respond to my efforts. But most of the times he will just stay away. Or he will keep quiet when I get into some serious topics.

    I get tired. I feel demoralized over time. I always wonder if he truly loves me. Does he actually want to be with me. I am so unsure of his feelings for me. I asked and he kept quiet. He never says he loves me before. He has not been showing me any concern all these months. I feel hurt because I really feel so much for him. How much he really feels for me Astra? Or he has someone else he is more in love with? it has been like this since I first got my reading from you. I really wantthat wonderful love you talking about.

  • Hi pinkrose

    Do you and him go through ups and downs in the relationship, is this a cycle with you two?

    That is one thing I am seeing from the cards.

    It looks like you are simply in one of those lower ebbs at the moment and then matters should return to being nice again (Knight of Cups at the end) so I would say expect him to be super passionate and wild about you soon... matters swinging back.

    I understand your feelings of being demoralized, it is like, WHY do I have these feelings and yet he is not exactly reciprocating. I can't answer that, all I can do is draw some cards and tell you what I see. I see these cyclical patterns.

    You are in an 8 swords atmosphere which is your mind expanding, you are seeing some new things about relationships and life and are wanting him to be there with you in this new awareness and growth. You may feel some frustrations at times because of different viewpoints. Still there should be love and closeness. As long as you are both feeling it.

    There is a lot of emotional energy with you and him right now... There is a full moon right now (yesterday actually) so you are probably feeling some of that emotional intensity, should begin to fade and calm for you... I am wishing peace and calm your way even though he is like he is (right now), you can still be a peacefilled and happy princess. While you wait for him to appreciate you.

    In the meantime, know this kind Lady. That Heaven (the Universe) are no fools, they see all, and when a heart like yours knows what love is - and knows what closeness really is, and a melting into one another - that heart will ALWAYS find a perfect mate. Period. So it can be him... it can be anyone. Your wisdom is in believing in YOURSELF and know that your dreams of LOVE and RELATIONSHIP are beautiful and golden - do not let anyone rob you of that. You feel love so intensely so it becomes painful when others are off in another world and you are there longing for closeness. and oneness. I am an idealist maybe... that is how I see it.

    I can't look at questions like "is he chasing another person" or something. That stirs up fear rather than faith and (I think) we should always be trying to build UP our faith, and belief in the Universe's goodness coming for us.

    Blessings, I hope something in there is of encouragement. Hang in there. It will be better for you I know. Love like you had always dreamed... floating... wonderful... wonderful...


  • Oh and here is a pic of the cards I drew...

    ANGEL NUMBERS for you from these cards are


    Summing the entire reading up into one number is 6 (9+3+4+8) and that is a very WARM caring and kind number, very gentle and nurturing. So you can relax in those energies, and expect to now see some more of that headed your way. Closeness, somehow probably sharing, and warmth.

  • Thanks Astra.

    Yes indeed there have been ups and downs in this relationship. Actually my feelings for him is always the same. I feel happy/blissful/excited each time I see him. Full of joy and i do look forward to see him. As for him, his mood is always ups and downs and that affect me deeply. Maybe every 5 moves I made, he only returned 1 positive move back. He has a lot of emotional issues that he is not opening up to me. I have been going through this vicious cycle for many months. I get upset and I get happy and it's driving me crazy. But i keep going.. as I feel that we have feelings and we can connect with each other. It's like you know this person is just so different from the rest! I cherish such feelings. It's so precious and I hope he cherish it too. I can give in once, twice or even thrice, it doesn't matter really..but this just can't go on forever. Love should be 2 way... Really thanks a lot Astra! I really hope things can work out for us too... Have a good day ahead! 🙂

  • pinkrose08,

    I agree, love should be two way, balanced and so in this case it does sorta sound like your mate is going through some changes, and growing. Not easy for you I can tell that. Yours is not unique, a lot of us seem to have (or had) found ourselves in relationships where the expressions of feelings and connecting like that is hindered for some reason. I cannot explain it. I know that it is important to be able to communicate on a totally open level in a relationship, right?

    So it sounds like he is not opening up for some reason. Sometimes we are shy like that, could be an area he is not used to talking about. Could be intimacy concerns who knows... I am not a psychologist. Also difficult to try and offer help totally over the internet, it is somewhat cold. Mail would be good. You should try to write him a letter and see how he responds. If he can't respond in either words (conversation) or in writing then he is probably on a path change or something.

    The Tower. That is rapid movement, some drama, changes, excitement. Had anything happen lately exciting? Maybe something chaged a lot recently and that is taking some time to adjust to? I am casting about.

    Then the Wheel, we saw that in the last set. SO this is a positive encourager I believe pinkrose... this is turning, changing, so I would say expect some changes, something to turn around - that has been a by product of some area of drama recently.

    Then a 3 cups and Page swords - these are very innocent and youthful energies, love and happiness sort of childlike and some playful conversation. I see that developing for you.

    After this its all cups and pents so now path wands issues here. I think there is something going on with him or the two of you that is fundamental move, or change of address or somehting. I got "a place of our own" something like that earlier. Alaska? It came up for some reason, also rock of gibraltar haha...

    4 cups emotional stability. King of Swords. And temperance. He could be an emotional sort. 9 of swords that is very high levels of thinking of something... 5 wands path changes... 6 swords moving toward quieter places of thoughts... and 9 wands. that is very developed and mature path. And the 2 of wands is solidly decided path or something.

    I see that he must be really having to focus on his life career or something, could be his job or the way he expresses himself in life he is working on that. So while he is following his "work" I guess you could say, he might be off in his own world and not too chatty. (opening up).

    That's when you turn the phones off in the house, lock the doors and take him to loveland, isn't that the answer? How is your relationship in the bedroom? Been changing there a little lately?

  • Hi astra

    No we have not been physical yet actually.

    I am feeling so upset that I got to know he has a promotion today through HR dept. We have been together since early this month and he is aware of this since mid of te month and yet he never want to tell me about it. Never want to share his joy with me. Instead he just dumped me aside for the past 2-3 weeks knowing I am feeling very upset over him. When I said I don't wish to continue this relationship, he still said okay since he has no time and attention for me. I feel so terrible. He just doesn't cherish me like the way I do. I always thought he loves I feel my heart is bleeding. The pain and sadness. He doesn't feel sad losing me.

  • Is he really in love with someone else or he has someone else already?

    I asked for a talk but he just tell me he is busy and that's all.

  • Hey pinkrose

    omg listen to me with the physical part, ugh... my apologies my moon is in scorp and that (supposedly) has some influence in that area!

    Um...I have looked at cards on you and him for several sessions now.. that seems to be a good way to catch some of the general energies. I'll share what I saw and you can weigh it for yourself?

    I saw a man who loves you greatly. His heart is with you, he would love to see something develop, a new life together with you. He has some of the usual fears that men contend with though. It is pretty typical I think for guys to be that way. We weigh out life so carefully sometimes, (what is his sign? if he is a Cap like me they will weigh things out a long time before finally taking a step). Anyway, I would be very patient in this time... I think your relationship is trying to enter into, and develop into, a very beautiful trust relationship, where you two share a deep bond - regardless of the practical, physical aspects of the relationship. That is so important for a man and woman to discover that for their relationship. Oh! I know it must be heaven,, and I am certain you and this beautiful man are really wanting to the most beautiful relationship possible.

    I can attest to the fact that it is the most wonderful relationship a person can ever have.

    And Happy Halloween, a time for fun!

    Love and light

  • Sorry astra

    What do you mean by having the moon at scorpio will supposedly have some influence in that area? do u mean his coldness might be due to me not wanting to get too physical? I'm sorry astra, there is something I have not been saying. He already has someone with him but I always thought he doesn't loves her at all. Its just due to some commitment he has to fulfill.

  • Things have been going from bad to worse between us. He wanted a few weeks break from this relationship. I can't reach him at all. I am so insecure and upset over it. He is like moving further and further from me. He doesn't mind losing me at all. I am not important to him after all.

  • Hi Pinkrose

    Hey, I have been looking at your situation repeatedly since my last message. I still see GOOD things here between you and him, I think he is just conflicted. For example I just drew these cards for you and him *(your feelings toward one another)

    you: Queen of Swords (r)

    him: The Lovers

    Common card is the Emperor (r)

    So in this case, you are acting out a Queen Swords style response. Why won't he respond? Argh! You are beside yourself with pain over this situation, and this Queen knows pain. I don't usually pay attention to reversals however in this case it does seem to show some intensity of your feelings about this matter.

    he on the other hand brings forth The Lovers! How can this be! It must be someone else he is love with! I don't really think that is the case at all. He has feelings for you. He does. For some reason he needs time to work through something, it is probably the commitment he knows will be asked being with you. I saw marriage as a distinct possibility for the two of you. His heart is in the right place, he needs some time to come to realize how much he does love you. Until then, there isn't a whole lot you can do except be patient and send him nice wishes, you know?

    I would really try to relax... I know it is hard for you right now... take a nice bubble bath, light some candles, put on some nice music... love YOURSELF while you wait for him to come around. I hope yu get what I am saying.

    This is not unusual at all, this is what happens quite often in love! Two people find their hearts are the same, they connect, and one would think it would be all laughter and smiles and cuddling from then on.... Not exactly. The LOVERS card also means "sword" (Hebrew Zain) and that means some things can hurt! THere may be separation... pain.. why is this happening? Does it mean you two are not really meant for each other? No, i don't believe that is the case... it is trust. Love will trust the other, even though the outer life is not going well... love will still believe the best about the other... will be patient and kind.... tender hearted.... and wait... simply wait.

    I know... not easy. Join the club. I just drew the 6 of swords for you just now and that shows you heading for much nicer waters...

    I think the Universe has an interest right now in forming very beautiful, strong, deep and meaningful relationships right now between us all. This world will not last without that. The shallow relationships where one or the other runs away when the going gets tough... that is not taking our world in a good direction. So good people like you... and me... and everyone else.... are probably being challenged in our love life to understand love on a somewhat higher level... more hidden, mysterious.... even when your beloved isn't there to hold... still, you have deep feelings for him, right?

    See? That is higher love I think.... when no matter what has happened, no matter what was said, not said... no matter that he hasn't called, or txted.... none of that matters. What is important is how you feel about him. Do you love him? Of course you do, you wouldn't be in pain if you didn't. So the Universe wants you and him to have the most wonderful relationship possible... one born of faith and trust, Even when the chips are down.

    You hang in there Pinkrose... I would relax your hold on the situation (if it were me), and let the Universe work it out in some special way. I can't promise he will be knocking on your door tomorrow, I can tell you that he has real feelings for you... I will pray for you too that things settle out for the two of you... I really would love to see something nice happen here. Let's relax a little and take in an atmosphere of love and faith.... how does that sound?

    Blessings and light and love to you and him!


    P.S. I do kinda expect him to come running to you very soon.... I am a hopeless romantic pinkrose what can I say. LOVE WILL ALWAYS TRIUMPH! Hang on...

  • Thank you so much astra. I have been waiting and working hard for this to work out for the past 6 months bexause I feel the same as you. I dont mind taking the initiatives though I am a girl. I really love him very much. When you drew the lovers card, its between me and him or him and the other lady? He is committed to her but do you see him loving her and leaving her?

  • Sorry astra

    I read the msg again and I got it. The lovers card is between me n him. That's really motivating and encouraging. Thanks 🙂

  • Yes I was not really thinking about him and this other person.

    I also tipped over the Hierophant card for you two this morning thinking about this situation... that card does keep showing up with the two of you and I always think marriage or commitment. And then, just now I drew the 4 cups which (to me) is emotional/relationship foundations. So I keep getting nice energies about this! I do see that he has his own work, probably thinking about you a lot and considering something more formal in a relationship.

    As long as your heart feels something strong for him and that is always there, then that is a pretty good sign to me that you two are meant for each other. (Otherwise why would you feel as you do?) I would not be concerned about this other person, listen to your heart and love him from a distance for now... The Magician card... so magic is in the air... 🙂

  • I understand you Astra. It just that I have been trying real hard to reach him all these while and he totally ignored me. I am a girl with deep emotions, I do feel bad for not being cherished by him at all. He basically just put me aside and never even reply a simple greeting to me. I always have the feeling that I am already like offering myself to him and yet he is still not taking me seriously. I feel really disheartened. Sorry Astra, I don't mean to be so emotional. I am just affected about the way he has been treating me. I find myself really dumb to take him so seriously.

  • i am feeling really sad. Received a tarot reading from a 1 to 1 tarot reader today. She told me that he doesn't love me, he just wants me in a sexual way. It's like a sexual conquest to him. His feelings for me are very superficial and he will never leave his marriage. I always thought he has issues in his marriage and he wanted to leave all along. She added on saying that he is considering a job switch. I am feel so sad and hurt about all these. What should I do Astra? I want to find some motivation to carry on waiting for him, and yet this is what I got. And he has been ignoring me totally for the past few days, or weeks. it's so painful..

  • Dear Pinkrose,

    Okay, I understand. I am willing to share some thoughts for you that are not really a tarot reading. If so, can we move this discussion to the "Love and Relationships" forum here on tarot.com? and then I can simply talk and not feel like I have to keep drawing cards. It might be worth a try.

  • Sure Astra. I will start a new topic there.

  • Hi Astra... Nice seeing you back and hope you still remember me..

    May I have a updated reading on the same issue again? Really appreciate it..

  • Dear pinkrose

    Is this the same situation where you have a love interest with a certain guy, and it isn't going anywhere?

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