• Hi Astra Angel how are you? I am new here and I heard great thing about you. I would like some insight on from you based on my career and love?

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  • Hi dfrance

    OKay, let's take a look. I laid out a celtic cross and have been pondering how this all relates to your life and career/love concerns, see what you think...

    It looks like your present life situation is going through some major changes, something is falling apart (The Tower), and that seems to come on the heels of a quality choice you made recently (Ace of Wands). The Tower is crossed by Justice, so either something happened to you that you feel is an injustice, or you are trying to attain some re-balancing in your life right now.

    Then coming soon for you is "Resurrection" or judgement, so that shows you finally being free of whatever all of that Tower/Justice stuff is about. You are breathing a sigh of relief, it is all behind you - FINALLY - and you are now moving forward very secure and in charge (Queen of Wands, transition card to your future environment which is the 10 of Pentacles - nice!)

    Under you right now, is the 8 of swords, which shows that much of your life experience has been shaped by your own self-derived concepts of life, and can feel like little prisons at times. You KNOW it should be going better than that, and yet how can you escape present conditions, you know? That is the 8 of swords, the lady on the beach with a circle of swords around her. The thing about the swords is that they show very developed intellect which is wonderful! We have our minds for a reason! However what happens is that the mind has no choice except to draw conclusion based on "actual events" and the way life is presenting itself to us, and our minds are kinda helpless as to coming up with answers - that takes wands to do that.

    So the Tower and the Justice and Resurrection is all "pre-arranged" like experiences to help you break free in your thinking, and that helps to liberate you into the settings of love and career that you truly deserve! Painful process quite often though, the tower is never fun, however once the deadwood and phoniness leaves your life it should be much smoother sailing for you!

    Above you is the 2 of Cups, and this is your dream, A wonderful love relationship that is authentic, genuine, identifying with one another, truly balanced and whole, very intimate and very, very communicative on a deep level. Your thoughts often drift into that, daydreams and all... love is very important to you, your career is something that is an enhancement to that.

    So you are stepping very soon into a new life in some very profound way... some big changes in your attitude and spirit, (Queen of Wands) is all confidence and poise, self image very healthy and not dealing at all with any of that 8 swords self-limiting junk... this takes you immediately into a new career path (10 of Pentacles) which seems to be a change of path in some way, like you switch career paths all of a sudden and it WORKS for you! Builds on past life experiences instead of only trying to figure out what people want (which leads nowhere).

    Above the 10 pent is the Knight of Pentacles, so that is how the world looks at you soon in this new career direction. Focused and doing great. The 10 and the knight together shows a very fortuitous outcome, and that "choice" you made recently (Ace of Wands in your recent past) is paying off.

    You made some sort of decision back there about your life's path... a new start or something. You started a course, or made some sort of move you hoped would develop into something better for you. Then the Tower, Justice, Ressurection .... the the Wands comes back in the Queen, so whatever it was works out at last, and your choice proves to be a very wise one! (I am sorta backtracking over the reading now... bear with me...)

    So, then then the 10/Knight Pentacles so that is this new career for you, very solid, very fulfilling. The result of the Ace/Queen Wands active, determined energy.

    Moving up the staff, the 5 of swords shows more about your hopes, and this shows that you understand how vital it is to have your thinking straight and sound, to see life honestly while at the same time embracing the very best about your future. You are ready, willing and able to make whatever changes in thinking are required to take you from Point A to point B. You have a very sharp mind.

    FInal out come... where is this all heading? The Magician! So that shows your life working on ALL levels! Love is there, as it has cups (4 of them! which are foundations!) and balanced sword, pent and wand energies all 2's.. the Magician is your life integrating on all levels, a higher reality, dimension, love and career beautiful and flowing for you. Magic is intimated, which means you could very well be heading into something of a magical or therapeutic work for others... maybe you are developed in your psychic abilities and are helping others by this point, and that could be connected to your career path. The Magician has a unique ability to see into other people's lives and identify with others, comparing realities. That is a characteristic you have, you easily relate to others. So that could be a big part of your career path. Jobs that allow you to relate to others and then reflect back to them the higher self that they are... you can think about that!

    This looks all wonderful to me... I would be on the lookout for a companion, there is a King Swords hidden in the Justice card, so you should be crossing paths with someone very soon who is your mate and very strong like you intellectually. Someone who can easily relate to you on a deeper level, who also knows all about the 8 of swords prison, the Tower and justice and all that... so that person is out there for you. You are the Queen of Wands. The wands and swords mate in the Magician card.

    dfrance, I hope that gives you something to consider? I got very good vibes about you! I know you are going through some tough places lately, you made some hard choices, and that at times you have asked yourself "did i do the right thing?" Sure your did! Its all working together. So hang in there, remember that there is a lot out of your control right now, I would go easy, let the present major arcana energies work their magic in your life and you should soon see some tremendous breakthroughs in a new dawn for your life (Queen of Wands) leading to the career path. Then the career thing develops fast and it is great for you! Love should be along for the ride by that point, there seems to be something permanent established with that person once your career thing is going strong (5 swords ties back to that King swords in the justice card).

    Okay, I hope I didn't overwhelm you! Blessings!


  • Thank you so much Astra. Yes I have been going though a lot. I am trying to start fresh and let go of my negative thoughts that have keep me from being the person I want to be. I have dealt with self confidence issues, social anxiety and mild depression. I just want to start a new life where I can let go of my past. Like you said I do doubt myself if I made the right choice in my career or if I am going in the right path in life. Once again thank you so much.

  • Hi Astra will I be finding a job soon. I recently graduated with my bachelors but haven't found a job yet.

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  • Hi dfrance

    We can look at your work path...

    This looks to me like you could expect work very soon.

    Knight of Swords, 5 Cups, 7 of Swords, 8 of cups

    (those cards all seem to be your education years. With some emotional changes sprinkled in there too). Then the High Priestess, I thought that might represent your graduation.

    Then the Page of Swords, that is where you are at I think. Reaching out, sending the resume that sort of thing.

    Then, the Queen of Pentacles. Immediately a very solid Pentacle (work) card and that is the most developed energy of the Pentacles, the Queen. So this looks very optimistic to me!

    And you are on the right path, always. 🙂

  • Thank You AstraAngel so much. 🙂

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