SO CONFUSED.. can anyone give me a reading

  • Hello All,

    I have had many different readings and some days its right and some days its wrong...which is the nature of readings in general.. i get that totally... But I guess what I'm looking for are answers to questions like, "can readings change from day to day based on the events of that day?"... "when I get a good prediction one day and a bad prediction the next day...can they both be right, just there was a change in events that changed the reading?" If there is someone that can explain the fundamentals of readings to me and inturn give me a reading as well....that would be very helpful in clarifying what i've been told... Now a little bit about me for the reading... I am a Pisces 3-7-68, woman, I was in a long term relationship with a cancer man 7-10-63 for 10 years... i've know this man for a total of 23 years... our relationship ended abruptly about a year ago and we have had sporadic contact over this last year... we saw each other about a month ago and we spoke on the phone 2 weeks ago and yesterday....both pone conversations were very strained...but our time we spent together a month ago was golden... He helped me raise my 2 daughter's from a previous relationship he has a connection with both of them, especially my youngest who loves him very much...but during this time we have been apart he has not been the dad that she grew to love...he has avoided her and it hurts her deeply...she is a libra 10-19-93... I hope that someone do a reading that can clear up some of this for me as well... i would like to know if there is any chance for us to reunite our family and start again...

    Thank you in advance for anyone that can help...


  • please help

  • Hello All,

    I'm trying to keep the post current so it shows on the main forum page... I hope that someone sees this and can help me...Thank you

  • Hi truepisces,

    i can try and do a reading for you -- but am doing one currently for someone else and will do yours as soon as i can. hang in there!

    love and light,


  • phoenixrizing,

    Thank you so much!!!! Anything that you can do would be so appreciated.... I will wait to hear back from you... Thank you again.

    Talk to you soon


  • phoenixrizing, if there is anything else..any other information you need from me for the reading...let me know and i can give you more details...

    thank you in advance

  • Hi Trupisces,

    it would really help if you could have a list of questions -- 3 important questions -- and make them as specific as possible. eg don't ask "can we resolve our problems?" because the answer will be 'yes' -- you CAN resolve your problems but whether you want to or are willing to put in the work or whether the other person is willing to do anything is anyone's guess!! a better question would be "what do i need to do to resolve my problem with ..." because it is YOUR reading and the only thing you can control is what YOU do, not what the other person may or may not do. then, once you get your answer, you can ask, eg, "if i am successful in doing these things, is it likely that the situation can be resolved?"

    i hope this makes sense -- think of 3 really important questions first that you want to ask and we'll take it from there, pk?

    don't worry, there is always a silver lining somewhere no matter how dark the clouds are!!!


  • Phoenixrizing,

    the way you put things are so clear...thank you... but i have to say that thinking of these questions has been a hard task... because i want to make sure I ask the right questions...the right way...

    And when you say that they should be things regarding myself... that's the hardest because all the questions i have are regarding the other person... so I apologize for it taking me so long to reply...

    I will start with you sample question as my question #1- What do i need to do to resolve my problems with victor(that's his name, mine is malinda) - #2 I believe that he has others around him advising him to not get back with me, what can i do to counter what he is being told to do? - #3 how do i get back into his inner circle...back into his life again.

    I hope I asked the right questions the right way..... I do have a boat load of other questions but I have a feeling that they are all related to him and that you may not be able to get clear answers... I will give you a few examples and you let me know if i was right... ex.1- will he come back to me in the near future permanently, ex.2- when will he come back to me, if ever, ex.3- he's always been scared of the "in-love feeling" and has fought it with ever relationship he's ever had except one(the one that broke his heart 25 yrs ago)...will he ever have that "in-love feeling" for me, ex.4- I know he cares for me but he has decided that he does not want to communicate right now(phone, email, text) how do I or should I even try to write him a letter pouring out all of my emotions and feelings or is this a really bad idea.... ex.5- will we put our family back together and move on to a more peaceful happy phase in our lives together....

    so you see I have lots of questions i hope the first 3 I gave you are on the right track.... the others are purely just things that roll around in my head... i truly never thought he and i would be in this situation and by now i thought we would be enjoying out lives together... my oldest daughter is out of the house and my youngest daughter only has 2 more years and she will be out of the house too... i thought we would be traveling and having fun at this time in our lives together... oh I haven't forgot the issue and the questions surrounding my youngest daughter but i figure the first 3 questions is enough for now...

    thanks and i will look for your next post

    Have a Blessed day!!!!


  • phoenixrizing,

    I apologize if i overwhelmed u with my reply.... u don't have to try to answer all the questions... first 3 that you asked for are fine... I hope to hear back from you soon

    thank you


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