Discussion about advertising (scam) also on this site

  • Ok in a nutshell I am aware of an online company advertising on this site that is globally involved in stealing money from its subscribers.

    In the first instance-I have messaged the contact center here and request that they investigate their association with such an outfit...given this is both a site where members are people with spiritual beliefs, values etc AND this site is also a business there is in my mind an inherant tension in this situation.

    I am interested what fellow members here think about this kind of situation???

    What of the other advertisers on this site? what do we know of them? do they get screened for potential practices that are not aligned...or completely at odds with the basic goals of this kind of site? Are other members comfortable with advertisers (helping keep this site free) of this nature i.e scurrolous theives-actively engaged in targeting more victims?

  • I think this is a case where we all have to exercise our intuition and be wary of false promises made by advertisers. We can't avoid this sort of thing but it can help us develop our discrimination.

  • I agree with u Captain, yes its a buyer beware world we live in... though another part of me just doen't accept ignoring it totally because I also believe where possible to prevent more harm, if and when I am able.

  • Unfortunately, tricksters prey on those who are desperate to get the thing or person they want. But if something doesn't come to you easily and you have tried everything to acquire it, you might just have to accept that it's not meant to be and that it might actually be the wrong thing (or person) for you. There are many things in life that can make us happy - you just have to explore ALL your options and not cling to one or two things (or people).

  • sorry, hmmm I must be having a thick moment...not sure I follow. After first sentence. But thats ok, maybe its that bosenberry cheesecake sitin in the fridge thats got me distracted. : )

  • tob 2

    i am sorry i did not answer you earlier, i read it yesterday and had a million errands to run,

    tob 2, you know the site, you are talking about whereas myslef for one, am clueless, if you want to feel at ease, report abuse, or email tarot.com, for different reasons in the past i have gotten in touch with them and they have replay through a email, when you hit the report abuse, they automicallly get your message, the option is yours, and thank you for letting us know that one of the partners is a scammer,

    god bless you


  • Ramonita

    Morning, yes I have reported it. I guess my intention was to invoke some discussion/thought as to what others felt about it in general.

    In particular with respect to the keeping the site free...vs....having a direct link, one or two clicks from having a whole mess of new problems b.c the advertiser is a scammer.

    Just thought I'd see what others thought : )


  • tob2,

    i for one try to be very careful with sites i go into, and i am a old timer, i dont like doing my banking online, or buying for that matter, so many things happen, and sometimes scammers get your email address, without one giving to them, it is a very delicate matter, when it comes to buying it is more fun doing it in the stores, it is so true one has to very careful, thankyou for informing us, maybe some one else will come into the thread and say how they feel about scammers,

    god bless you

  • I just meant that scammers succeed when people are so desperate that they allow themselves to believe any old line or promise. Deep down many people want to be fooled - they want to believe that the outrageous claims some scammers make of promising love or money are true.

  • Hey Captain,

    yes those rogues do have distinct style. And yes, I do see how someone vulnerable, lost, lonely, and down could be 'easy pickings'.

    This is slightly different in that the advertiser (dating site), through carfeul and clever marketing presents as-kosher.

    However, due to again clever computor default settings-unwittingly consumer is purchasing a subscription that says they are paying for example $50.00...the prospective consumer enters their credit cared details expecting to pay the $50.00 click yes and by default their credit card is automaticly debited for $300.00-when they advertiser had said $50.00.

    So new member has no idea that they have just been charged $300.00

    It gets way worse.

    The advertiser NOW has credit card details...bare with me

    The member is unlikely to have any idea at this stage.

    As they spend a wee bit of time on the site they learn that the 'matches' being sent to them are never in the same country...or, as often the case, they are said to be in the same country-but currently overseas on business...

    The member realises this is phoney-and want their membership cancelled.

    At the very least they advise said advertiser DO NOT RENEW my membership.

    But the clever scammer/advertiser already has the credit card details AND burried in 14 pages of terms and conditions of the contract in the tiniest writing possible-yes it say if you want to cancel your membership click your profile and then click 'membership cancellation'

    which of course subscribers do

    unaware that by clicking that membership cancellation button-the scammer then debits yet another 300.00 from their credit card.

    So in essence the ONLY way out is to completely cancel credit card and get a new one altogether.

    Then said scammer/advertiser...once they realise that the credit card they have access to is no obsolete...the start sending threatning emails etc...ifg you don't pay up we will send your debt to credit collectors and this will downgrade your credit ratings

    etc etc etc

    in addition to this they have threatened ex members with a barrage of 'what they will do, if"

    This is a brief outline only given here.

    So how do they get away with it???

    For sooooo long? And I'm not talking hundreds of people-I am talking thousands!!! Maybe tens of thousands...?

    Complaints I've seen date back to 2004.

    The company says it is based in switzerland-the bank account maybe. For all the wiser know they could be based (likely) in Nigeria with accounts in Switzerland

  • Unfortunately we humans often only learn our lessons the hard way, through bitter experience.

  • True

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