Scorpio & Aries...complicated!!! Any thoughts?

  • So I'm a Scorpio girl (Nov 18, 1975) who's crazy about an Aries man (April 8. 1980). Just wondering if anyone has had any experiences with this kind of relationship, good or bad. The problem is he is not exactly single. We've kinda been seeing each other all summer while he tries to figure out how to get out of the loveless relationship he's been in for years. They met at 19, she got pregnant and they been together ever since, now 32. He's asked her to marry him and she wears his ring but will not get married. He sleeps on the couch and is there to pay the bills and has been very unhappy for years. We met through mutual friends last fall and the attraction was immediate. I found out he had a gf and didn't pursue it. We came into contact again in April and this time it was harder to ignore. We started talking at first and I told him all about my unhappy marriage that I was in for 8 years and how I finally left. Then we started hanging out and things just progressed from there. We both knew all along that it was wrong so I don't need any judgements on that, I beat myself up enough for it. We do have mutual friends who know about his unhappy situation so I do know he's not feeding me a buch of BS, they do not know about us though. I feel like he is my soulmate, like I've known him forever, and he feels the same way. Told me he loved me after only about 6 weeks, and i truly feel that he does and I feel the same way. There is definitely a lot of compromise between us, but we both think it will be worth it. They had a talk a couple of weeks ago and he told her he was moving out. They told their kids and parents a couple of days later. I haven't heard much from him since, only to say that he is still alive and that he loves me and needs to figure his life out and to bear with him for now. I just let him know that I am here if he needs me and am trying to give him his space, which is killing me since I don't have any control over the situation and have no idea what is going on. I do realize our signs are only a small part of a person's personality too, just looking for some input on his behaviour and if/when he might come around again...Thanks!

  • adamsmany

    You will hear again from Mr. Aries in the next 2-3 days as he is feeling the loss now of family and had to come to grips with it mentally. He will not be willing to marry again for awhile and will ask you to lay low so to speak , so that you are not brought into the divorce and things get messy. You will have to use patience now and wait until his life is his own again.

    Aries men get bored fast as I have been married to one for twenty years, so I hope you are exciting and a mental challange for him, so that he will be yours forever.


  • Thank you Shuabby for your response! This has been my feeling about he situation as well, that he is sad over the dividing of his family, not leaving her per say, and just needs time to adjust. They were never married, but have 2 children and a house together so alot to deal with. This all came to a head 2 weeks ago and I have not seen him since, only received a few txts from him, the last one being on Monday after I txtd him to say "I only want to hear I love you and I miss you too and he answered I miss you too. I just answered Thank you and I love you``and he just sent me a :) back. I may run into him out over the weekend as he gets paid today and may be out with his buddies and we'll see how things go. I'm trying not to txt him but it's getting really hard. I think by tomorrow night I may just say hi how r things?... Do you think this is a good idea? Im going crazy not knowing anything that is happening. We do have some mutual friends so I they may get wind of something and start talking this weekend too so Im going to keep my ears open and my mouth shut and see what is said. I really hope Im not wasting my time...I`ve never felt this way before and I was married for 8 years 😞

  • I would be scared to marry or even get involved with an Aries (fire) and you a water sign very difficult. A strong attraction on your part.

    I know you will say its just like any other sign. BUT!

    Three of my friends got involved with Aries. They sure got

    bored fast and needs constant challenge. My previous boss an Aries man was married

    3 times. He was the one who wanted out. He said he got bored. Who needs that? I guess if its your destiny to end up with one what can I say. Just like what Shuabby said

    "I hope you are exciting and a mental challenge to him". GOOD LUCK!!!

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