How different are card meanings form one deck to another?

  • I frequently see someone asking about which deck is being used when considering a card interpretation, so I am wondering how much variation should be perceived in meanings from one deck to another? It can't be that every deck has a whole different meaning from another or things would get atrociously confusing!

  • There isn't too much of a difference besides the pictures. Different decks might have different systems, which means there might be more or less cards than another deck or might even be an oracle deck which is a completely open ended deck. It really is up to the reader who interprets the cards if he/she sees a difference. Most of the decks use the standard Rider-Waite system which most people are familiar with. The good thing about knowing which deck is being used is that the person asking the question can also divine for themselves their own meanings from it. I hope I helped.


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