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  • Also thanks for your first reading.I am indeed feeling much better healthwise:)

    Love and Light

  • I'm very happy to hear you are feeling much better! That is excellent news.

    I'll pay close attention to what happens by the end of this month and leading into September; I think I have an idea what the issues being raised up are that you mention that will be confronted over the month (I have a few job interviews coming up next week, and my feelings for P only started resurfacing around the middle of this month), so it's possible it could be either of those or something else. I will definitely send you an update when I think developments have happened!!

    I'm up for trading readings with you or anyone else who is still interested! I'm having a ton of fun with it so far and I think I'm learning a lot already! 😄

    Lots of love,


  • Yipyip

    Update! All that you said in the previous reading seems to be coming true.Just wanted to give you validation. When you are free,can you read fr me fr this month again, seeing as it has begun on such a depressing note:(

    How have you been? If you have a question ,I could practice again with you:)

    Best and thanks again

  • Hi Suramya! I actually wanted to update you too, it seems that everything you predicted leading up to September really, really came true too. The exiting of a relationship and working towards peace of mind/detoxification seem to have definitely been true (I disconnected with a former boss in a way that felt like dropping a huge amount of weight from my shoulders), especially if the detox card was more in reference to a mental-kind of detoxification rather than a physical one. If you want more detail, we can always exchange e-mails. 😄

    I think I have some ideas where some of the September readings are heading towards now! And they certainly seem to make sense, too.

    Hm, I do have a few more questions! I wouldn't mind seeing where P and I stand right now (I feel like there has been a change in his behaviour but I am not certain, since we had a bit of a heart-to-heart in a friendly way earlier this weekend); I also wouldn't mind more info on a job interview I had, though it seems from your last reading to be rather optimistic anyway! 😄

    I'd certainly love to give you another, more detailed reading for this month! I don't really have time until later tonight, but I'd like to try and get a good, in depth reading done.


    ~~ Yipyip

  • Great to hear from you.Yes the detox card does mean that as well.

    Hmm as for P, he is interested in you physically as the ace of wands showed up. You seem self sufficient and strong right now, and with gentle firmness and tact, can handle any man right now,him included:)

    September brings some good get together or celebration with him and friends. Its a good time .However in the long term ,this relationship might bring anxiety. It may be more physical or maybe he is too interested in the material aspects of this friendship. Is he a go-getter?

    This interview is showing up in this spread as a stepping stone to something else, for you to sharpen your mental swords against. Workwise a busy time coming up.The cards advise you to keep your eyes open for new opportunities, in both your personal; and professional life. maybe the Wheel of fortune in your relationship sector is saying,esp w regard to P (Emperor again, and also ace wands),that you dont have to try.Things will shape up on their own. You just need to stay vigilant to protect yr own boundaries perhaps. The number 10 is coming up for you. Any significance?

    The angel cards suggest patience with respect to your current phase.The card says its time for learning and information gathering, which will come in useful later. Travel to a new place of employment is also indicated.

    Hope this helps!

  • Suramya, that helps a ton!

    Do you have an e-mail I can contact you at? I'd like to do a really in-depth reading and give you some detailed responses about the readings from last time, but I don't know how much I want to post on an online forum, ahaha.

    I didn't have time to do the full reading for September last night, but I should be clear to give you one tonight. 🙂



  • Yipyip id love to do that but this may be removed.ive already been told not to post it here;(

    However if you are reading this and post yours(not yr work one but an alternative one maybe) i might take it down instantly:)

    This is sad because ive made some really good friends on this site.


  • Hi Suramya,

    You can reach me at! Whenever you do, I'll send along a super detailed reading for you!



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