Reading Exchange!

  • Hi all! I was wondering if anyone would like to start doing a reading exchange here? I've done some on a few other sites and have found that it is a good way to start practicing readings for others!

  • yipyip,

    I think it is a very good idea. There are not a lot of readers here on this site, unless they are hiding their light under a bushel and this may give them a reason to start shining it out and helping others.

    You can begin with me. My question is: Will my sister Felicia be writing to me soon, as she has no phone or computer at this time, or this is what I have been told by her?

    Thank you for doing this and giving of your time and effort.

    Please send me your question in return.


  • Hi Shuabby! I hope you don't mind if I start off with my playing cards, they're a little more in my comfort zone!

    I drew: Queen of Spades, Jester, King of Diamonds. I include the jester in my decks, as a kind of "twist of fate" card; one variety of jester stands for a good twist of fate, the other bad. I drew the jester that is representative of poor luck here, and it most likely stands in for her obstacles with sending you a message.

    I drew another 3 cards and got the Ace of Clubs, 9 of Clubs and 9 of Diamonds. The Ace of Clubs can represent a creative venture or signing important documents, the 9 of clubs can indicate distance, but also postponements due to distance, and the 9 of diamonds can represent thoughts or electrical energy.

    Overall, I think this means that despite her issues with being blocked by her issues with technology, she does intend to write a letter to you; this can either be a virtual letter over a long distance, or a handwritten one that may take a little while to get to you. Either way, she is thinking of you and will be writing to you soon. 🙂

    As for my question, I would like to know if my friendship with P has a chance of blossoming into a full relationship?

    If you have any more questions, I'd be happy to oblige with another reading. Thanks again!

  • That is VERY interesting that you include the Jester card in your readings 🙂

    I do not know how to do Tarot; however, I am very psychic when it comes to my dreams.

    Could you do a reading on me as well? I was wondering if you see a "twist of fate" in regard to an enemy of mine: her birthday is 03/20/68. She is responsible for causing a lot of wickedness and chaos in my exboyfriends's company.

    My birthday is April 21,1973

    Thanks In Advance 🙂

  • yipyip

    Your relationship with P feels like it can be taken to the next level by you and what you do to take it there. Make sure you know what you are wishing for as I feel you may get the wish fullfilled.

    Thank you for your quick response.


  • No problem, Shuabby. 🙂

    Absolutely, StandingTall!

    My first 3 cards are the Jack of Diamonds, 4 of Spades and King of Hearts. I assume the king of hearts was your exboyfriend in this case, and the Jack can be your enemy. The four of spades indicates a slow progression, illness, a kind of lack of stability.. It might represent the chaos she is causing your ex.

    My next 3 cards are the 7 of hearts, 3 of clubs and 4 of clubs. The 7 of hearts can indicate good times and a moment to catch your breath. The 3 of clubs indicates common sense, good luck and growth. The 4 of clubs could be practicality, a wall or office, a vehicle or reliability socially. So I don't really see anything terrible coming her way just yet; she might be getting a little more attached to the King of Diamonds, which is going to lead to more stability socially and is something she considers positive.

    I've never worked with a dreamseer before! I'm not sure what info you might need, but my birthday is September 24, 1989. I wouldn't mind a general outlook, or an outlook romantically or career-wise. 🙂

    Thanks again!

  • Thanks A Million!!!! You really gave me a Powerful reading!

    I will see what I can pick up on you. Give me a couple of days 🙂

  • yipyip

    Hi there! I could try a reading for you.Would you like one on the question mentioned above or some other area? Let me know.

    My question is about my health and my studies,how and when can i see improvements?

    Thanks for doing this

    Love and Light

  • No problem, StandingTall! I'm excited to hear what you see! 😄

    I'd love to do a reading for you Suramya! I wouldn't mind clarification on any of the other topics I've mentioned in this thread. 🙂

    When I drew cards about your health, I pulled the Wizard - King of Clubs - Wizard (in my deck, the "good" version of the Jester is the Wizard card). The wizard is a good turn of fate to me, and given that the King of Clubs is usually a person of authority, who is work-focused. It could be your doctor, advisor, etc. I would say that your health will only get better from here on out, especially if you heed his advice!

    For your studies, I pulled the 2 of diamonds, 10 of diamonds and jester. 2's can be representative of time - 2 hours, days, weeks, etc... The 2 of diamonds specifically can be in regards to the written word, so it might reflect your studies. The 10 of diamonds is the end of the current cycle, an increase in money, success and career-based achievement. The jester can be a bit of a downturn overall, however. It could just mean that your accomplishments might not be enough for you - while you'll have completed some major career goals through your studies, it might not be what you've been looking for or you might be looking to do more with your career. Don't be afraid though - the 2 and 10 are very good cards, so whatever the jester indicates is likely a minor setback, or something you perceive as a setback when in reality you'll have accomplished a lot!

    Don't hesitate to ask if you have any more questions! 😄

    • Yipyip

  • Yipyip

    Thanks so much for your reading.It brings me cheer!

    The first question I asked the tarot cards was about you and P.And I got an answer similar to the one that Shuabby gave you.

    Right now you feel quite low,almost betrayed, even though there is nothing in your post to suggest that.Did you go through a bad phase in a previous relationship, or maybe had an argument with P.

    Right now you are considering copmmitment to P (Lovers), and if you try you will 'get" him (6wands), but P comes out as a very dominating figure(Emperor). Is he fatherly or too contolling?

    Either way, the cards ask you to check what do you really want in yr mate.

    One of you, and it is likely toi be you,will be giving more in this relationship.Either you will both make a lot of money, or one of you wants this friendship or association fr material security or some resources. Workwise you both share common goals tho you may be expanding your horizons soon,maybe travelling.In any case,major changes in the current set up are possible(Tower).

    Archangel Michael tells you to remeber you are not a victim.Ask the angels for assistance . Career wise Michael is guiding you on the path to a career that you really enjoy .It seems you like making people happy.Your business and finances are being helped by the angels,and your current path holds the clues to new steps towards a career that brings you satisfaction and is your life's purpose.

  • Sorry fr the typing errors.If P is a female,even then the controlling bit may hold true.

    Letr me know if I got that right:)

    Workwise ,the High Priestess came up to show you are a very intuitive person,likely a female.If you want to use cartomancy as a career you will do well!

    the King hearts says that you are a generous person and maybe your new work or course of study, will let you help people.maybe this line of work will also bring you closer to the person you will love.

    The Goddess card Brigit is telling you be defiant about something,"Stand up for what you believe is right",Don't back down,speak your mind and don't worry about what others think.

    A card of abundance fell out twice to reassure you that you are supplied for today and all your tommorrows.And finally a card came up to ask you to forgive someone, who you think has upset or harmed you, so you can move on .

    Let me know if the reading made sense!

    If and when you have time I have another question: Does September hold any major changes for me?

    Thanks,Love and Light

  • Wow, Suramya. Wow. You are seriously talented; your reading actually shocked me to the point where I had to take a bit of a break before responding to let my head clear, ahaha! It is absolutely spot on.

    The betrayal thing was something that actually occurred last night, actually. I did a few readings before going out and couldn't figure out why the 7 of Hearts kept leaping out of my deck and into my readings, because that can either be a card of second chances or a card of betrayal. Then within a pretty short span I found out I was one of the few people not invited to an engagement party, received a pretty hurtful drunk text from an ex who used to be one of my closest friends, and then saw the look in P's eyes with his current girlfriend and it was all, well, a little too much. So I felt pretty down when I got back last night and the 7 of hearts suddenly made a ton of sense!

    I can see P as the emperor; he can be a little more dominating, but maybe this card also symbolizes that he'd be the one to make the choice (as I kind of made mine about whether or not I'd like to be with him a long time ago)? Or this draw might symbolize that I am considering what happened with my ex, who was also a very close friend, and wondering if someday being with P is something that I should even be considering..

    Our friendship is based off of being in the same degree together and looking in the same line of work, so the draw about common goals is correct; the major change could be both of us finding jobs in the industry, since we've been looking since graduation. We're both engineers, and I actually had a phone interview about 5 minutes after I saw your reading at a place that is in my dream industry! I'll try praying to Michael about it tonight, I have never actually prayed to him before.

    I've pulled the High Priestess more than a few times recently in my readings too! And the draw of Brigit also made me kind of gasp; I started praying to St. Brigit a lot this summer on the recommendation of a friend, and have started to view her as my patron saint. So seeing her card get drawn shows me that this reading is definitely one to pay attention to, and makes me feel that you are definitely being guided in your readings!

    I would absolutely love to do another reading for you, Suramya! I've got an errand to run, but once I get back I'll throw together one for you. 🙂

    Thanks again!

    • Yipyip

  • hey thanks Yipyip! Your validation means a lot to me.I may be guided but consciously i didnt'know" anything.I dont "see" like clairvoyants do.just practicing with cards.

    I am very sorry to hear that the betrayal symbolized(to me) by 10 swords was true.But remember,it also means that the worst is over.The only way is up, from here.

    Nice to know you are studying engineering.I can sense your good nature,but nothing else much, as an empath.Just wondering how you got interested in reading dont have to answer that:)if u dont want to.

    Btw I just picked up a single card fr u frm a deck, and it was,guess what? "Marriage"

    Being an amateur,I dont want to interpret that fr u,but it sounds nice:))

  • In the booklet that goes with this deck,the card is explained as a soulmate card.One is already or about to enter yr life.Such a meeting happens synchronistically, and it will feel as if you have known each other forever (frm a past life): thats how its explained there.

  • No problem, Suramya! I know validation can help a ton when you're starting out; that's why I love doing reading exchanges, it really helps you pick up on the details of the cards. Plus, when a reading is that accurate I can't help but confirm everything.

    I've always been an odd combination of logical and sentimental, I suppose. I've also been religious since a young age - not that my family pushed me into it or anything, it was just something that I sought out. I was also pretty into spirituality, and somehow managed on an old website for card-reading. I liked the idea of reading with playing cards, as tarot could be rather expensive for someone in their early teens with no job, and it's so easy to read and carry around playing cards! They're still my preference for reading, though I've tried to work towards reading with tarot too; I find they're a little more logical and to the point when it comes to definitions, and since I only started reading tarot recently it's a little harder for me to figure out which meanings are applicable and when. With the playing cards, though, I've found their meanings to be a little more intuitive... I usually follow Kapherus' method (you can find his blog for the Art of Cartomancy online), as it's the second system I found and the one I found most reliable for my readings.

    Oooh, the marriage card sounds neat! It's definitely something I would love to encounter in real life. I'm hoping it's a reflection of what I'm looking for with P, but even if I find another soulmate that'd sure be nice. 🙂

  • So, a reading on what you can expect in September:

    I asked what will happen for you in September; i pulled the Jack of Spades, 10 of clubs, 2 of spades, ace of spades and jester.

    The Jack of Spades can be a young cadet, soldier, someone who knows how to take charge, or a young person with dark hair; he (or she) can also be a bit of a gossip or an emotionally controlled/detached youth. The 10 of clubs combined with this court card can mean that the jack of spades is about to embark on a journey, as while it can mean success in business it can also mean travel over a long distance. The two of spades here could mean that this person is leaving your life, while the Ace of Spades represents renewal and change (it's in actuality very similar to the Death card in tarot).

    I asked what will happen after the events predicted in the earlier pull, and I got the 2 of spades, the 6 of spades and the ace of hearts. This means that after this separation, you will have to work to move on. The six of spades is more of a card of completion and a new phase of life; if I pulled the 5 of spades, it would mean that this separation is causing you a ton of pain, but in this case it will almost be a relief to move forward. It can also represent moving; according to Kapherus, a possible definition for the 6 of spades and ace of hearts can mean moving into a new home. The ace of hearts itself is a card of the home and feeling at home; it can also denote a family member.

    Like you I'm not really a clairvoyant and I am going off of just the cards I pulled; if you want to ask any more questions feel free, and I'll try to see if I can get any more truth out of them for you. 🙂

    If you're looking for another practice reading, I wouldn't mind finding out what my September holds either!

    Thanks again! ❤


  • Thanks Yipyip.I think I have understood what the cards are saying but can only confirm this after September is over. I will certainly let you know how it goes next month:)

    Will get back to your reading tomm.Sorry fr the delay.Got back tired frm work today.

    Thanks and Best!

  • No problem, Suramya! It's always a little stressful when you're doing the first few readings and don't know if any of them are even hitting close to what the person's real issues are. 🙂 I'm excited to hear from you!

    • Yipyip

  • Yipyip I wanted to start w a tarot card reading but my attention was drawn to fairy cards instead.So heres the message for you:

    Make Peace of Mind a priority.This may involve saying no to people sometimes.Figure out what brings you peace,nature or anything else, and then indulge,you owe this to yourself.

    The cards are also bringing up Detoxification.You may be sensitive to some chemical or toxin in food or toiletries.Im getting the image of you reading labels on products carefully (meaning you should).And finally you MUST trust your intuition.It is very strong right now and maybe your dreams or a message from yr inner voice is tugging at you about the direction to take next month.Pay attention to it

  • tarot cards had a clear message too for September.Workwise and study wise a very good phase where you take charge of things and move ahead swiftly.A male figure,masculine types,is of help.

    Judgement came up overall, and could suggest two things.The changes coming your way are taking their course and will be fast and sweeping.Or ,buried issues will have come up ,exposed to the surface by August end, and you are being asked to stay calm and non-judgemental.Things are happening in a certain way for your higher good.

    Lovewise a phase where you are still clinging to past memories,unwilling to let go.Also work or study takes up a lot of your time and attention.A sense of lack can hinder you,so can too much attachment to how things could have been. What helps are meetings or reunions with old friends,happy memories.

    On the whole you will be to keep your balance through these developments.In any legal matters or disputes, you will be treated fairly.

    Archangel Michael came up again to suggest you ask him for help when you need it.

    Great time to begin new projects or ideas.

    Another card says start delegating,when you feel overwhelmed.

    I get the sense,but Im not sure ,that you will be exiting a certain relationship, and that this will be a happy change for you.

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