Hello Astra!

  • Hey Astra!

    Long time no see! How are you? What are you up to? School? Work?

    Would like to a reading if you have time. Still the same guy(and the Vegas guy? Didn't go anywhere. Haven't talked to him for a longgggg time)... Still ups and downs... Not sure where it heads? What u think? And I'm still looking for a job! Darn! Applied to my dream firm a couple weeks ago... What u think about my chance landing a job offer with this firm? At least an interview... Let me know pls. Thanks!

  • Hey hll

    I am doing okay, I guess! Nice to hear from you, I am trying to get back on here and do some readings...

    Here I will start by drawing a card and we'll start a dialogue...

    2 of wands. That is dominion, or a strong, young, affirming energy about something you are wanting to do in your life, a role, a purpose, could be that job goal. Minor arcana, so this is simply sort of the present mindset in your life right now.

    And the Sun, so that is nice, and a major arcana card, so that is the general pattern/lesson understanding you are developing. I think this tells me that you are really working on affirming your own life's path in the midst of these "ups and downs" and holding on to the Sun as being the brightest, most beautiful tomorrow you can dream of. Can be a challenge in life, the downs all feel so final, like nothing is going to change (don't ask me how I know that :).

    The Sun is where you are heading, a new dawn soon, and finally, finally the light of life breaks out around you, above you, on all sides. Very nice. Youthful enthusiasm, exuberance, passion again! Yippee. I love passion, that is what makes life feel like life, instead of some sort of treadmill we are chained to. This looks like a very, very exciting development for you, could be a mysterious unexpected turn....

    3 of Cups. That is nice! Celebration, like... ALL RIGHT! Something very happy for you, could be something you have been hanging on to, dreaming of, perhaps the career thing opens out in a new direction you hadn't anticipated? Feels very nice for you anyway...

    Could it be connected to the guys? This "same guy", I can look at that...

    2 of Cups. Well there you go, this looks very nice. That is love no matter how you cut it. That relationship must be nice, going somewhere.

    And the 3 of Pentacles, this looks like he is somehow connected with your work or physical path somehow, he may be instrumental in some way with your career, door opening or something. Maybe he knows someone, or offers to help you there.

    King of Wands, that is him. So he is a creative kinda guy, and seems willing to help, in practical matters anyway. Could be emotional temperament. Hard to handle?

    7 of Wands, he has his own life path issues he is contending with too it seems. Job changes, some soul searching on his part. He is a dreamer, and must be willing to channel some of that dream energy your way.

    King of Cups. This must be the Vegas guy...

    The Emperor. You haven't heard from him in a while this is why. In control and not budging for some reason.

    Two of Cups with him too! Hmm... you have 2 situations that are genuine love situations hll... both of these guys are connected to you. I am surprised VG (vegas guy) hasn't contacted you, something is blocking him.

    3 of Pentacles for him too... so there is a work related situation with him as well.

    And the King of Wands... does he know about the other guy?

    Ten of Swords. He is dealing with something intense intellectually, like his mind is on that and not on you.

    The Universe, he could be working through a major change, or integrating his life into what he perceives his path to be. His head may be in the stars, floating around... he is drifty...

    7 of Pentacles and this is more dreamy work stuff. I think he is so wrapped up in his work? Where is that heading?

    3 of Cups! So he is going to have a breakthrough soon, and you should be hearing from him. Something has wrapped up him, contained him that has his head in a tizzy, and I think that will resolve out for him and then he relaxes and says "hey I wonder what hll is doing these days?" and the phone rings.

    And the Moon, we'll leave it there. Some darker, mysterious energies bathing you and these 2 guys, very cool. Could be some emotional responses, moments, contacts with these gentlemen, maybe both at the same time, and finally you may be seeing some breakthroughs in relationship.

    May the best guy win, haha!

    Love and light


  • Hi Astra

    Thanks for the reading as always. career looks promising as you said... Im not looking forward to hearing from this vegas guy anymore. Somehow, I feel that it's the end of our story. But your correct - he must be busy working or something. As for my boyfriend,.... will see. Not happy days these days. Anyway, I hope your doing well. and thanks for the readings! talk soon!

  • Hi Astra,

    I have a question regarding the job hunt. As I previous mentioned, I have a guy friend who was willing to help me land a job/interview. Well, so far, nothing really happened yet. I did request him to write me a reference which he did... I am not sure if this reference is useful. but its better than nothing. I am thinking.. maybe I should push him harder.. to see if he's willing to really make effort into helping me.. What you think? How would he respond if I push him harder? Will he do what I ask him to do? Looking forward to your insight. Thanks, Astra.. This job hunt is killing me....

    Oh, besides this question, I am quite curious to know what kind of painting your drawing these days? Maybe I can help you to sell some? Seriously. I know my bf is exporting paintings to Europe to sell, and the profit has been really good. Although thats not his main job... he's an investment banker. but you never know. Maybe we can do business together? 😉

  • hll,

    I got the wheel on your question about what you need to do. You shouldn't need to push or anything, this Wheel is turning for you and you simply have to sit tight til it finally stops turning. Out of your hands really. I would let it rest. Major cards like this have a life of their own your time would be better spent going to the mall and shopping or something haha.. or take a walk in that pretty beach nearby...

    My painting/drawing efforts have ground to a stop... i really ran out of steam, was painting a lot of little studies of this park near me, and it was really feeling like my heart was not in it. so I am letting it rest... tried some larger portrait work, did a big portrait of Marilyn Monroe and it went fast and was cool looking... i could paint work like that fast and it is fun for me, as long as there is a point to it. I wore out filling boxes of art with no real sales of any significance. So it is in the past for now.. whatever.... I am interested in whatever u have going though! Should there actually be a market for anything I could do whatever... I loved art at one time... it was magic to make them.... and now it is mostly tears and wondering "why am i doing this" and the fun went to la la land... things can change though... thanks for thinking of me... that is nice of you.

    I hope and pray your career path opens out soon! The Wheel is a wonderful card for you right now. things are turning for you for sure!

    5 of pentacles - big changes ahead materially, financially, yay yay....

    6 of swords - and some other nice changes in the romance dept too heh....

    love and lights


  • And the Ace of Pentacles was the last card for you... so GOOD THINGS FOR YOU HLL SOON in career business financial, keep going, developments, developments......

  • Morning Astra,

    Nice hearing frm you again. and thanks for the reading. I will listen to you that I wont bother this guy 😉

    As for the painting, I dont know much about it. I just know that he bought two paintings from an artist in LA and then re-sold them to Poland or somewhere in Europe, and the profit was pretty significant. He then talked to this artist asking her if she wanted to do business with him.. she said no.. darn! I will ask him again what kind of paintings he is looking for to sale. And if you have any artwork you did in the past that you think its worth a try, please let me know. I would be more than happy to show it/them to my bf. 😉

  • Hey hll...

    OKay, well here are some pix... they vary in size from a few feet square to 4 feet square, all acrylic. The marilyn is on grocery sack paper taped together, about 5 feet wide. Also a snapshot of about 100 landscapes I did over the last few months of a pond near where I live. Feel free to share, whatever. I was kinda getting more into the b&w art, that is fun, easy and quick... the Marilyn painting I did in 8 hours or so... couple of paintings of two of my kids and a self portrait of me in a diner.

    And, since this is a tarot forum and not an art gallery, here is a card for you for today...


  • Here are some more...

    2 OF CUPS

  • and more...


  • ... these are a bunch of location studies on cardboard...


  • Hey Astra,

    thanks for sharing! They all look amazing. Will defnitely show them to him. I like the cards you draw for me! ace of cup, 2 of cups! Nice. much needed. 😉 will keep you posted. Thanks!

  • Hi Astra,

    It's been a while since we talked. I hope your well. What are you up to these days? Work? School? Side projects? I apologize for the delay but I havent got a chance speaking with my bf about your painting. I sure will as I see the dollar sign 😉

    Can I have an update reading about my relationship. still on and off. and I am getting a little puzzled here. So where is this relationship headed at this point? hope to hear frm you soon!

  • oh,.. I wanna add another one

    So I got two blocked phone calls at the same time last monday and today! literally the same time! around noon. Am quite curious as i rarely get this kind of phone calls... who is it? could be my bf? if its him, why did he do this to me? why not just having an open conversation with me?

  • Hey hll

    Oh, I am doing this and that... still painting, not sure why exactly... reading a new sci fi novel by Frederick Pohl I like his novels. Nothing school related I am putting my whole going back to college thing on a back burner that is really not making sense to me until i honestly know what my path is career wise. Right now I am still in limo land on that one. I think I want to move to Roswell, N.M. and open a "Tarot reading, extra-terrestrial souvenirs and paintings of Roswell shop" - how does that sound?

    Okay let's see about you! And you bf! I want to strangle these guys. Why can't they just do the right thing and love with all their heart and commit in some way.... I don't get it... maybe something in the water....

    So this will be a reading to look at the relationship, where it has been and where it seems to be going...

    Pour yourself a nice glass of Chardonnay, relax, and let's see what in the world is happening with you and him!

    Starting point, Queen of Cups. That is you, front and center. This relationship has a very emotional nature, characterized by this Queen.

    The Star, hope. Fishing too. Fishing for love, fishing for connection, fishing for answers. Always hopeful though!

    5 of Cups - Oh boy here we go. Emotional adjustments, changes.

    10 of Wands. Path questions. Roles. who are you in this relationship? Who is he? This sounds like some crossroads are reached early on.

    9 of Pentacles, very solid physical life. Focus turns to material. Home and security issues with him?

    Then a Page of Wands, more taking chances with this path with him... messages.

    6 of Cups. Yay! All is lovely again! We're back together! Yippee!

    8 of Pentacles. Oh wait... here is that material issue again... "maybe we can work it out" seems to be the battle cry...

    Then the 3 of Swords. Hmm, well it could mean tears and the end or it could mean practical plans are attempted to be made for the two of you. I am not a big proponent of the 3 of swords being the doom and gloom card, it simply shows some thoughtful planning energies.

    Overall, I do get the sense of a kind of on again, off again cycle with him. Like you two play hop scotch with each other. Lately the setting seems to be more work related, practical boring concerns take center stage and your heart is really feeling a little dejected about it all (3 of swords). However I think you are a smart person and you are also keeping an eye toward tomorrow and taking care of yourself first, regardless of what your guy does.

    I have the sense that this relationship could have a nice future. It seems dominated by Cups and Pentacles, emotions and physical concerns. Cups wants everything to be happy and Pentacles wants the material part working out. Home. Dough. Security needs. 10 of Wands shows a strong need back there to establish a new path for the two of you.

    As for the phone call thing.... that is weird. I got the Magician card, who does that remind you of?

  • limbo land not "limo land" haha...

  • Hi Astra,

    How are you dear? I hope your well. What have you been up to? I apologize for the no response regarding the art. Becuz I hadnt spoken to my bf for a long long time. We were taking a time out. We just got back as we both realized we wanted each other in our lives. Im meeting him on Sat, and will definitely ask him about your art work. Do you have anything you want me to tell him? Like what kind of art you are mostly interested in drawing? Sorry if I ask dumb question 😉 I am so illiterate in your field. I really hope we can work something out. Guess you cant pull a few cards to see if it's doable.. Anyway, we'll see.

    Besides that, I have a question that I want your insight. Regarding my job situation, I really am starting to think about asking him for a job through his network. So.. if I bring it up, what would be his attitude? More than happy to help or reluctant? Will he help me land a job? Anything you pick up on would be appreciated. Thank you 😉 Talk soon!

  • Hi Astra,

    It's been a while. How are you? Any new development on your side, career wise?

    If you don't mind, I still want your insight on my relationship. Still rough. My question is very simple - How does my boyfriend feel about me at this stage? And about our future? I am sure he loves me, but since this guy is always so guarded, maybe there is part of him I still have no idea about...he rarely expresses his feelings in front of me... So perhaps your tarot cards can give me some insights/clue.. Let me know pls? thanks.

  • Ace of Swords. That is a very fantastic card right off the bat hll. It is setting the tone of the reading right away though. He, this relationship, must have a single mindedness about it. There is certainly focus... clarity of intent and purpose to love.

    The Magician - Wow that is a wonderful card and already showing some emotion!

    So I think you should see that colder exterior melt away, you will see more of the magic inside of him!

    And the Knight of Cups! yay this sounds like developments in love. Foundations too emotionally. Movement in the relationship. You are looking at deepening and strengthening this. The relationship is longing to go to new places... explore... together...

    He strikes me as a very smart guy... and logical. That Ace of Swords.... for him he has to have it all worked out in his thinking and he is single minded that way.

    The Magician shows some acting on his part... you are right, he may not be revealing everything, although deep down he wants to (Knight of Cups). He could be somewhat self-conscious when he is around you... still learning to trust and let his guard down...

    The Hierophant, that is very much affirming, and it is more 4 cup energy (we see the 4 cups in both the Magician and the Knight of Cups, this makes the 3rd 4C pattern). So FOUNDATIONS are very, very important to him right now. Stability, assurance. His personality is very much like a diamond, crystal clear, single minded, so he waits I think until he feels that there is foundations in the relationship. Something that can be built on... and THEN he opens up... seems to be what is trying to be said.

    Then the 9 of Cups. So yeah... that is happy, happy bright and wishes come true... where matters are wanting to go...

    1. How does he feel about you at this stage? He feels love for you and yet something prevents him from being himself at times. His heart is there however. He is feeling some strain from his material life sometimes.

    2. How does he feel about your future? He feels good about that. He is looking for foundations, marriage, commitment. He wants it to work out.

    He also seems to be dealing with some physical, setting changes... his material or financial life must be a concern for him, and that could be drawing his thoughts away from you and on to that? That should settle out and then things should be brighter... not nearly the rough spots you mention. I think the rough things have a lot to do with his material life right now? Yes, so as that settles out, the relationship should take off... he has some concerns about his path too... I think it has mostly to do with his career or material / home setting... his love and desire for you looks very strong though to me! There are a LOT of cups in this reading... 21 total... 2+1 = 3, so a 3 CUPS in general for the emotional feelings he has for you! Very nice! He is bombarded with some practical issues though for now... that will calm down soon for the two of you...

    You two should go on a Harley road trip together... that would help a lot the two of you bond in a much deeper way.

  • Astra,

    You never disappointed me with a reading! HAHA. i literally laughed out when I saw the picture! How cute! Thanks for sharing. Yippee.~~ And thanks for the detailed reading as always. A lot of information, and I have to say, it's very accurate. As for the rough spot, It sort of related to his work. But what truly bothered me was we had an argument a while back. As you agreed, he's very reserved. I tried to have a face to face open talk, however it didnt work. So I thought about doing a roundabout talk - i emailed him instead. I didnt use any harsh or mean words. I was being insincere telling him how I feel about him and our relationship. Apparently he didnt like what I wrote, and literally got mad at me saying he didnt need to me to teach him how to behave in a relationship and he has no bad scars from past relationships which is BS obviously. Anyway, I got furious after reading his email. And we havent talked ever since... SO Astra, here is my another question - Is he calming down yet? I mean.. has he changed the way looking at my email yet? maybe? Again, thanks for your help!

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